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Birthday, Departures and Truro

1   We still had six family people here for Birthday Breakfast which was so lovely – haven’t had offspring here for my birthday for many years.

Some of my lovely birthday cards

Some of my lovely birthday cards

2    Then it was the big pack up and lots of tearful farewells as some of the family leave for London. Click on any photo for more detail.

3   We spent the rest of the day in Truro, visiting the Cathedral, seeing the Peace Tree and reading the stars, watching the ice-skaters behind the Cathedral and shopping.   D&A are now cooking up a Senegalese feast for dinner and later we are going back to Truro to hear the Cathedral bells ring in the New Year and to see the fireworks.

I wish all my readers a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.

In the bookshop, I saw a One Direction calendar  – discovered just the other day that an ex-pupil of mine, Louis Tomlinson, is one of the crew! He was a lovely boy then!

Louis Tomlinson, ex-pupil

Louis Tomlinson, ex-pupil


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Great Flat Lode, Porthtowan Beach and Dinner

This morning we walked around the back up to Wheal Uny (where the Heligan Giant used to live!), came home for lunch and a play and then went off to Porthtowan for a last family outing to the beach as half the family leave tomorrow after Birthday Breakfast.  Click on any photo in the gallery for more detail.

Dinner last night, a fabulous Chicken and Mushroom Lasagne, was cooked by M, our eldest daughter, tonight’s, Barbequed Chicken, is being cooked by our son-in-law, L and tomorrow’s is being cooked by D&A, a Senegalese dish for my birthday dinner. Aren’t they all just lovely?!


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Splashing, Sailing Ship and Sculpture

1. We had lunch out today and then strolled through Falmouth where Grandbaby T loved splashing in the puddles.


2. The yacht with the tallest mast in the world is in Falmouth Harbour after being refurbished in the shipyard here.


3. This remarkable ceramic sculpture was in a gallery window. I needed much longer to look at it!



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Lily, Family Fun and Moussaka

1 The lilies in my Christmas bouquet are opening.


2. We have a houseful and it’s noisy, busy, chaotic and great fun!

3. We needed two enormous dishes of Moussaka to feed the hordes!



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Snow Dog, Best Present and Nigella

With all of the family here today, we exchanged presents and Snow Dog was by well received and is already loved.

Our eldest daughter had just the loveliest present from our youngest daughter. M’s cat died just a few weeks ago, aged 20 years 3 months and L made her this beautiful memory photo frame.

20131227-211632.jpgWe still have some Nigella ( Love in a Mist) flowering in the front garden.




Mince Pies, Sunbeam and Wheal Coates Walk

1   I taught my Senegalese daughter-in-law how to make mince pies this morning. They turned out beautifully!

A's first ever mince pies

A’s first ever mince pies

2     Just as we were baking, a low winter sunbeam caught this painting by Sasha Harding. Serendipity!

Sasha Harding painting

Sasha Harding painting

3    We had sunshine  most of today before the expected return of the storms so we all had a walk up to Wheal Coates.  Many, many people had the same idea and A was delighted that everyone we met said Hello or Merry Christmas and one lovely walker offered to take a photo of us all. What special kindness to recognise our desire without a word being spoken!

Looking over to St Ives

Looking over to St Ives

Kind stranger

Kind stranger

Wheal Coates

Wheal Coates


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Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Just the one violet struggling along in the winter!

Cornish Violet

Cornish Violet

For more in this challenge, have a look here.      Merry Christmas to all my readers!


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