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Sailors’ Barometer, Skype and Starter

1   We have a beautiful Sailors’ barometer and today it is overflowing telling us that another storm is on the way! Sailors used weather glass barometers to forecast the weather. These simple, yet scientific, devices accurately predict the weather by barometric pressure. Basically, when the water level in the spout is high, it means low air pressure (rain, snow, storm, etc) is imminent. When the water level is low, the barometric pressure is high, and that indicates good weather.

Sailor’s barometer overflowing

2   Delightful Skyping with KJ and the Grandbabies this evening. It’s such fun to watch them playing and to see their excitement at seeing us on their television!

3   Had lovely friends round for dinner tonight and I made this delicious and simple but effective starter of prawns and smoked salmon.

Smoked salmon and prawn stack


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Potager Garden, Cornflower and Three Choirs on a Ferry

1  We went to the beautiful Potager Garden, Constantine, to meet a friend, to play and to have lunch. We wandered all over the place exploring, noting landmarks so that we could find our way back and hunting dragons. It’s a magical place for children (and their adults!)

Having adventures at Potager Garden

Jake in the meadow at Potager garden

Lunch was absolutely delicious, as always. Lots of the food is grown right there in the gardens. All the food is cooked freshly on the premises and is a treat for the eyes as well as for the taste buds!

Having lunch in the Potager Garden cafe

Fritatta and salad

Ploughman’s with Cornish Blue Cheese

Tabitha escaping from the cafe!

2  There were flowers in abundance and Jake spotted the bee on the cornflowers.

Cornflower with Bumble Bee

3  This evening I’ve been to sing with the Three Choirs on a Ferry. All three of Claire Ingleheart’s choirs, about 100 of us, sang first in the courtyard in Trelissick Gardens and then we all, including our audience of about 200, walked down the hill to the King Harry Ferry where the choirs went on board, the audience on the slip way and we sang for an hour and were much appreciated by the friendly crowd which included KJ and Lucy, which was really lovely for me. Just as we finished we were all delighted to hear the beautiful sound of a pair of owls hooting to each other.


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Falmouth Fish Festival, Poppies and My Mum

1   We spent the morning being entertained at the Falmouth Fish Festival, sampling some delicious Cornish produce and thoroughly enjoying Squashbox Theatre, stories, music and fish facts for children of all ages!

Jake sampling some fresh mackerel

Grumpie’s Pies where we bought some beautiful pies to bring home for lunch with salad

Cornish Oak Smoked Salt

Reflections of the masts in Falmouth Harbour

2   Our poppies get better and better. Just look at the creases on the petals of the open one, the veining on the nearly open one and the dew drops on the bud – so beautiful. Click on the photos to see that beautiful detail.


Two buds

3   It’s 19 years today since my beautiful Mum died. Her love and her wisdom are still what guide me. The Forget-me-nots in my garden for her and were in bloom in her gardens for as many years as I can remember.

For my Mum xx


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Stair Climbing, Gardening and Admiration

1   Someone left the stair gate open and Tabitha began her ascent, laughing loudly all the way. There are no stairs at home so this was a great adventure!

Climbing the stairs

2  Jake has been assistant gardener this afternoon, planting dahlias, watering various things and feeding the birds. It’s so lovely to see him taking such delight in helping.

Helping in the garden

3   I have such admiration for a fellow blogger who is working hard and showing such courage and determination. She has called my blog an inspiration and she is now trying to find her own three beautiful things each day. Any of my readers out there who has ever struggled to achieve something important will understand.


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From Senegal 12th April – 8 Hour Delay, Immigration and Spaghetti Carbonara

1. Left Dakar at 00.50am, into Lisbon on time but an eight hour delay at Lisbon – but you know me! That gave me hours of uninterrupted reading time! Nearly finished ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – an unforgettable and beautifully written story.

'Half of a Yellow Sun' by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

2. Lucy went through immigration ahead of us and by the time we were through, she had all the cases loaded onto a trolley. Brilliant.

3. We were so late back that the Grandbabies were both in bed but Mr Rice made us his signature Spaghetti Carbonara for supper, delicious!


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Hannah Senesh, Parents and Grandchildren

1 Joined a Facebook conversation with L, a lovely ex-pupil of mine, today about the loss of our Mums and how we still miss them, however long it’s been and how they still influence our lives. Then I remembered this quotation I once found and kept – I think we each have our own stars.

“There are stars whose radiance is visible on Earth though they have long been extinct. There are people whose brilliance continues to light the world though they are no longer among the living. These lights are particularly bright when the night is dark. They light the way for humankind.” Hannah Senesh, poet, playwright, and paratrooper (1921-1944)  It’s worth looking her up – a quite amazing young woman.

2  M brought back the tapes of my Dad’s life stories which she has digitised for me. I’m both excited and nervous about listening to them. She has very kindly made copies for my two brothers and my sister.

3  Delightful Skype with KJ and the Grandbabies, lots of chuckles and happiness.

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Truro Cathedral,Hospital Visit and Skype

1 Singing with the Three Choirs in Truro Cathedral was such a lovely experience! The acoustics were amazing and the audience really responsive.

We sang in Truro Cathedral

2  Visiting my friend in hospital was good because she was feeling so much better and expects to be allowed home on Monday. (Update -S did go home only to be re-admitted that night and has been in for 6 weeks)

3  Skype with the GrandBabies was lovely as always though Jake was far too busy to stop  and talk to us! It’s just fun to be able to see him playing in the background while we talk to KJ. Tabitha clapped with delight when she realised we were there on the screen!

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Trelissick, Raymond Blanc and Skype 28th Jan 2012

1  We went to Trelissick this afternoon, compensation  for missing a Penzance outing this morning as we were helping Lucy get ready for her trek training on Dartmoor.

2  I love this quotation – “I like a chef who smiles out loud when he tastes his own food” and was reminded of it when I heard Raymond Blanc talking on Radio 4 this evening. What a lovely man he is!

3  Skype with KJ and the Grandbabies – always a delight.

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Grandbaby Cuddles, Winter Sun and Banana Cake

1  Having two Grandbabies cuddle up in bed in the morning.

2  Walking in the winter sunshine with a sleeping Grandbaby in the pushchair.

3  Baking a banana cake with Jake, 3 years old. He loves baking and is an expert at cracking eggs and at ‘testing’ the mixture at all stages. He’s been well taught by KJ!


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Brother-in-Law, Photographs and the British Library

1  We spent the day with P, my favourite  brother-in-law, who was over from Poland for yesterday’s funeral. We see him so infrequently; it was lovely to be able to have the day together.

2  The Natural History Museum has an exhibition of photographs. What a fabulous and inspiring collection! I’ll post some photos when we get home.I want a really good camera and some lessons in how to make really good photos.

Gargoyle on The Natural History Museum

3  Our next visit was to the British Library. I love that place! We saw the Dickens exhibition, the Ritblat collection and it gave me such a thrill to know that every one of Dad’s books is in there. It is Dad’s birthday today so it seem most appropriate to be thinking of him and his writing today.

4  Cherry blossom, the Natural History Museum building itself, the busker in the tunnel from the tube to the museum, coming home to the delightful Grandbabies – all in all  brilliant day.

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