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Guest Blogger LiveWire No. 1

NM was to have been my Guest Blogger yesterday but the evening disappeared! Today, she is home from school early as she will be for the rest of the term as the timetable has moved into intensive time, which means that lessons end at 1pm. Over to NM.

My mummy had twins in January and  I am enjoying playing  and laughing with them. One of them is a boy and  one of them is a girl. They are handsome and pretty indeed.They are growing  a lot and quickly. I love them so much that I don’t know who to hold first.

 I would  like to talk about my Senagalese outfit. It’s a special outfit for celebrations like Eid. I will be wearing it in twenty days’ time.

Granny and I made Strawberry Shortcake.We used my Great Great Granny’s recipe. It was a  surprise   for my Mum and we all enjoyed it.


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Twin Pram, Grandbabies and A Flower

Shopping is quite an adventure with the ‘bus’!

One smiley baby and one much more serious this afternoon.

LiveWire No1 drew my attention to this beautiful white flower whose name I don’t know. I love the raindrops, on it and the buds, left after the storm.


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Special Twins, Goldfinches and Pan Pattern

1   Our beautiful twins were born on different days 36 years ago. Here, in this link, there are two mums each with their babies born on different days, different months and different years!

Our twins at about 20 months

Our twins at about 20 months, photo of a photo

2   The Goldfinches are back! The sun is shining today but we have another hoolie promised tomorrow. Let’s hope no more damage occurs to the coast. The photo was taken from indoors on a long zoom so it isn’t good but it does show some of the dozen or so that were visiting today.

Goldfinches at the feeder

Goldfinches at the feeder

3   Getting a pan out tonight, I was intrigued to find this beautiful pattern on the bottom.

Pretty pan pattern

Pretty pan pattern


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Pansy, Skype and A Fundraising Concert

1 The purple and white pansies in my Suffragette garden are doing their best in the bitter cold.

Winter pansy

Winter pansy

2 L is visiting D in Barcelona and we Skyped with them both at lunchtime. We don’t often see our twins together so that was lovely.

3 Performed at a fundraiser tonight with one of my choirs,(The Ingleheart Singers),  one from Penzance (The Blazing Heart Chorus) and one from Lostwithiel (Lost in Song)  It was in aid of Marie Curie nurses and just over £1000 was raised which is brilliant.  It was a real treat to hear the other choirs and to have such an appreciative audience.


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First Frost, Clouds and A Baby Hoodie

1   Our first heavy frost rimed all the leaves this morning so that even the weed leaves looked beautiful.Delicate frost

Frosted leaves

Frosted leaves

2   The early morning clouds were so delicately coloured in soft pink and shades of blue with a touch of threatening grey.

Blue, pink and grey in the sky

Blue, pink and grey in the sky

3   I’ve finished the baby hoodie for next April’s arrival. This one should fit just as the Autumn comes in about September time. I’m stocking up on various sizes!  These colourful buttons used to be on cardigans worn by the expectant Mum and her twin brother when they were very little. The elephants were his and the ladybirds, hers.

Baby hoodie to fit at 6 months

Baby hoodie to fit at 6 months


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Senegal 8th April – Daniel and Ami’s Wedding Day

The morning of the wedding, Ami and her Mum

The family in the morning

Ami at the  beauty salon, hair started, no make-up yet

Ami in her Wedding Dress, having changed in the salon owner’s bedroom next door

Back in the Salon, hair done and being sprinkled with gold-dust

Make-up done

Leaving the Salon

Drummers welcome Ami to the house and alert the guests on the roof to her arrival

Drumming welcome

Daniel and Ami arrive for the Ceremony

Babacar, very kindly, translates from Wolof to English for us

Traditionally, cola nuts and sweets are handed around once the couple are married

The party begins with drumming and dancing

Followed by traditional singing, telling stories and praising the couple

and more drumming…..

and more dancing…..

Lucy and Ndeye Marie at the Wedding

Family photo

Ami’s Mum with Daniel and his Twin Sister and our new Grandchild

Newly Married

Just beautiful!

More family

Lucy and Daniel with Mgatte (Pap)


What a colourful and happy day!

And the Civil Wedding will be on Wednesday.


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Gilgamesh, Twins and a Black Cat

1  Today I came across a scrap of paper on which I had written down something I heard on the radio and loved. Checking it out, I find it is from an ancient Iraqi poem, “Gilgamesh”:

” Let your every day be full of joy, love the child that holds your hand, let your wife delight in your embrace, for these alone are the concerns of humanity.”

I found this fuller explanation online: ‘Reflecting on the death of his friend, Gilgamesh decides to search for the key to eternal life, an ultimately futile quest. “Gilgamesh, what you seek you will never find. For when the Gods created Man they let death be his lot, eternal life they withheld. Let your every day be full of joy, love the child that holds your hand, let your wife delight in your embrace, for these alone are the concerns of humanity.”‘

2  Also came across this very old and much loved photo of my twins (sorting again!)

Lucy and Daniel

3  This lovely sleek cat joins us in the garden quite often and reminds me of my growing up days when we always had much-loved cats.

The Neighbourhood Cat

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