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Tiles, Song and A Protest

I spent the morning with a dear friend who is also a potter and we worked on making tiles, pressing flowers, leaves, grasses and ferns into the soft clay. These are mine now ready for firing.

My choir, The Ingleheart Singers, has been learning a beautiful song about welcoming refugees to our land,” Harbour”, written by Anna Tabbush. We are finding it very moving knowing how the people want to help but on all sides are being thwarted by our government.

Harbour – Anna Tabbus

When you’ve crossed the stormy waters
Come walk ashore
Bring your sons and bring your daughters
Wander no more


For our door is always open
And our hearth is always warm
When you need a place to shelter
We’re a harbour in the storm

There’ll be time for rest and sleeping
Come walk ashore
There’ll be space for peace and healing
Wander no more… For our door etc

For in days of lesser fortune
Come walk ashore
We may need a door to open
Wander no more… For our door etc

I have so much admiration for the bravery of those who protest directly. We’ve marched many times over the years but this protest about sending migrants to Rwanda took bravery. Well done, Holly and friends. I was first alerted to this protest by an article in The Guardian and later by by one of our singers whose niece is a friend of Holly, the second one to stand up to protest and the writer of the piece in the paper.



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Mnohayalita, White Tulip and Viola

Last Monday, at choir, was our first singing of this beautiful song learnt from a video by Anni Zylstra. It’s a Ukrainian blessing meaning, ‘Many Years’  or the implied meaning “wishing you many years of life” –  a traditional Ukrainian celebratory song and is sung at weddings, namings and other celebrations. We sing it here in solidarity with the people of Ukraine.

We still, just, have white tulips.

Our edible trough has lots of seeds planted and, so far, just a few edible flowers which I like to use on cakes and in salads. 


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Birthday Bouquet, A Special Song and Supper

We made a birthday bouquet from our garden for a friend who shares her birthday with Shakespeare.

A week or so ago my choir recorded a beautiful piece to be played at a funeral of a Mum who had been one of our stalwarts in the audience. It is such a lovely piece I thought you might like to hear it here – The Shoshone Love Song. Please press play even thought it seems to show 00.00. It does play! This is for Helen.

Supper tonight was delicious – a new recipe for Cod and Chorizo Stew.


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Singing, Spring and Sunflowers, A Poem

We learned a new piece at choir yesterday and it was so joyful, I thought you might like to hear it. The music is by Mozart.

Our Spring border lifts the spirits.

Mike Harding published this poem on Facebook yesterday and I asked if I could share it here to which he replied, “Yes, of course.” So, here it is, not really feeling like a rough draft to me.  I posted a story about Ukraine and sunflowers a couple of weeks ago,Click this link to read it.
“The first, very rough draft of a new poem
A shaky phone-cam filmed it all and so
The whole world sees a peasant woman finding
Strangers in her land do what peasants always do
For strangers as she ignores the guns and stands
Four square and strong and offers them a gift,
Those soldiers with their guns and bandoliers,
Grenades and wire cutters, their killing knives.
Their helmets and their gibbering headsets.
She holds out to them her gift: handfuls
Fistfuls of sunflower seeds, little pods of grace
And welcome. It is the way with peasant people
Everywhere, even in this day of days,
For those who have the least will always give the most.
But the seeds came wrapped in words,
These words,
“Keep them in your pockets boys so, when we bury
You in Ukraine’s soil, sunflowers will climb from
Your graves toward the blue sky of the truth:
Here take them, they are good, I harvested them last year.
Take them so that the flowers will be a monument to
The murdered children and the families
You bombed out of their homes; the flowers
Will stretch their golden faces to the sky
And in the night the flowers will whisper
Softly to the wind, ‘Here lie the murderers
That came out of the East, unwelcome and unwanted,
Destroyers of beauty, carriers of madness,
Cursed for all eternity.’
The fields of flowers will drop their seeds
Each year so that those to come will understand
Their stories, stronger than granite,
More beautiful than marble,
These sunflowers will tell the world
How your young lives were wasted here
On our rich soil made richer by your bones
And flesh, and your own mothers will come
Throughout the empty years
To water with their salty tears
The endless fields of flower heads,
Golden, turning in the sun.”

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Leeks, Butterfly and Chopin

I’m loving that we are still harvesting leeks from the allotment.

The lovely Mr S spotted a butterfly on the windowsill and caught this photo for me.


Heartbreakingly beautiful…… professional pianist Irina Maniukina playing Chopin (Aeolian Harp’ Étude, Op. 25, # 1) before finally leaving her home south of Kyiv.



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Storm, Topper and Peace

Such a wild, stormy afternoon that gave us this view from our rainy window.

Today I was shown another photo of a post-box topper.

Post box topper from Pelton, Co Durham

A friend sent this video for us.


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Flashmob, Birthday Card and A Flower

A call out went out last week:

I was unable to be there but my neighbour made the following short recording which I can share with you: The scratch orchestra in Truro this afternoon playing Mussorgsky’s Great Gate of Kiev and the Ukrainian National Anthem in tribute and solidarity with the Ukrainian people. Thank you, S.


What a delightful birthday card came for the lovely Mr S.

Fold out card

Anemone Blanda in the wall garden

Colours of Ukraine


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Singing, A Visitor and Peace

What a joy! I went back to choir today and, of course it was wonderful to be singing in harmony with The Ingleheart Singers again. Here is Daisies White, a beautiful lullaby, recorded for you this afternoon.  We are told that the song came to us ‘as taught by Suzannah Park who learned the song from her mother.’

While we were singing the rain was hammering down and a small dog came in to join us in the Eco Barn. I missed him while he seemed to be listening to Claire but he posed in the doorway just long enough for me.

Little visitor

I long for peace as do so many in this disturbed world.



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Sunflowers, Posters and A Song

Sunflowers  are the National Flowers of Ukraine.

This story is being told now in Ukraine and around the world.
. . . Since Russia first unleashed undeserved war on Ukraine this week, remarkably brave elderly Ukrainian women have been watching for invading soldiers on foot in their villages  and are offering each of these (mostly young) Russian soldiers handfuls of Sunflower Seeds ~ saying,
“Here Russian Soldier! Put these sunflower seeds in your pockets so that when you die here in our invaded land more of our beautiful sunflowers will grow where you lie.”
Our town is brightening up all the time and in preparation for St Piran’s Day next week these posters have filled up a wall.
Gary Brooker of Procol Harum died last week. A Whiter Shade of Pale  is an anthem of our time and was written in 1967 the year the lovely Mr S and I were married, just 10 months after meeting. We wanted the piece played for us to walk out after the ceremony but the organist refused!


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Daffodils, Owl and Thuma Mina

There are daffodils alongside the roadside all over the place in Cornwall now  but it is hard to catch a photo from a moving car so here are some we bought from the local greengrocer.

I just love this shawl. What a clever crocheter!

Here is the singing I promised nearly a week ago . I hope you enjoy it.

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