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Present, Souvenirs and Beach Walk

1   I now have a Guen ak korr, a Senegalese pestle and mortar and it is very beautiful indeed. I admired the enormous one in A’s home in Pikine when we went to Senegal for D&A’s wedding (click here for wedding photos) and the one in D&A’s kitchen and N, A’s lovely Mum, has very kindly sent me one which A brought back from Senegal to Spain and which we now have at home. It will have pride of place in our kitchen and will be well used.

Guen ak korr

Guen ak korr and my other pestle and mortar

2   My souvenirs from our holiday in Catalonia sum me up quite well – an apron with a treble clef from Palau de la Musica (singing, piano and baking), cookie stamps that say Homemade, Eat Me and Made with Love (baking and love of friends), a glass measure (cooking), two notebooks with the pleasing continental squared paper which we cannot get in the UK (writing, making lists, creating with words), tiny cup-cake cases (more baking!) and elephant paper clips (I love stationery and elephants. From being very young and right through my teaching career, I loved the start of the new school year which meant I could get lots of lovely, new stationery) – sum total – happiness!

My souvenirs

My souvenirs

3   We have been missing the sea so we had a windy walk on the beach at Porthtowan where the tide was completely out and the holiday crowds had all gone.  Footprints always catch my eye and I love the stone that looked like a foot. Click on any photo for detail.



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Family Outing, Book Buying and Remembering

1.   Walking into Granollers this morning with our beautiful new Grandbaby between us holding our hands must be one of my special joys this year.I felt so proud and just a bit tearful with happiness!

2.  The bookshop was a delight as we started N’s little library of simple books in Catalan to help her as she starts learning Catalan. Her mother tongue  is Wolof but she has been learning in French at school in Senegal and is beginning to speak English at home. She already understands a lot of what we say. It will be very sad to leave her tomorrow, so soon. If only the Visa had been granted as expected a month ago we would have had this whole week with her. As it is, our one day has been a beautiful day.   One of the books is ‘The Three Little Pigs’ or in Catalan, ‘Els Tres Porquets’.  Funnily enough, I have been finding that my French has been useful in communicating here.

3.  We have placed three tributes to children killed in Gaza as part of the I Remember the Children campaign, here in Granollers. Photos to follow as per all of the last week as WordPress on iPad does not allow me to post photos.


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Birthday Breakfast, Fabulous Food and Thieb Bu Djen

1. We are in Barcelona to help celebrate our daughter-in-law’s birthday and brought with us presents and cards from family in England. We bought some beautiful French tarts from a cake shop yesterday and had those for breakfast after our croissants! We cooked a birthday dinner last night as D and A have to go to Madrid tonight re A’s visa to visit us at Christmas.

2 This week we have eaten Spanish food, D&A’s Moroccan neighbour has brought in beautiful breads and cakes for us each day (see the photos below), last night’s dinner had one English course, (Prawns in a Marie Rose sauce), one French (Confit duck with saute potatoes and peas)and one Italian ( Tiramisu) and this evening we are having a Senegalese dish,Thieb bu djen( chebugen) which I have had a hand in preparing! For D&A’s arrival back tomorrow evening, the lovely neighbour is cooking us a Moroccan couscous dish.

Birthday breakfast.





Beautiful biscuits, all home made
3. Our Senegalese supper was super delicious and reminded us of our trip there for the Wedding last April.

Thieb Bu Djen


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Senegal 8th April – Daniel and Ami’s Wedding Day

The morning of the wedding, Ami and her Mum

The family in the morning

Ami at the  beauty salon, hair started, no make-up yet

Ami in her Wedding Dress, having changed in the salon owner’s bedroom next door

Back in the Salon, hair done and being sprinkled with gold-dust

Make-up done

Leaving the Salon

Drummers welcome Ami to the house and alert the guests on the roof to her arrival

Drumming welcome

Daniel and Ami arrive for the Ceremony

Babacar, very kindly, translates from Wolof to English for us

Traditionally, cola nuts and sweets are handed around once the couple are married

The party begins with drumming and dancing

Followed by traditional singing, telling stories and praising the couple

and more drumming…..

and more dancing…..

Lucy and Ndeye Marie at the Wedding

Family photo

Ami’s Mum with Daniel and his Twin Sister and our new Grandchild

Newly Married

Just beautiful!

More family

Lucy and Daniel with Mgatte (Pap)


What a colourful and happy day!

And the Civil Wedding will be on Wednesday.


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Senegal 6th April – Learning Wolof, Shoes, Pap and a Full Moon

Senegal 6th April – Learning Wolof, Shoes, Pap and a Full Moon

1   Breakfast in the salon outside with Daniel, Ami and Lucy, speaking French and learning Wolof!  We gave Daniel and Ami the North American Wedding Jug, a small token of their marriage.  If you want to know about the jug, look here:

Learning French and Wolof in the salon

2   Shopping for wedding shoes!

The Shoe Shop


and a bag ........

Street view

3  Met the lovely Pap,  Ami’s older brother who lives in Italy and who has come home for the Wedding. Delightful character, full of fun and humour and love for Daniel. They’ve been friends for 15 years!


4  and a full moon

Full Moon and Flowers


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Senegal 5th April – Pikine Apartment, Pikine Market and Meeting our Senegalese family

Senegal 5th April – Pikine Apartment, Pikine Market and Meeting our Senegalese family

1   Our apartment in Pikine is very close to Ami’s family home, has rooms all opening onto a central courtyard which is smothered in palm trees, huge cacti and beautiful bougainvillea in pinks and reds.

Sunlight through the leaves

2   Took a yellow taxi to Pikine market – bursting with bustle, noise, colour and smells – to buy fabric for me to have made up into a traditional boubou for the Wedding on Sunday. The most colourful bus took us to the tailor’s where I was measured up and chose a beautiful blue thread to go with the emerald green fabric. It will be ready tomorrow!

3   Met Ami’s lovely family at her home – her parents, her beautiful daughter, Ndeye Marie and some of her aunts and children. We managed to understand each other pretty well with some shared language (French), lots of body language and  Daniel on hand to translate from Wolof when necessary. The family has known Daniel for 15 years and spoke of him with pride and warmth and welcomed us into their family. We were able to say how pleased and proud we are to welcome Ami into our family too.

Lucy with some of the children


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Piano Lesson, Muscari Grandifolium and Speaking Wolof

1  Today’s piano lesson was hard but by the end my confidence was back and I know what to do for next week. My teacher is a star!

2  Just look at this beautiful Muscari Grandifolium flowering today in the wall.

Muscari Grandifolium

3  We love Skype! Tonight we Skyped with KJ and the children. Jake was telling us about ‘Flat Stanley’, a story our children loved too and Tabitha said her first word,  “Hiya!”,  while waving at us. Later, we Skyped with Daniel in Barcelona and Ami in Dakar, Senegal, speaking both French and Wolof and talking about the wedding which is only two weeks away. Fabulous evening!


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Learning Wolof, Our Czech Painter and Singing with the Inglehearts

1  Last night Daniel gave us our first few phrases of Wolof to learn and we’ve been practising. I particularly like the greeting, ‘Yangui si jam?’ (Are you at peace?) and the reply, ‘Waw, mangui si jam.” (Yes, I am peaceful.) We will need some Wolof as well as French for our trip to Senegal in April.

2  Veronika, our Czech painter (of ColourGirlz) has been here today painting the woodwork in our hall. She is a meticulous worker and is so appreciative of my home baking.  I had made her some of my Mum’s Mocha Crispies.

Mum's Mocha Crispies Recipe

3  Singing with Claire and the Inglehearts has as usual lifted my spirits even when I didn’t realise they had any lifting to do! We sang a beautiful new piece composed by Claire which was moving enough in its initial learning and will be amazing when we have learned it all. I am so happy that we moved where we did so that our lovely neighbours could introduce me to Claire!


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Tibetan Child, Porthtowan and Skype to Senegal

1 My lovely sister, Deborah, in Hawaii sent me this delightful photo of a Tibetan child laughing,designed to make anyone smile.

Laughing Tibetan child

2  Lucy walked for 6 hours today as part of her training for her trek in Nepal. We drove down to Porthtowan and walked a short way with her.

3  We Skyped with Ami, Daniel’s fiance, in Senegal this afternoon. Her English is getting better, I’m doing better with my French and Daniel, online from Barcelona, taught us a bit of Wolof! Since we haven’t met Ami yet, Skype is brilliant for helping us all get to know each other before we really meet in April. We are so looking forward to it and Ami is going to help Lucy and me buy appropriate outfits for the celebrations!


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