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Bee, Fly, Knitting and ShelterBox

1   I fed a tired and possibly cold, bee some sugar syrup this morning and we were very relieved to see it fly away later on. Look carefully and you can see it drinking from the spoon.

Bee sipping sugar solution.

Bee sipping sugar solution

2   A fly settled on the tarpaulin I was working on this morning. I have never seen one like it with its orange patches on the wings and orange tipped feet. I have tried to look it up and would be delighted if someone could identify it for me.

Unidentified fly

Unidentified fly

Our lovely neighbour’s niece is expecting her first baby any day now and the first size Sally-boots are ready.



I have mentioned Nepal in my last two posts. I just heard that our Cornish based charity, ShelterBox, is on the ground already and assessing how they can help. They had a deployment of boxes in the area so will be able to provide help quickly. They are a wonderful charity. Look them up here . I am so deeply moved by this tragedy having fallen in love with the place and its people on our visit in 2013. Here is the Durbar Square as we saw it and a photo from ShelterBox.




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Weekly Photo Challenge – Motion

In honour of our fellow human beings in Nepal who are suffering in the terrible earthquake, I give you a gallery of ‘motion’ pictures taken when we were lucky enough to visit in October 2013. Beautiful people, beautiful country. My heart goes out to them all.  Click on any photo for detail and the caption.

For others in this week’s Challenge, click .



Weekly Photo Challenge – Colour in Nepal and India

India and Nepal are the most colourful places I’ve ever visited. The women in their beautiful saris, the houses, the buses, the shops and stalls – everything! I took my most colourful clothes with me but I felt quite drab – until I was dressed in a sari!


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Colour

Lovely challenge this one. My favourite colours are greens and blues but, looking through my collections, I decided that shades of pink and purple would be interesting! I hope you enjoy this selection taken over the last year at home and away.  Click on any one for an enlargement.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Kiss

Kiss is the Challenge _

Too intimate for photos.

Nature’s kisses! Done!


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Indian Elephants, ‘Dance Me To The End Of Love’ and Snowdog

1    These beautiful batik elephants that I bought in Pokhara, Nepal, are over the door in our bathroom so every day I am reminded of that magical holiday.

'Dance Me To The End Of Love'

Elephants from Nepal

2   I have listened over and over again to Claire’s singing of my part in ‘Dance Me To The End Of Love’, singing along with her in an effort to be word (and note) perfect for tomorrow’s gig at The Poly in Falmouth.

3    These are all the sections of the Snowdog which I am painstakingly making. I’ve started sewing up and stuffing but it’s a very fiddly job. When assembled, these pieces will be a beautiful Snowdog!

Snowdog pieces

Snowdog pieces – so many ends to sew in!


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Signs and Notices in India and Nepal (More holiday photos)

I enjoyed collecting these. Click on any one for an enlargement to see the detail.


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