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Weekly Photo Challenge – Colour in Nepal and India

India and Nepal are the most colourful places I’ve ever visited. The women in their beautiful saris, the houses, the buses, the shops and stalls – everything! I took my most colourful clothes with me but I felt quite drab – until I was dressed in a sari!


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Colours of Carrot Cake

As I was collecting everything for making Carrot cakes this morning,  I realised how beautifully colourful the whole process was from the nearly white flour with the spices in, to the taupe of the soft brown sugar, the golden yellow of the eggs with a swirl of burnt umber of vanilla to the deep orange of the mixture with flecks of  brighter orange carrot to the shiny golden brown of the baked buns!  All very beautiful!


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Colour

Lovely challenge this one. My favourite colours are greens and blues but, looking through my collections, I decided that shades of pink and purple would be interesting! I hope you enjoy this selection taken over the last year at home and away.  Click on any one for an enlargement.


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