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Beautiful Creatures Found in One Garden in Nepal, October 2012

All these were seen in two cafe gardens where we stopped off for a drink on the long coach journey between Chitwan National Park and Pokhara. If anyone can help me to identify them I would be absolutely delighted!


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Diamonds, Rhubarb ‘n’ My Nepalese Back-Pack (Daily Prompt)

1    A very heavy mist dropped diamonds on these furry sage leaves.

Diamond drops on  sage

2   Beautiful Rhubarb with Ginger Fool as tonight’s dessert.

Rhubarb with Ginger Fools

3   Thought today’s Daily Prompt to be an interesting challenge so I have re-written much of this post so that it contains no three letter words. I have also chosen to change my third item today. I recognise that it is much easier to follow this challenge when one’s post is short!  It still makes writers think hard about their choice of words.    In Pokhara, Nepal, I bought a beautiful back-pack, embroidered in some of my favourite colours which I plan on using to carry stuff to do with my music lessons, choirs as well as piano then I shall be reminded of my holiday three times every week.

Back-pack from Nepal


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29th October – Drive to Pokhara, Street Scenes and Shops

1. Long and bumpy ride to Pokhara with views of the fascinating countryside. Many of the houses are painted beautifully and corn can be seen drying under the eaves. Women have been up early doing the washing which is hanging colourfully on the balconies to dry.





These photos are all taken from the moving coach.

2. This vehicle caught our interest, they’re used to transport all manner of things including bamboo poles which were being accidentally sharpened as they were dragged along the road. People carry enormous loads in these baskets. Gurkha soldiers in training carry the baskets full of rocks at speed up a mountainside!


Bamboo poles being transported

Poles being sharpened!

Carrying a load in a basket

3. It was lovely to find a super bookshop and to talk to the family in a clothes shop. The people here are so lovely – welcoming and wanting to know all about our visit.




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