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Street Art, Harvest and Another Spider

We often drive past the Old Post Office but rarely have the chance for a photograph. Today I managed through the windscreen.

I have harvested our Sweet Potatoes today! There aren’t many but they are a lovely colour.

The lovely Mr Smith left his beaker outside this afternoon and just popped out to get it. Not until he was in the kitchen did he realise he had brought in a spider who was busy munching on its supper. We think it’s a Cross Spider and guess it probably was having been brought into the warmth and then out again.


New Leaves, A Visitor and Back Field Residents

Our Silver Birch has been quite slow about bursting into leaf and we were getting a little concerned so were very happy to see the first leaves at the weekend.

Silver birch

A very delicate spider appeared on the purple sage.

Spider on the Sage

The lambs in the back field are growing very quickly.

Sheep in the back field



Sage, Strawberries, A Spider and a P.S.

The Sage leaves covered in dew drops in the early morning sunbeams looked like tiny sparkling jewels.

Purple Sage

From the kitchen window, I spotted something red in the border. When I investigated, I discovered that it was three strawberries in October. Sadly, another creature had started to taste each one so I didn’t pick them but left the produce to be shared.


I love Autumny webs and the spiders that make them. This one stayed still for just long enough to get a photo.

Spider busy in her web

P.S. For Arkenaten

The following photo was the centre fold in our newspaper this morning and I thought of you.

Beautiful birds

Selections from Ornithurae

I love the Superb Fruit-Dove and the Bleeding-Heart Dove – poor creature.


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Back Home, The Garden and The Sea

Somewhat spaced from the 22 hours travelling and and 8 hour time difference, we have enjoyed a quiet day, checking out the garden, catching up over tea with our lovely neighbour and an evening stroll to one of our favourite haunts. Click on any photo for captions and enlargements and if you missed any of our amazing road trip in Arizona to The Grand Canyon and Sedona, please feel free to look around!


Green Spider, Gold Fish and Multicoloured Flares

1    Our Black Swan Iris has been broken by the wind so I have brought it inside and this morning found a pretty green spider and her web on it.

Green spider on Black Swan Iris

Green spider on Black Swan Iris

2   In the pond section of the Garden Centre there are some lovely flowing gold fish.

Golden fish under water

Golden fish under water

3   I was asked the other day how long I have been knitting. My Granny taught me when I was about seven or eight but I didn’t really knit until I was expecting my first baby. I remembered that I still have my masterpiece from that time, 1973, a pair of patchwork flares that our Number 1 baby wore at one year old.

1970's patchwork flares

1970’s patchwork flares




Sweet Peas, Spider and Swan

1   The Sweet peas are lasting well despite the sudden drop in temperature. I love their colours against that beautiful crisp blue sky.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas

2   I know you don’t all like spiders but this is a beauty and look at the intricacies of all the webs he’s been working on. I’ve tried to identify him but haven’t been successful. Any ideas? He was in the bottom of an old flowerpot.

Spider, 2cms from toe to toe

Spider, 2 cms from toe to toe

3   This swan came straight for us as we got out of the car near the river in Hayle, expecting to be fed I expect.

Lone swan

Lone swan


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Kiss

Kiss is the Challenge _

Too intimate for photos.

Nature’s kisses! Done!


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Beautiful Creatures Found in One Garden in Nepal, October 2012

All these were seen in two cafe gardens where we stopped off for a drink on the long coach journey between Chitwan National Park and Pokhara. If anyone can help me to identify them I would be absolutely delighted!


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