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A Playlist to Reflect My Week

Being stuck indoors with a wild hoolie blowing outside makes it harder to take photos of beautiful things so today I have decided to take up the challenge of The Daily Prompt from WordPress – today – show us your week in a playlist of five. Please click on the red links to hear my choices.

The best thing about my week was going for a walk in the sunshine alongside Gylly Beach. The Beatles with Good Day Sunshine came immediately to mind and that is the song that the lovely Mr S and I met to, across a crowded room in 1966!    Good Day Sunshine

I am so happy to be getting back on my feet again! Pharrell Williams says it for me – and we sing this one at choir.     Happy

Next, I am walking better and better since my op and want to celebrate this with Dire Straits, Walk of Life

I haven’t had one night of full sleep since my operation and am often awake at 3am. It is so good to have my lovely Sister-in-law in America  for whom it is still evening so that we can talk over email.     Wednesday Morning 3am by Simon and Garfunkle

Kirsty MacColl’s Days is my last one. My choir are learning this one in my absence and one of my very good friends kindly sends me mp3s of my part so that I can be learning it at home. Thanks, J.      Days

I would love to hear your playlist! I’d like to direct you to a lovely song I heard today by Ladysighs. Do go over and have a listen.

Have a look and a listen here to discover other people’s playlists.

Playlist of the Week


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Diamonds, Rhubarb ‘n’ My Nepalese Back-Pack (Daily Prompt)

1    A very heavy mist dropped diamonds on these furry sage leaves.

Diamond drops on  sage

2   Beautiful Rhubarb with Ginger Fool as tonight’s dessert.

Rhubarb with Ginger Fools

3   Thought today’s Daily Prompt to be an interesting challenge so I have re-written much of this post so that it contains no three letter words. I have also chosen to change my third item today. I recognise that it is much easier to follow this challenge when one’s post is short!  It still makes writers think hard about their choice of words.    In Pokhara, Nepal, I bought a beautiful back-pack, embroidered in some of my favourite colours which I plan on using to carry stuff to do with my music lessons, choirs as well as piano then I shall be reminded of my holiday three times every week.

Back-pack from Nepal


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