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Indian Elephants, ‘Dance Me To The End Of Love’ and Snowdog

1    These beautiful batik elephants that I bought in Pokhara, Nepal, are over the door in our bathroom so every day I am reminded of that magical holiday.

'Dance Me To The End Of Love'

Elephants from Nepal

2   I have listened over and over again to Claire’s singing of my part in ‘Dance Me To The End Of Love’, singing along with her in an effort to be word (and note) perfect for tomorrow’s gig at The Poly in Falmouth.

3    These are all the sections of the Snowdog which I am painstakingly making. I’ve started sewing up and stuffing but it’s a very fiddly job. When assembled, these pieces will be a beautiful Snowdog!

Snowdog pieces

Snowdog pieces – so many ends to sew in!


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Birthday, Pink Pompoms, Accordion and Reflections (Weekly Photo Challenge)

1   We had the most delightful phone call with J who is 4 today. He sounded so grown-up and listened all the way through Happy Birthday and then told us all about his cake and his Birthday Breakfast of croissants, a family tradition we’ve done for many, many years and which we are delighted is being carried on.

2  This delightful little plant was brought by our friends last night. I have yet to discover what it is but love its little pink pompom flowers.

Pompom flowers

Pompom flowers

3  Our choir baby loves it when Claire plays the accordion. We are learning Leonard Cohen’s ‘Dance Me To The End of Love’ and it’s fabulous!  The harmonies are just lovely and the accordion accompaniment, perfect.

Choir-baby T admiring the playing of the accordion

Choir-baby T admiring the playing of the accordion

4  It was a very cold, still morning and the reflections on the Penryn River quite beautiful. I love how the mist is just hovering above the water.

Silver reflections on The Penryn River

Silver reflections on The Penryn River

Colourful houseboats on the Penryn River

Colourful houseboats and their reflections in the Penryn River

Thank you to all the lovely bloggers who have given me awards. I will get going with them as soon as I can!


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Choir Babies, Woman in Wellies and Iridescent Pots

1   Singing this morning was wonderful  – some carols for our Christmas repertoire and a hauntingly beautiful Leonard Cohen piece called ‘Dance Me to the End of Love’ and all the while our beautiful Choir Babies to amuse us!

Choir Baby E

All three beautiful Choir-babies

2   I watched a woman in wellies throwing something for her dog to fetch in the Penryn river. I loved the wake left by the dog and the reflections in the river.

Woman in wellies with her dog

Across the Penryn River

3   I met the lovely Mr S in Truro  for lunch and to start looking at new curtains to replace the water damaged ones. We met in The Lemon Street Gallery and found these very beautiful pots by Chris Hawkins on display.

Beautiful pots by Chris Hawkins


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