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Nasturtium, Marigold and A Cloud


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Woodland Sculpture Garden

Join us on our delightful stroll around the Woodland Sculpture Garden at Salena Stamps where the works of Peter Boex are around every corner. Click on any photo in the gallery for a larger view.



Concert, Flushing and Last Night’s Full Moon

Fabulous concert and Cornish Cream Tea this afternoon with The Suitcase Singers, singing our hearts out and raising money for our two charities, ShelterBox and The Invictus Trust.

The view across to Flushing from that side of the river is so very lovely and there were swans on the water.

Last night’s full moon was gorgeous, seen through the trees and with an orange glow all around.



Six on Saturday – Boody Garden and More

1.  I have planted up the Boody Garden trough this week. In the dialect of 19th century Northumberland, ‘boody’ referred to broken china. I discovered this at Tate Britain a few years ago when we went to the  exhibition of folk art. Now I have a name for my little garden where my favourite broken pottery is saved. There is a beautiful old serving plate, part of a coffee cup which was the last of a set given to my Mum on her retirement from teaching deaf children at Roskear School in Camborne, a piece of terracotta from a much loved and used bread crock, handles from a beautiful piece of Jane Hamlyn pottery and a fine china beaker that I sadly broke recently. Mum’s lovely owl tea-pot has found a home here too.  The two big pieces are a pot from Jane Hamlyn which I balance against the Cornish hedge as if the ferns are growing out of them. I just love it, my ‘boody’ garden!

2.  Lupin buds. We are delighted to have some buds this year as our Lupins have been badly slugged in previous years.These are looking promising.

3.  Crinodenron Hookerarium. This is getting rather leggy and, we think, should probably have a haircut when the flowers have gone. It is such a dramatic plant.

4.   Nelly Moser  is just coming into flower.

5.  Irises. These are so beautiful.

6. Working in the garden – not really garden related  but it is what we have been working on all day in the garden in the sunshine. Yesterday I bought a Victorian window with red and blue glass and we have been carefully cutting away the putty so that I can use the glass for my other passion, working with stained glass.

For other fascinating garden related posts from all over the world, pop over to The Propagator, the instigator of Six on Saturday.



Six on Saturday – Buds and Blossoms

Firstly, thank you to everyone who identified the red beetle I found yesterday. It is no more and hopefully our Lilies will be fine.

The garden is full of growth which is delightful.

1.  Wisteria
Having waited about seven years we have been rewarded with our first Wisteria flowers.

Wisteria Sinensis Prolific

2.  Clematis Duchess of Edinburgh has some healthy buds.

Duchess of Edinburgh

3.  Likewise the Clematis Warsaw Nike

Buds of Clematis Warsaw Nike

4.  Another Clematis, Montana Elizabeth,  is wowing us as it roams across the back fence. There is another lively one along the front fence too.

Montana Elizabeth

5.   The last of the Tulips are still vibrant. We planted white and purple ones in this pot – these were a surprise to us!

Last Tulips

6.     Discovery apples As some of the blossom falls, we are delighted to find tiny apple buds beginning to grow. This is one of the trees we planted for our Dear friend, Ti, who was 100 years old  last Sunday. Check out those posts for her Climate Emergency Party held on Gylly beach.

Tiny Discovery apples

Check out The Propagator’s blog for more in this series joined by gardeners from all over the world.


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Spring Green, Trinity and BBC World News

I love my drive from home to choir on a Thursday morning along Cornish lanes and through tunnels of trees. They have greened up so beautifully over the last couple of weeks. I love how this photo looks like a painting. (I wasn’t driving this morning!)

This lovely amiable dog, Trinity, was at the boatyard today and I’m told almost every day, loving any attention.I love that her eyes are different colours.I’m  told  lots  of  this  breed  have  this  feature.  Anyone  know  about this?

Our Dear Friend’s 100th Birthday has been featured on BBC World News!  It has had well over 20,000 views! If you’ missed the story on Sunday, catch up on Ti’s story by clicking the red link below.



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Tulips, Clematis and Rabindranath Tagore



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