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Dawn, Steam and A Tree

Dramatic dawn sky on a bitterly cold morning

After the cold start came some winter sun causing steam to rise from our wooden labyrinth sculpture.

The lovely Mr S went to collect leeks from the allotment this afternoon and took a diversion.

Winter tree with Carn Brea Castle in the far distance . Photo by Mr S



Umbrella, Carrot Bhajis and My Mum

Loved this rainbow umbrella caught in Fore Street, Redruth this morning.

I’ve made a traybake American Spiced Carrot Cake for Volunteer Sunday tomorrow and had too much grated carrot so I made Carrot Bhajis to go with the delicious sausages bought from the Grow Box in town this morning.

Remembering my lovely, kind and wise Mum today on her birthday.


My Choirs Sang at The MInack!

Enjoy the gallery, photos taken by the lovely Mr S. Click on any photo for the caption and to enlarge. We all certainly enjoyed singing in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Rowena Wade’s Minack Theatre.


Reflection, Egret and English

The tide was in on the Penryn River as I arrived for singing this morning. The water was very still and the reflections gorgeous.

Later, after singing and with the tide receding, I noticed an egret pootling about in the mud.

Having family and friends in America, this chart amused me.

While we are talking about words – is anyone else enjoying Quordle? I’m loving it!




After a late breakfast, a quiet catch-up morning, and  a cold swim for Daughter No 2 in Portreath, we went off to The Lost Gardens of Heligan for their Night Garden Extravaganza, came home to a  vegetarian chilli feast and lastly watched Elf (a film I had never seen) together! Here are just a few of the treasures in the night garden where we also enjoyed hot chestnuts, hot chocolates, mulled wine and toasted marshmallows!  A fine time has been had by all. It is so good to be doing things all together..




One Leaf, Many Leaves and A Welsh dresser

Just one leaf on this tree has turned and the others are not far behind.

Further along our walk, along Lovers’ Lane, the leaves were crunchy and delightful to walk through.

We are selling our beautiful Welsh dresser. We want something lighter and lower. The auction house tell us that it is from the time of George lll, an C18 piece but that it is worth little, sadly. It is however a piece full of the richness of memories for all four of us siblings and even our friends who knew it from our parents’ home.



Exhibitions at Truro Museum

We set off to see the Tony Foster exhibition at Truro Museum and came across two more wonderful rooms. What a day! Firstly we came across a beautiful Kurt Jackson painting.

In the next room we came upon a Welly Dog, aka a Tinners’  Hound, made by David Kemp. Regular readers will know that we have our very own Welly Dog and we love him very much, all the more so as he was a gift from the lovely Bill Mitchell.

Then,  a small room full of portraits where we came across a friend, an activist in the XR movement, a brave and beautiful person whom we admire so much. Antonia put me in touch with the photographer,  Gavan Goulder, who has very kindly and generously given me permission to share it here along with his words which introduce the exhibition and the words of Antonia herself. Here is the link to his website where the words can be read more clearly and many more rebels and their stories can be found. I am so in awe of the bravery of these people who are fighting for our planet and the futures of our children and grandchildren. We help in the ways we can but I am not brave enough to risk arrest despite my Great Granny being a Suffragette who was force fed in Holloway in her battle to gain the vote for us all. In fact, despite the beauty still to come, this exhibition was the highlight of my day. Thank you to Gavan Goulder and to Antonia.

At last, we came to Tony Foster’s work. We heard him talk many years ago, in the Truro Museum,  about his paintings done  in the Grand Canyon and the Himalayas and there were some of those paintings here today but the special works for me this morning were the little paintings done during lockdowns, all done in Cornwall on his daily and limited walks.  Here are his pieces from the second lockdown, each a painting done in the afternoon following his morning walk, whatever the weather based on the little sketches he made while out. Each sketch has a little commentary. Click on the photo and zoom in and you can, just, read the words. If you, dear Reader, are in Cornwall before Christmas, do go to the museum and revel in all the beauty to be found in there. The staff have done a wonderful job of curating all this loveliness.


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Six+ on Saturday 2.10.21

There will be a few more than six today as yesterday I took photos of everything in flower on the first of the month as a record. Some of the labels are either lost or outside in the rainy dark, sorry!  If you’d like to see others’ posts on the Six on Saturday theme, pop over to The Propagator and see the links in the comments.



Full Moon, St Michael’s Mount and Fledglings

Last night was a full moon, a very special one. The full moon in August has many names as told to me by my SIL -Green Corn Moon, Drying Up Moon, Sturgeon Moon, Black Cherries Moon, Fruit Moon, and Flying Up Moon (the month when baby birds fledge.)
It is special because the full moon on August 22 is a seasonal blue moon.  Unlike the well-known calendrical blue moon, the second full moon to occur in a calendar month, the seasonal blue moon occurs when a season has four full moons in it instead of the usual three.  In that case it’s the 3rd full moon (not the 4th as you might expect) which is the seasonal blue moon.  After this month’s, the next seasonal blue moon will be August 30, 2023.
A local photographer with a very special talent has given me permission to share his photos of the night before and of the full moon last night, both taken from Long Rock overlooking St Michael’s Mount. Thank you, Kris Meaden, for allowing me to show my readers these remarkably beautiful photos.

My favourite, and that of my dear SIL, of all the many names for this month’s full moon is Flying Up Moon especially as our feeders have been full of young fledglings.


Fiftieth Party, Thali and A Bike

Today is Claire’s birthday and all her pals came together at the Eco park for a thali  and some Irish music, to see her presented with her birthday present and to hear the wonderful speech given by one of her beautiful daughters – just a few photos from a colourful evening full of love.

We had all contributed to Claire’s present, an electric bike, and here she has just been presented with a cardboard cutout and a voucher  so that she can go and choose what she wants.



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