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Cookie Cutters, Shoes and Clematis

There was a closing down sale in one of Truro’s kitchen shops today and I bought a couple of cookie cutters in the shape of owls, irresistible actually!

I wish I could wear high heels as these would be perfect for gigs with the Ingleheart Singers whose colours are black and red.

A new Clematis, Huldine, is flowering and it is very pretty with its delicate purple  lines  on  the  back  of  the petals.



A Floriferous Day

Our town is full of flowers.

There are very tall sunflowers in a neighbour’s garden.Our garden is full of flowers too and this is the bunch we took to friends this evening when we went for supper.


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Six on Saturday – On Sunday

A day late as I was busy all day yesterday hearing about the climate emergency and how we can each be doing our bit.
July is turning out to be a month of abundance, many more blooms that I remember from last year. Perhaps I have been more vigilant about feeding and certainly the sun and rain mix has been beneficial.

1.  Day Lilies

Day Lilies

2.  Alium with bees

3.   Trailing Begonia called Million Kisses. We had these in all the chimneys and pots the year of our Golden Wedding.

One Million Kisses begonia in an old chimney cowl

4   Clematis and Dahlia in Suffragette colours – in the back garden, not in my Suffragette garden in the front.

Dahlias and Clematis

5.   Agapanthus


6.  Poppy Seeds to save.  There have been dozens of Poppies, all from seed saved last year and we have labelled the ones we like the best for harvesting this year.

Frilly red poppy

To see those who were on time with the SoS challenge, visit the propagator


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Boat Trip, Singing and Sunset

The Ingleheart Singers have been on their annual boat trip tonight and it was brilliant. We all take food to share on the trip out from Falmouth to St Mawes, then we entertain the punters in the local hostelry and then board the boat for the trip back home. We sing all the way back, entertaining those on the quay side, those in their boats and onshore in Falmouth.



Day Lily

Just one tonight – been a crazy day. All is well. Love and peace to all my Dear Readers.


Sunset, Jewel Colours and More

Sunset two nights ago was glorious. I took this at 10.05pm and even as night fell there was an orange haze at the horizon that lasted such a long time.

One of our walks takes us past a fabulously coloured Hydrangea.

Our Sweet Peas are also fabulous.


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Central Reservation, Sky Kiss and A Petal

Our drive into Truro this morning was such a treat – a couple of miles of central reservation planted with wild flowers – red and white, yellow and green – so lovely that I smiled all the way!  Photos taken from a moving car – not by the driver.

It amuses me when vapour trails cross in the sky leaving an enormous sky kiss for everyone below.

The petals that fall from the poppies in the garden retain their beauty for a couple of days.



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