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Six on Saturday – From Our Garden and In Our Garden

I will get around to showing you our garden but I am so excited about the twin lambs born in the field behind our garden, just this afternoon! There were already one pair of twins and two singletons but these are brand new! What could be more beautiful than that?


Twins born this afternoon, on the longest zoom.

2. We have bought some instant purple, white and green for my Suffragette garden, Violas to be planted when the storms have passed. There are also two Lavender plants waiting to be planted in pots to be on the steps up into the garden, to welcome people with their scent. I’ll show you both as they get into their permanent homes.

Violas and lavender plants to be planted

3.   Talking of scent, we borrow the scent of this amazing tree from next door but my neighbour is away so I can’t ask her what it is. She will know – maybe one of my Dear readers can help.

Wonderful scent – what is it?

4.   Our Clematis Armandii is full of flowers and quite delightful. I did expect scent from this too but it is quite elusive. I am intrigued though by the blooms, some of which have four petals, some five and some six!

5.   There are buds on our Atlantica Glauca Pendula which we are training to form an arch as one goes up the aforementioned steps into the rest of the garden.

Buds on the Atlantica Glauca Pendula

6.  I love the brightness of this Narcissi.

Spring colour

To visit lots of other gardeners and their gardens, pop along to The Propagator who hosts this Six on Saturday event. Do read the comments and follow the links – the conversations are always interesting.



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Juxtaposition

Seeing a remarkably well behaved pig walking the streets of Boston was a strange juxtaposition of things for us!

Find others in this challenge here


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Chris Packham, Panther Video and Fortune Cookies

1   There was a brilliant programme on BBC TV last night, Inside the Animal Mind, with Chris Packham investigating how animals think. Catch it if you can on BBC iPlayer. This photo sums up the happiness of dogs!

Enjoy life!

Enjoy life!

2   A friend sent me this video today. Find time to watch it if you can – it is a very heartwarming film of an animal whisperer calming a very unhappy panther.

3   The postman delivered a soaking wet and falling-apart parcel for me today and was relieved when I wasn’t cross. Not a bit! I was delighted that the Fortune Cookies I had ordered for Chinese New Year had arrived safely!

Fortune Cookies

Fortune Cookies


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Community

We came upon this community of elephants quite by chance when driving through the bush after our volunteering. We watched them for more than half an hour, playing in the water , gathering together and then leaving all together, the adults looking after the baby in their community and calling on the teenager to catch up and stop messing about.  I have always loved elephants and this half hour was such a beautiful treat. Click on any image for more detail.

For more in this challenge see here


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Home-time, Thirsty Cat and Sparklers

1. After our six hour journey up to London, we were just in time to collect J from school. He just started in reception in September and is loving it.


2. KJ’s beautiful cat loves to sit in the washbasin and to sip from the tap!


3. The family had saved some sparklers to share with us which was fun. Grand-baby T was wearing her pumpkin hat which really suits her and pleases me!



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Day 15 – Intrepid Women, The Mayflower and A Pig in Boston

Leaving Cape Cod for Boston today, we broke our journey in Plymouth and discovered a statue of The Pilgrim Maiden, symbolic of the ‘intrepid English women’ who made that first journey to these shores.

In the harbour in Plymouth was a replica of TheMayflower. I can’t imagine how scary the journey must have been.

A beautifully trained pig was walking the streets of Boston as we went in search of Barnes and Noble Bookshop. She came to order, crossed the road as told and stopped to chat when asked to.








Ginger Cat, New Shop and Feather

1   On my way into town, down a quiet lane, I spotted this rather smug-looking monster of a ginger cat tucked into the hedge.

Ginger cat in the hedge

Ginger cat in the hedge

2   There is a fabulous new shop in town on Bond Street. It is run by an artist, Kaitlyn, who is selling her own beautifully quirky cards and coasters and prints as well as lots of delightful crafty things all made by Cornish artists and crafts-people, perfect for presents!  If you are local and reading this, make sure to visit.

Shop entrance



3   This beautiful stripy feather was on the path but I don’t recognise it unless, possible, from a young seagull?

Whose feather is this?

Whose feather is this?


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