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Angels, Sea Glass and Drawers

I’ve worked on my Angels for Ukraine again today and experimented with sea glass for the heads of the smaller ones. I like the way they are not round like the glass beads I usually use. I think they show character!

The tall drawers that I keep all my materials in are very lovely, highly lacquered and painted with lilies.



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Another Trio

Ever since I was about 11,  when my Mum bought me a beautiful box from an auction, I have collected other pretty boxes and although I have never been a smoker, I was fascinated when I first found these, one in a junk shop and the others at an Antiques fair. I love the mechanism and the way they deliver a cigarette to you. I just wish I could show you the levers and the craft work inside that makes them work.

A trio of cigarette boxes

A trio of cigarette boxes

The one where a Sailor delivers the cigarette

The one where a Sailor delivers the cigarette

Lovely inlay outside and painting inside

Lovely inlay outside and painting inside this roll top case

A metal one with two compartments and pretty enamelling on the outside

A metal one with two compartments and pretty enamelling on the outside

For others in this week’s Photo Challenge – Trio, please click here.


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Long Tailed Tits, Christmas Decoration and Nepalese Tea-pot

1   My favourite birds are back – the Long Tailed Tits who arrived this morning. I love the way they live in families of several generations and they are just such beautiful little birds. They didn’t stay long so this is a photo I found online. Thanks to the photographer.

2   I have made a new Christmas decoration. It’s a clear ball filed with all the bits of wool cut off from all my knitting for the Grand-babies this year. I read about the idea ages ago and have forgotten where it came from but have been saving the trimmed off bits of wool since I started knitting for the Grandchildren some 4 and a1/2 years ago, each year in a different bag so there are now four wooly-bits baubles.

Wooly-bits bauble

3   I fell in love with this tiny tea-pot when in Nepal. I think the colours and the inlay are very beautiful.

Tiny Nepalese tea-pot

PS  I sewed some sequins onto T’s hat but they didn’t enhance it one bit so they are all off again and I will post the hat as soon as I can. I can hardly wait to see T’s reaction!


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Beautiful Green Things (Weekly photo challenge)


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More From Our Holiday in India – Agra Fort

Agra Fort was thronging with people enjoying a day out on a Festival day. You can click on any photo for a bigger version to see the beautiful detail.



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