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Pattern, Biscuits and Book No 6

The goldenness and the swirliness of the creamed butter and sugar pleased me.

Like a sunflower

I made musical biscuits this afternoon.

Lemony notes and guitars, awaiting icing

My penultimate book in the Book Challenge is Le Petit Prince. In the Spring before my A Levels, I spent a month (or was it three weeks?) in Toulouse, France living with a family and bought this copy of The Little Prince while there. Just in case anyone should know her, my pen-friend was called Josianne Fromage. I learned so much with the family about French life as well as improving my spoken French. I first saw The Magic Roundabout on tv while there and attended the Christening of a little relative. Josianne later came to Truro to spend time with my family but afterwards we lost contact.

Le Petit Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery

Recently I found a beautiful small English edition to which I treated myself. It has a lovely pale blue ribbon to mark one’s place.

The Little Prince

WordPress sent me a message today.

7 Year Anniversary Achievement
Happy Anniversary with!  I have been blogging for seven years!

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Family Outing, Book Buying and Remembering

1.   Walking into Granollers this morning with our beautiful new Grandbaby between us holding our hands must be one of my special joys this year.I felt so proud and just a bit tearful with happiness!

2.  The bookshop was a delight as we started N’s little library of simple books in Catalan to help her as she starts learning Catalan. Her mother tongue  is Wolof but she has been learning in French at school in Senegal and is beginning to speak English at home. She already understands a lot of what we say. It will be very sad to leave her tomorrow, so soon. If only the Visa had been granted as expected a month ago we would have had this whole week with her. As it is, our one day has been a beautiful day.   One of the books is ‘The Three Little Pigs’ or in Catalan, ‘Els Tres Porquets’.  Funnily enough, I have been finding that my French has been useful in communicating here.

3.  We have placed three tributes to children killed in Gaza as part of the I Remember the Children campaign, here in Granollers. Photos to follow as per all of the last week as WordPress on iPad does not allow me to post photos.


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Pink Garden, A Bench and Jacques Prévert

1   Our September garden has a delicate pinkness about it which has taken me by surprise as pink is not my favourite colour. However, each flower is just beautiful.

Japanese Anemone

Japanese Anemone

Wall Daisies

Wall Daisies

Kaffir Lily

Kaffir Lily

2    I love owls and was delighted to be sent this photograph. How I would love a bench like this! I think there are 15 owls…….

Owl bench

Owl bench

3    Commenting on El Guapo’s blog recently, I was reminded of an exchange visit I made to Toulouse when I was seventeen. I spoke a few weeks ago of first meeting The Little Prince on that trip. I was also lucky enough to be introduced to the poetry of Jacques Prévert and loved this one though the falling of the horse always concerns me. I love the alliteration of the L sound and am very fond of the sound of soleil and feuilles. Just a beautiful poem.

Un cheval s’écroule au milieu d’une allée
Les feuilles tombent sur lui
Notre amour frissone
Et le soleil aussi.

Jacques Prévert

A horse collapses in the middle of an alley
Leaves fall on him
Our love trembles
And the sun too.

Translation by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

PS As I’ve looked at the preview there seems to be space for an advert. It seems I have to pay more to have these removed………


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Shopping, La Carriga and Cooking Lessons

1. A took us shopping today to a Chinese bazaar and a Moroccan food store. Much later in the afternoon we also went to a Spanish supermarket. I love shops from other cultures with their beautiful, vibrant displays. The lovely lady in the Chinese shop gave us each a fan as it has been a very, very hot day of about 30*She could see that I was melting in the heat!





2. A short train ride took us to La Carriga, a very pretty little town with some very interesting features: a ‘telescope’ with a picture show inside of photos of the old town, just in front of the building itself, a beautiful Biloba tree in a small green with a delightful sign nearby asking us not to tread on the flowers, small markers in the ground that showed where bombs fell in the Spanish Civil War,a lovely tile bread shop sign and two piggies on the door handles of the all-things-pork shop.
When we arrived back in Granollers, the lovely train guard held the train up for several minutes as he could see a family rushing to catch it!

My photos are not all in the right order as I am learning how to do these posts on my iPad and it’s not as editable as the usual way! I’m sure you’ll find your way around!

3. Today I have learned to cook with A. First we made Potato Beignets which A learned to make from her brother’s Mother in Law, last week when she visited her brother in Italy and tonight we have made a scrumptious Senegalese marinated tuna dish.















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Cafe Touba, Spanish Street Life and A Senegalese Supper

1. A beautiful breakfast of croissants with Spanish ham and Cafe Touba, the smell and taste of which took me straight back to Senegal and our breakfasts in the outdoors dining area. This morning was also full of conversations using English, French and Wolof!

2. D had to work this morning so A took us for a stroll around Granollers, meeting him after his teaching session. We waited outside the school and watched the world go by, families, a man with a tree, a woman hurrying by with a cake, and round the corner, a wedding with explosive confetti and an amazingly long Limousine.







3. A cooked us a beautiful Senegalese chicken dish called Yassa which was utterly delicious and which again took us back to Senegal and our fabulous time there in April for the wedding.



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Senegal 6th April – Learning Wolof, Shoes, Pap and a Full Moon

Senegal 6th April – Learning Wolof, Shoes, Pap and a Full Moon

1   Breakfast in the salon outside with Daniel, Ami and Lucy, speaking French and learning Wolof!  We gave Daniel and Ami the North American Wedding Jug, a small token of their marriage.  If you want to know about the jug, look here:

Learning French and Wolof in the salon

2   Shopping for wedding shoes!

The Shoe Shop


and a bag ........

Street view

3  Met the lovely Pap,  Ami’s older brother who lives in Italy and who has come home for the Wedding. Delightful character, full of fun and humour and love for Daniel. They’ve been friends for 15 years!


4  and a full moon

Full Moon and Flowers


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