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Stories, Plait and Puddles

We have a very precious twenty four hours with Not-quite-Littlest-LiveWire and we have had a lovely day, reading stories, playing hide and seek, rooting through the old toys and stomping through puddles. 

Choosing the next story from the children’s story book shelf that used to belong to our four.

Getting ready for our walk, B happened upon a nearly finished hat and decided to wear it anyway. It fitted beautifully around her plait.

There were splashable puddles all along the path and I just managed to catch a reflection of B and her Grandfather’s legs!


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Play Park, Hot Chocolate, A Woodpecker and P.S. 

There’s a brilliant play park near us at Heartlands, so much inventive play equipment and a lovely cafe where Littlest Live-Wire enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate.


While we were having our lunch so were  the local birds, a Greater Spotted Woodpecker and a Chaffinch at our bird feeders.

P.S.  I am finding a great need for my beautifulthings at the moment. I am so fearful of a Brexit vote, I am moved to tears by the plight of refugees and the horrific Orlando shootings of the LGBT community in a night club and now today’s dreadful news of one of our own MP’s being murdered in the street.

It is a such a joy to have our Littlest Live Wire here with her constant chatter and laughter and her delight in absolutely everything. Tonight I have finished her poncho and will show you tomorrow. Her reaction when she saw it with the braiding on was a huge grin and “I love it!”


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Family Outing, Book Buying and Remembering

1.   Walking into Granollers this morning with our beautiful new Grandbaby between us holding our hands must be one of my special joys this year.I felt so proud and just a bit tearful with happiness!

2.  The bookshop was a delight as we started N’s little library of simple books in Catalan to help her as she starts learning Catalan. Her mother tongue  is Wolof but she has been learning in French at school in Senegal and is beginning to speak English at home. She already understands a lot of what we say. It will be very sad to leave her tomorrow, so soon. If only the Visa had been granted as expected a month ago we would have had this whole week with her. As it is, our one day has been a beautiful day.   One of the books is ‘The Three Little Pigs’ or in Catalan, ‘Els Tres Porquets’.  Funnily enough, I have been finding that my French has been useful in communicating here.

3.  We have placed three tributes to children killed in Gaza as part of the I Remember the Children campaign, here in Granollers. Photos to follow as per all of the last week as WordPress on iPad does not allow me to post photos.


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Grandbabies, Baking and Baby News

1  Tabitha, 9 months has been waving at us all today and then looks at her waving hand as if to say, “What’s going on here?”

2 We’re doing a 24hour babysit so that KJ and Mr Rice can go away for the night to a spa hotel and it’s been great fun, if exhausting. Jake loves to bake so we made his Mummy’s Birthday cake (a stollen and a secret, hard for a 3 year old!) We also made and decorated Christmas tree buns.

Jake's Christmas tree buns

3  They are now asleep and I’ve come up to find a video of Jo and Tom’s 7 hour old baby daughter waiting for me. What joy indeed.

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