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Happiness Calendar and A Good Day Out

The lovely Mr Smith’s birthday is today so his chosen trip was to St Ives and the Tate followed by lunch at his favourite place in Penzance, Mr Billy’s.

Porthminster Beach

Very tame and photogenic Robin on our walk into town

Fenced off sink-hole on Porthminster Beach

Looking over the wall towards St Ives and Harbour Beach, tide coming in

Looking over the wall towards St Ives, tide coming in

On the way through we called in at a new gallery, The Livingstone, and I totally fell for a wonderful pair of earrings. Sadly, they were being sold with a necklace that I didn’t want (and I couldn’t afford the whole set anyway).

About Ken Spooner, the artist

I loved this van  belonging to a decorator, parked near the harbour.

Work going on at the Tate, Porthmeor Beach beyond

Tide in

It has been a very Happy birthday day –  family phone calls, cards and presents and serendipitously bumping into good friends in Tate St Ives!


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The Writers’ Block Arrives in Redruth

The Writers’ Block has moved to Redruth and is in the old Library, the building now known as The Ladder.  Today was their opening day and lived up to expectations. It really is “an inspirational space with events and activities for all ages and abilities cultivating writing confidence, creativity and enjoyment.”
Enjoy the gallery and click on photos to read the explanatory captions. Do click on the website to read about Simon Armitage.


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Feast, Fun and Singing Part 2

What a brilliant night that was of sharing Cornish and Ukrainian cultures in the most spontaneous way and everyone had such a lot of fun.
Please click on any photo for the caption.


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Ice, Singing and Friends

Yesterday, one of our dear friends shared the following photo, nature’s beauty indeed. I think it’s a Physalis.

Photo by N, thank you

We sang one of my favourite pieces today, a version of Pachelbel’s Canon as learned at a workshop at WOMAD some years ago.  This video was made by a friend in the sopranos – sorry it’s sideways but it does sound lovely as each part is added to the whole. Thank you, S.  I love to sing all the parts in turn except the high soprano!

Our Ukrainian friends are back and we are all so happy!


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Freddie and Thanksgiving Love

It’s 31 years since Freddie Mercury died – what a loss but it’s pretty magical that we can continue to enjoy his wonderful performances. Here is a mix video from YouTube. Do click on the link.

It’s Thanksgiving in America and usually we make a turkey dinner to ‘share’ with family and friends in the USA. Somehow this has not been possible this year but we send special love to family in Atlanta, Flagstaff, Hawaii, Jerome, Phoenix and Seattle and to friends in Arizona, California and Vermont and to all my lovely Blogging Pals in states too many to mention.



Peace, Cinder Toffee and A Bonfire

I added a white Peace poppy to the Redruth Welly Dogs today.

I made cinder toffee for the bonfire party at the allotment this evening (and Spiced Carrot Cake)

After our bonfire, shared delicious Lottie Soup and various other delectables, we watched the firework display happening down in the town.



Planting, Pizzas and Angel Wings

Fabulous day today as the volunteers at Community Roots planted trees and shrubs as windbreaks to protect the site from salty winds and later shared a delicious pizza lunch. Do click through the photos to see the captions. Some of the photos were taken by other volunteers and are here with permission.

Later in the afternoon, I cut wings for ten more Angels for Ukraine, tomorrow  I  will file all the rough edges and foil later in the week.

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The Nest, Cookies and One Viola

We sang around the nest today.From Caroline at Jubilee Wharf, “The nest has been all about nurturing creativity and community spirit and has been built by the people who live and work at Jubilee Wharf and Jubilee Warehouse. The nest is the result of a community art project initiated by Jubilee Wharf tenants Arts Well, and part of Fun Palaces. People have put wishes in the nest and we would invite the choir to do so too and would love them to sing around it!  Fun Palaces supports local people to co-create their own cultural and community events, across the UK and worldwide, sharing and celebrating the genius in everyone.”

My wish

The last time I made Choc Chip Cookies was for our lovely Ukrainian friends. Those young people are so deep in my heart and will be with me for ever. The following words are part of a message that came to us today and which has  touched my soul.
“Just want again say thank you for this beautiful time in Redruth. It was like in Fairytale. Thank you for your attention and time and love.”

Choc Chip Cookies

I spotted just one Viola on the pan stand today.





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Flowers, Allotment and Defender’s Day

We made up a lovely bunch of purple, white and green to take when we visited our Dear friend Ti this morning.

The various patches at the allotments still have colour. There are lots of squashes around and some lovely bright dahlias in a neighbouring plot.

One of our young Ukrainian friends posted this today. It is to recognise Defenders Day in Ukraine today and translated says:  All defenders and defenders happy holiday! You guys are the best!

Всіх Захисників і Захисниць зі Святом!
Друзі, ви найкращі!

I looked up the significance of the day and found the following:

Defenders Day[7] is a public holiday[8] in Ukraine celebrated annually on 14 October.[9][10] Its first celebration was in 2015.

You have our love and support.


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Busy Day – Beach, Lunch and Farewell Party

more tomorrow! 🙂

A wonderful day was had by all – walking on Chapelporth Beach, cave exploring, swimming for the brave, and general rejuvenation of the spirit.

The lovely people at the Chapelporth Beach Cafe very kindly treated our Ukrainian friends to a delicious lunch of Croques Monsieur followed by the inimitable and scrumptious ice cream, Robin’s Hedgehog. If you have never had one of these wicked treats, they are made up of Cornish ice cream slathered in Cornish cream and dipped in roasted hazlenuts. You can see by their faces how much these were appreciated.

Our farewell party was full of good company, a wonderful shared feast, lots of wine and even more singing. Our Ukrainians sang for us and we for them and together we all sang ‘You Are My Sunshine’ which they had learned last week when they visited my choir. That, and the last twelve days, have filled us all with love and beautiful memories.


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