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Blackberrying Walk, Apples and Pudding

For one reason and another, we haven’t been blackberrying yet this year so resolved to go today whatever the weather. Luckily it was a bright and cool Autumn day and there were still lots to be had. The sea on the horizon was truly blue today.

A friend from choir very kindly brought some beautiful apples from her prolific tree to share with us all so I am using those along with our blackberries to make an almost free Blackberry and Apple Crumble.

The pudding was delicious with vanilla ice-cream.





Flowers, Strawberry and A Ring

I’ve cut lots of Aquilegea to bring into the house.

Our strawberries at the lottie are being to colour.

My dear friend Angie died at the end of last year and her dear daughters have sent me her silver elephant ring. Angie and I both loved elephants for their special qualities of never forgetting and for taking such good care of each other. Now I am wearing the ring with love in my heart for our very special friendship and for the lovely daughters she raised. You can read more about her and what she meant to me  if you click on the red link..








Pollinator, Nelly Moser and A Poem

Bees, wasps, flies and many other little creatures act as pollinators and are responsible for much of our food. I learned at our allotment talk on Sunday that bees have four wings and flies only two. To me this looks like a bee but it appears to have only two wings…….

Our Nelly Mosers are blooming.

Brian Bilston, a poet I admire greatly, has, very generously, given his permission for me to post this gem here for you, Dear Readers.

By Brian Bilston



Wallflowers, Narcissi and Toads

It has been a gloriously sunny day.

Thought you might also like the reason for a road in London being closed….

Road in London Closes for Nearly a Month to Protect Migrating Toads as They Hop to the Other Side




Cake Tin, Scones and Glass

I came home from choir this afternoon to find a lovely old cake tin on the doorstep, full of freshly baked cheese scones! There was also some arnica balm for Mr S – what thoughtful and welcome gifts – but who left them there? We are wondering who our guardian angel might be.  We’d love to say thank you properly…..

I managed to find some time for the first time in six weeks to work on my glass. I cut these two and will copper foil them tomorrow.

P.S.  Thank you N, the scones are truly delicious. 🙂



Eggs, Yellow and Scarlet

Opening the door this morning I found that the egg-man had been!

Thank you M.

I found an hour to go to the allotment this afternoon as the sun was shining and actually warm on my back. I was there to do some weeding, general tidying and to cut down the very successful green manure we have had in three beds. I was delighted to find my lovely Tete a Tete looking lovely and near them a kind fellow allotmenteer had left us some tiny strawberry plants.

We don’t like Chard to eat but I love the colours in the sunshine – on someone else’s plot.



Bag, Shoes and A New Word

A very brief foray to the pharmacy late this afternoon once the red warning of wild weather had been downgraded to amber and I walked past my favourite  fabric shop where the wording on this bag amused me.

In the charity shop next door were these gorgeous purple shoes. I couldn’t wear them but I do love a pretty shoe!

I love learning new words and this one really struck home!

There have been moments in the last two weeks when I have felt absolutely quanked but as the lovely Mr S makes such good progress my days are far less tiring. Thank you to everyone who has asked after his well-being and sent positive messages.  The four times a day exercises are going well and the new knee being tamed with a little more flexibility every day.


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Being Loved

This quotation seems apt for today.


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Daffodils, A Poem and A Beautiful Film

Our lovely neighbour has brought us a big bunch of Cornish daffodils, just as she did on the day we arrived in 2008 and has done on the anniversary ever since. Thank you so much, S.

I have shared this poem before but as it was in 2014 when I had far fewer followers, I thought it worth sharing again. It really speaks to me and , I hope, to you.

The following very sweet film came my way today and I thought my Dear Readers would appreciate it too. Just click on the red link.



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A Gift, A Card and Moussaka

A box of scented delights arrived in the post today thanks to a lovely ex-pupil with whom I have been in touch for many years. L admired one of my angels before Christmas and so I sent it to her and this is her thank you – and much appreciated too.

The gorgeous card is a design by Catherine Rowe and is made using a scraperboard. This fact pleased me as my Dad used scraperboard for many of his etchings. I love the detail here especially on the bluebells and butterflies.

I made a large Moussaka this afternoon, for tea tonight and to put several servings into the freezer for later.


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