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Hawaiian Turtle, Clematis and Fungus

1   My dear sister, Daisy aka Deborah, posted a picture of this beautiful painting, her first done since she moved from Arizona to Hawaii. I so admire her talent. You can see another of her paintings here

Daisy's Painting

2    We have successfully moved this clematis, Sweet Sensation, from the back garden to the new fence and trellis at the front.

Clematis Early Sensation

I love the pale green in the centre of the white.

3    Clearing off my planting table I found this beautiful fungus, like a flower petal, so delicate and colourful! Click on the photo to see the feathery detail.

Beautiful fungus


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My Dear Sister, Lakh and the Sailors’ Barometer

1   Found a phone message, left at about midnight last night, from my dear sister, Deborah aka Daisy in Hawaii, telling me she loves me and that she is loving seeing the joy in my postings about Senegal – a beautiful moment indeed. Thank you!

2   Researching Lakh on the net to help with my Senegal postings, I came across this blog which is just so evocative of all we experienced. You might like to have a look.

Lakh is a bit like green rice pudding but made with millet and on top there is the most scrumptious creamy mixture, not unlike condensed milk which some readers will know I have a sweet tooth for!

Lakh - a fabulously sweet and delicious pudding

3   We’ve had very sudden and very heavy April showers today (lovely for the garden) and one of the things I like when the weather is going to be stormy is to watch the blue water in our Sailors’ Barometer rising. Today, at the peak of the heavy rain, it overflowed. I took the photo a bit later on when I realised that it would be one of today’s beautiful things!

Sailors' Barometer


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Tibetan Child, Porthtowan and Skype to Senegal

1 My lovely sister, Deborah, in Hawaii sent me this delightful photo of a Tibetan child laughing,designed to make anyone smile.

Laughing Tibetan child

2  Lucy walked for 6 hours today as part of her training for her trek in Nepal. We drove down to Porthtowan and walked a short way with her.

3  We Skyped with Ami, Daniel’s fiance, in Senegal this afternoon. Her English is getting better, I’m doing better with my French and Daniel, online from Barcelona, taught us a bit of Wolof! Since we haven’t met Ami yet, Skype is brilliant for helping us all get to know each other before we really meet in April. We are so looking forward to it and Ami is going to help Lucy and me buy appropriate outfits for the celebrations!


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Singing, Mr Smith and Daisy’s painting

1  A fabulous singing session with the  Suitcases learning ‘Hark, the Glad Sound’  a Thomas Merritt carol, with the loveliest harmonies that sound like pealing bells. Watching peoples’ faces transforming from puzzlement to absolute beaming joy as they ‘got’ their part was magic!

2  Coming home from choir to Mr Smith telling me, with a big grin, “Today feels like the first day of the rest of my life!”  The osteopath has fixed the problem at last after 3 weeks of treatment but four months of pain. Thank you, Joe.  (Update – 23/11/2011 The relief was short-lived. Joe is still trying to help.)


This delights me every day!  It is a wonderfully vibrant painting by my dear sister, Daisy, who now lives in Hawaii, and who is so happy in her new life. We’ve put it in the spare bedroom so that we can see it from the hall, all the way up the stairs, when we come out of the bedroom and it lifts my spirits every time I see it. Thank you, Deborah.


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