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Another Family Visit

Daughter No 3 visited today with her lovely family including LiveWire 4 and we have had a truly splendid day. We met for lunch at The Blue Bar in Porthtowan, a family favourite, spent several hours at the beach, paddling and making beach art. We spent the next few hours picking tomatoes at the allotment, baking cookies, picking sweetcorn cobs for tea and enjoying a delicious evening meal together.



Beach, Jellyfish and a Spider

Beware arachnophobes – the photo is last so don’t scroll down that far.  No 1 daughter visited today and we had lunch out followed by a walk along the beach, surprisingly un-busy for a warm if cloudy day mid-summer holidays.

Sea colours

I think this is a Compass Jellyfish, about 8″ diameter

Spider alert! Needs id.

Can’t id this spider. It was very flat and in the car (not squashed!) Stripy legs, body about size of fingernail, the back looks like a mask…….


Beach, Buds and A Rose

Brunch at The Blue Bar is a tradition whenever the family are here – delicious food followed by fun on the beach, body boarding and messing about in the water – for the family, not us!

We have lovely pinkish rose buds.

And a gorgeous rose.


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Last Night’s Sunset

Taken by KJ


Rainy Day at Roots

Click on any photo for a bigger version and the caption. We had a lovely day, potting on, sowing seeds and laughing with the gang at coffee time where we shared cake and pastries.


A Day at Community Roots

Wild weather again, lightning, thunder and really heavy rain,  Most of us worked indoors in  the poly tunnels until the rain lessened late afternoon. The growth of the crops is wonderful. It is inspiring to work at Roots and to be a part of this community. Enjoy the gallery.


More from Yesterday

Another busy day, morning shopping for the family, afternoon choir for me and lovely LiveWire 3 who has been coming with me when visiting since she was six, driving through a storm to get to the station for their return home and ……all breathe out!

Signpost seen from inside The Blue Bar where we had breakfast

Beautiful flowers on the Grampound vinegars stall in the market

A beautiful little cape handmade in Cornwall by Raggtagg Pixie.


Guest blogger once again!

Hello everybody! It’s LiveWire3, again, and today, we found lots of things. However, the first thing we did was visit Porthtowan to have some very filling brunch in the Blue bar. Granny got some delicious avocado toast. Most of us had avocado toast so the table was full of green!

Afterwards, we went for a short yet satisfying walk around the beach. We stood there for a bit looking at the waves as they splashed onto our smiley faces.

While we were walking back, we noticed clusters of snails lying contently on the leaves. Some of them carried sand with them which gave the bushes some texture. We also noticed that on the fence, there were signs about peaceful protests from history. There was a pop of purple, so we looked closer and it was about the suffragettes. My Great, Great, Great Grandmother was a suffragette so this was very special.


A few hours later, we decided to go to Community Roots to go and get a tour and as I was walking looking at the acre of vegetables, I found a four leafed clover! They are extremely rare and these clovers had a special white border and their leaves were much bigger than any other leaves I have seen!

Near what we thought was the end of the tour, one of the staff told us their was a market full of things people have made and small companies so we had an excuse to stay! The market was amazing, full of colourful and ‘beautful things’. We found an ice cream van with a twist! All the ice cream was plant based so my partly lactose intolerant soul told me to ‘Go and get some ice cream!’ So we did and found these crotchet ice creams hanging over us!

When we got back home we had to rest from a very successful day but then Granny had the idea to go for an evening allotment visit where we replanted some fennel we got gifted from Community roots. It looked very happy in its new home!


Tulips, Gorse and Beavers

I love the combination of the pale pink tulips with the blue of the muscari.

The late sun was lighting up the gorse on the hillside as we went to Porthtowan this evening.

We were in Porthtowan for a talk about beavers in Cornwall and it was fascinating.


Reflection, Surfers and A Number Plate

Daughter No 1 has been with us today to celebrate her birthday so we’ve been to the beach, watched the surfers and the incoming tide for over an hour, called in at The Blue Bar for hot chocolates and cake, talked and talked and talked and had a delicious birthday dinner.  She travelled in her favourite car which has a new personalised number plate, part of her birthday present. I love it!.

Audi S8



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