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Last Goodbyes, Loud Music and Family Tree

The last family have left today and so we are filling the unwelcome silence with music that our kids organised for our Golden Wedding. They sent an email to people they could find on our Mac and received back lots of wonderful messages from family and friends from our 50 years together  including a song from each to make two cds and a third in the making as we contact some who were missed for some reason.  The lovely messages have all been printed in a booklet.

CD cover

Cover of the booklet

Our beautiful ‘children’ made us wonderful gifts – the cds, a family portrait up-dated to include the new Grandbabies also used as the cd picture disc, a hand printed Family tree and there was a poem from GrandsonJ.  We are overwhelmed by the love in these presents.

Family Tree

Poem written for us by J, LiveWire 2


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Friendship,Wupatki and Sunset at Sedona

We arrived in Flagstaff in time for a delicious lunch and a tour of their enchanting ‘yard’ and didn’t stop talking and catching up until after 6pm when we left our friends whom we hadn’t seen for 35 years!  J gave us a wonderful afternoon tour of the Wupatki Ruins  sharing his love and knowledge of the history and archaeology of the area.

As we drove to Sedona the sun was setting on the red rocks and yet again I was moved to tears by the beauty, already emotional as I was leaving our friends and not knowing when we might meet again. We had no idea when we planned  this trip that P lived near enough for us to visit – beautiful serendipity!


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Homework, Decorating and Beautiful Pyjamas

1. It was fascinating to see Grandkid J with his homework. He logged on to his school’s site with his username and password and played a game with his Granddad that helped with learning mental arithmetic.

2. Grandkid T has been helping with painting her bedroom in the house they have recently moved to. She is a cracker of a worker!

3. Just look at these two in their beautiful Japanese pyjamas!

What a lovely week we have had seeing three of our Grandchildren in one week and last September we spent time with our oldest in Barcelona. We are so lucky!



Christmas Clings, Stockings and Bookmark

Posting early today as the terrific storms in the South West mean no trains from Bristol (The lines are flooded in a couple of places) for our family arrivals from Barcelona so we are off to pick them up.

1   I’ve put the Christmas clings, sent to me from the US by my good blogging friend Marilyn, on the window in the children’s room so that when they open the curtains on 27th (they’re arriving past bedtime on Boxing Day) they will discover them!

Christmas clings

Christmas clings

2   Parcels are gathering under the tree; two stockings are all prepared!

Stockings ready to go to the end of the bed!

Stockings ready to go to the end of the bed!

3   Bookmark for the lovely Mr S’s stocking

George Sand's wise words

George Sand’s wise words


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Home-time, Thirsty Cat and Sparklers

1. After our six hour journey up to London, we were just in time to collect J from school. He just started in reception in September and is loving it.


2. KJ’s beautiful cat loves to sit in the washbasin and to sip from the tap!


3. The family had saved some sparklers to share with us which was fun. Grand-baby T was wearing her pumpkin hat which really suits her and pleases me!



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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

Today, as a day in my life,  was out of the ordinary and very special as our Grand-children are staying with us and we only see them every couple of months. This day therefore has been a child centred day! Scroll through the gallery, each photo with a caption to explain. For an enlargement, click on any photo.                           Have fun with us this Good Friday!

Sadly both T and her Mum have a virus and slept much of the day. The rest of us had fun!


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Pink Wellies Walking, Mysterious Gate and Eldest Daughter (DP Challenge)

1   Lovely walk in the rain this morning, all togged up and all cobwebs blown away.

Pink wellies in the rain

Pink wellies in the rain

2   We wondered where this beautiful gate might lead to.

Beautiful old gate

Beautiful old gate

3   Our eldest daughter, M, is with us today, for Christmas lunch no 2, silly games and easy tea of cheese and crackers, L’s homemade sausage rolls all followed by Christmas pud and brandy sauce.  D&A were on Skype again so we were ‘all together’ today.


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Presents, Family and Cooking Together

1   J did a last bit of decorating, hanging all the wooden ornaments onto a picked-up branch – plenty of those around after the rough weather.

Decorating the branch

Decorating the branch

2   The next tranche of family have arrived. Hooray!

3    Everybody is busy in the kitchen  cooking dinner together, Ham cooked in Coke and glazed with Honey and Ginger and served with creamy mash, broad beans in a white sauce and sweet corn. Delicious. We are blessed with sons-in-law who love to cook.

Chefs in the family

Preparing the meal together


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1st November – Grandbabies, Train to Cornwall and Arriving Home

1   Spending a short time with the Grandbabies before our journey back to Cornwall.

Ready to go to Nursery, wearing her new hoodie

Enjoying a hot chocolate

2   I love the train journey to Cornwall but it was dark almost as soon as we set off and I was so tired, I slept most of the way.

3   It’s lovely to be able to travel and to have had such a fantastic trip and it’s lovely to come home.  Thank you for all the comments you, my lovely readers, have left over the last two weeks. I will get around to replying in the next few days.


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Grandchildren, Rose and Playing in the Park

1. Playing ‘Row, row, row your boat’ with our 18month old Granddaughter. Watching ‘ Winnie the Pooh’ with our Grandson who is, “Not three! Three and three quarters, Granny!”

2. Beautiful rose in a garden on the way to the park.

3. Playing in the park with both children, Pooh sticks and Gruffalo hunting, having ice creams and hot chocolate – exhausting but fun!



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