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A Gift, Bluebells and Bunny

I was given a present this morning, just because! It is a set of slot together silicon panels to make any size, shape of cake so this afternoon I made a heart shaped Lemon Drizle cake for next door. Thank you, N, perfect present and excellent timing.xx

I forgot to take a photo of the cake!

On my walk this afternoon, the lane was full of richly coloured English Bluebells.

Daughter No Three is with us for Bill next door’s funeral tomorrow as she once worked with WildWorks on Babel. She has left her daughter with Daddy but LiveWire 4 sent her Bunny to keep Mummy company.


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London Plane Tree, Reflection and Baking

1 Beautiful Plane trees line North Finchley High Street.

2 The children waved at their reflections in every window – until I stopped to take a photo.

3. Baking a pineapple upside down pudding was great fun.






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Sign of Spring, Fly and A New Chocolate Cake

1    The honeysuckle is beginning to bud already. I hope the promised freezing weather doesn’t do too much harm.

Honeysuckle bud

Honeysuckle bud

2    I love the iridescent colours on the body of this fly which has landed on the Cistus.

Iridescence on a fly on a Cistus flower

Iridescence on a fly on a Cistus flower

3    Today I have discovered a new cooking blog and a beautiful sounding cake, Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Cake,  which I have made this afternoon.

Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Cake

Served with raspberries and cream

Served with raspberries and cream



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Toffee Apple Muffins, ‘Good Night, Sleep Tight’ and Cheese Fritters

1   Another rainy day so baking was the plan. Jake helped KJ make Toffee Apple Muffins which were amazing and will be on the recipe pages soon.

Jake mixing and  testing the Toffee Apple Muffin mixture

2   I ordered a book from Amazon ‘Good Night, Sleep Tight’ by Kim West to see if we could get any more advice on how to help Tabitha sleep all night rather than waking up three times.We’ve tried every trick we can think of. We only managed to read a bit but Tabitha had a good look! Hope the advice sinks in!

Tabitha reading ‘Good Night, Sleep Tight’

3   Cheese fritters for tea, made from a friend’s recipe (Thank you, Carrie) were absolutely delicious with a salad and some beautiful Spicy Tomato Chutney. Tabitha ate three! I’ll post the recipe as soon as I can.

Beautiful golden cheese fritters


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Earth Day, Horse and Marmite

1   It’s Earth Day today and we recognised the day by planting two new shrubs in our garden, Choisya Ternata which smells lovely and another whose name escapes me at the moment and it’s too dark outside now to go out and read the label!!

Earth Day

2  There’s a new horse in the field behind our house, very beautiful.

New horse visiting us

3  Sometimes I get such a yen for Marmite! I just had to make some Marmite and Red Onion Scones which are delicious when still a bit warm and with butter on! You can find the recipe and see the photos on my new Food, Recipes and Photos Page. (How can I link that page to this post? Any help out there, please?)  The thought of scones was planted in my head by Choc Chip Uru of   but I needed the savoury ones this time.


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Learning Wolof, Our Czech Painter and Singing with the Inglehearts

1  Last night Daniel gave us our first few phrases of Wolof to learn and we’ve been practising. I particularly like the greeting, ‘Yangui si jam?’ (Are you at peace?) and the reply, ‘Waw, mangui si jam.” (Yes, I am peaceful.) We will need some Wolof as well as French for our trip to Senegal in April.

2  Veronika, our Czech painter (of ColourGirlz) has been here today painting the woodwork in our hall. She is a meticulous worker and is so appreciative of my home baking.  I had made her some of my Mum’s Mocha Crispies.

Mum's Mocha Crispies Recipe

3  Singing with Claire and the Inglehearts has as usual lifted my spirits even when I didn’t realise they had any lifting to do! We sang a beautiful new piece composed by Claire which was moving enough in its initial learning and will be amazing when we have learned it all. I am so happy that we moved where we did so that our lovely neighbours could introduce me to Claire!


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Grandbaby Cuddles, Winter Sun and Banana Cake

1  Having two Grandbabies cuddle up in bed in the morning.

2  Walking in the winter sunshine with a sleeping Grandbaby in the pushchair.

3  Baking a banana cake with Jake, 3 years old. He loves baking and is an expert at cracking eggs and at ‘testing’ the mixture at all stages. He’s been well taught by KJ!


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Update, Garden Colour and Mocha Crispies

1  I’ve updated my About Me page today. That was a pleasing job done.

2  Our first yellow crocuses have appeared and next-door’s Camellias are just gorgeous and hanging over the wall into our garden.

3  Mocha Crispies all made (Mum’s recipe which I found in one of her handwritten books last  December 15th.) I’ve made mocha cream for half of them and coffee cream for the others as Sue, from choir, who enjoys my baking, can’t eat chocolate and I’ll be taking her some on Thursday when we meet to sing at Miss Peapod’s.

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Being Busy, Biscuits and Birdwatching

1  Having dropped Mr S at Penzance hospital at 8am, I’ve been so busy! The house has never been cleaner! I’ve also baked a batch of cookies which Mr S will now be able to eat!

2  This afternoon we had a family group of Long Tail Tits at the feeder, my favourites, I think.They are really pretty and I love the way they hang out in multi-generational family groups. Funny how the birds turn up when Lucy is here!

3  Mr S is now home and safe. I can relax!

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Grandbabies, Baking and Baby News

1  Tabitha, 9 months has been waving at us all today and then looks at her waving hand as if to say, “What’s going on here?”

2 We’re doing a 24hour babysit so that KJ and Mr Rice can go away for the night to a spa hotel and it’s been great fun, if exhausting. Jake loves to bake so we made his Mummy’s Birthday cake (a stollen and a secret, hard for a 3 year old!) We also made and decorated Christmas tree buns.

Jake's Christmas tree buns

3  They are now asleep and I’ve come up to find a video of Jo and Tom’s 7 hour old baby daughter waiting for me. What joy indeed.

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