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Weekly Photo Challenge – Careful

The girls dancing here had to be very careful indeed! The ledge is less than 3″ wide.


Dancers at Princess Pavilion in Falmouth being very careful indeed

To see more in this Challenge, click this link.


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Victorian Gardens, A London Bus and Yachts

1    We spent a lovely couple of hours in Falmouth on this gloriously sunny (and warm!) day.  We were lucky enough to catch Shallal Dance Theatre rehearsing in the gardens by the bandstand.

Dancing on the lawn near the Bandstand

Dancing on the lawn near the Bandstand



They are a “dynamic, celebratory, socially inclusive company which  explores improvised dance theatre, providing a performance space for anyone and everyone in the community, seeking to enable artistic expression, improve physical health and self–confidence and provide a socially inclusive experience that will enhance the quality of life for all members through professionalism, dedication, skill acquisition and sheer good fun.”  They certainly live up to that promise and the happiness was shared by all who were lucky enough to be in the gardens today.

There are fabulous views over Falmouth Bay from the Gardens.

Quarry garden

Quarry garden

From Gyllyngdune gardens

From Gyllyngdune Gardens

2    It tickled us both to see an old London Bus go by!

A London bus - in Falmouth

A London bus – in Falmouth

3    The sea was beautiful shades of blue in the sunshine and we could see some tethered yachts in the distance tugging at their lines and just waiting to be sailed.



Shades of blue in the sea

Beautiful blues in the sea


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Senegal 8th April – Daniel and Ami’s Wedding Day

The morning of the wedding, Ami and her Mum

The family in the morning

Ami at the  beauty salon, hair started, no make-up yet

Ami in her Wedding Dress, having changed in the salon owner’s bedroom next door

Back in the Salon, hair done and being sprinkled with gold-dust

Make-up done

Leaving the Salon

Drummers welcome Ami to the house and alert the guests on the roof to her arrival

Drumming welcome

Daniel and Ami arrive for the Ceremony

Babacar, very kindly, translates from Wolof to English for us

Traditionally, cola nuts and sweets are handed around once the couple are married

The party begins with drumming and dancing

Followed by traditional singing, telling stories and praising the couple

and more drumming…..

and more dancing…..

Lucy and Ndeye Marie at the Wedding

Family photo

Ami’s Mum with Daniel and his Twin Sister and our new Grandchild

Newly Married

Just beautiful!

More family

Lucy and Daniel with Mgatte (Pap)


What a colourful and happy day!

And the Civil Wedding will be on Wednesday.


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