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Mandarin Duck, Tiny Cardigan and Pearl Buttons

1   This lovely little model of a Mandarin Duck was made by our youngest daughter many, many years ago for her Dad. It has been treasured ever since.

2    I have finished the tiny cardigan for our Grand-baby due in April. It has some very special buttons on it.

Tiny cardigan, 20 cms from top to bottom

3   These buttons are part of a collection that I have inherited. My Grandfather was a button salesman in and around Manchester and these are his sample cards which have been used gradually over the years. It really pleases me to think that the new baby will be wearing a cardigan with buttons belonging to her/his Great Great Grandfather!

Very precious Mother-of-pearl buttons


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1st November – Grandbabies, Train to Cornwall and Arriving Home

1   Spending a short time with the Grandbabies before our journey back to Cornwall.

Ready to go to Nursery, wearing her new hoodie

Enjoying a hot chocolate

2   I love the train journey to Cornwall but it was dark almost as soon as we set off and I was so tired, I slept most of the way.

3   It’s lovely to be able to travel and to have had such a fantastic trip and it’s lovely to come home.  Thank you for all the comments you, my lovely readers, have left over the last two weeks. I will get around to replying in the next few days.


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Sleep, Knitting and An Indian Elephant

1   I slept all night! Beautiful!

2   Tonight I have finished the first of two Hoodies I am knitting for the Grandbabies. This is the smaller of the two and I am delighted with the finished article.

Tabitha’s hoodie

3   I love this small picture we have of a decorated Indian elephant. When we go to India at the end of the month we will be doing a safari on the back of an elephant.  For one who admires elephants as I do (such devoted and tender creatures) it will be almost a dream come true to be so close to one.

Indian Elephant

PS For those who liked the idea of ‘Suffragette Socks’ in a recent post, this is what they look like! The shades of purple, white and green are just perfect and I shall love wearing them!

Suffragette socks!


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Lunch Out, Making Bread and Jelly Eggs

1   Pouring with rain today but we went out anyway to Falmouth, got soaking wet and had a lovely lunch at The Gylly Beach cafe. I made the best choice, Cornish Cheese and Cherry Salad – scrumptious!

2    Jake and I made sun-dried tomato and herb bread this afternoon. He became an expert at kneading and the end result was beautiful.

3     We made jelly eggs too. These were great fun and the little people thoroughly enjoyed eating them.


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Celebration, Flowers by the Sea and Grandchildren

1   Before everyone else arrives, we took L out for lunch to celebrate her Masters! We went to a fabulous restaurant, The Cove,  overlooking the sea at Maenporth, near Falmouth and ate a very delicious lunch.

2    We all walked along the beach for a bit after our lunch and I found dandelions, poppies and a bee.

3   Our beautiful Grandchildren have arrived and already the house is full of happy chuckles.


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Potager Garden, Cornflower and Three Choirs on a Ferry

1  We went to the beautiful Potager Garden, Constantine, to meet a friend, to play and to have lunch. We wandered all over the place exploring, noting landmarks so that we could find our way back and hunting dragons. It’s a magical place for children (and their adults!)

Having adventures at Potager Garden

Jake in the meadow at Potager garden

Lunch was absolutely delicious, as always. Lots of the food is grown right there in the gardens. All the food is cooked freshly on the premises and is a treat for the eyes as well as for the taste buds!

Having lunch in the Potager Garden cafe

Fritatta and salad

Ploughman’s with Cornish Blue Cheese

Tabitha escaping from the cafe!

2  There were flowers in abundance and Jake spotted the bee on the cornflowers.

Cornflower with Bumble Bee

3  This evening I’ve been to sing with the Three Choirs on a Ferry. All three of Claire Ingleheart’s choirs, about 100 of us, sang first in the courtyard in Trelissick Gardens and then we all, including our audience of about 200, walked down the hill to the King Harry Ferry where the choirs went on board, the audience on the slip way and we sang for an hour and were much appreciated by the friendly crowd which included KJ and Lucy, which was really lovely for me. Just as we finished we were all delighted to hear the beautiful sound of a pair of owls hooting to each other.


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Honeysuckle, Broad Beans and Grandbabies

1 The honeysuckle is looking beautiful and the bees are appreciating the blooms too.

Bumble bee on the honeysuckle

2 There was a Bumble bee on the honeysuckle but my biologist daughter tells me that this bee on the broad beans is a Honey bee. I’m not sure why, but that pleases me!

Honey bee on the broad bean flowers

3    The children came home and Tabitha raided the cupboard for the beautiful colourful cup-cake cups and Jake had fun with Lucy.

Indestructible silicone cup-cake cases

Jake having fun with his Aunty Lucy

and a question for my fellow bloggers who are gardeners – My Sprouting Broccoli is sprouting! I thought it was supposed to do this in the Winter and the Spring. Should I pinch out the tops or what? Please advise!


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Falmouth Fish Festival, Poppies and My Mum

1   We spent the morning being entertained at the Falmouth Fish Festival, sampling some delicious Cornish produce and thoroughly enjoying Squashbox Theatre, stories, music and fish facts for children of all ages!

Jake sampling some fresh mackerel

Grumpie’s Pies where we bought some beautiful pies to bring home for lunch with salad

Cornish Oak Smoked Salt

Reflections of the masts in Falmouth Harbour

2   Our poppies get better and better. Just look at the creases on the petals of the open one, the veining on the nearly open one and the dew drops on the bud – so beautiful. Click on the photos to see that beautiful detail.


Two buds

3   It’s 19 years today since my beautiful Mum died. Her love and her wisdom are still what guide me. The Forget-me-nots in my garden for her and were in bloom in her gardens for as many years as I can remember.

For my Mum xx


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Grandchildren, Flowers and Evening Sunshine

1   The Grandchildren are with us! That’s beautiful! Lots of lovely conversations and laughs. We introduced Jake to The Heligan Giant today and will take him to visit next week.

The story of the Heligan Giant

2   Our garden is delighting us, so many beautiful blooms. Click on any image to enlarge and see the detail, especially the poppy bud.


Hairy poppy bud


Climbing Rose

3   The red sky tonight was reflected on the windows over the road. Hopefully tomorrow will be another beautiful day.

Red sky at night, shepherds’ delight!


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Balloon Fairy, Petrichor and Romantic Polish Cranes

1   Sorting out the room for our Grandchildren to sleep in when they arrive late tonight for two weeks, I saw another fairy Sculpture and remembered that I had promised to show you another of my treasures made by the very talented artist Samantha Bryan. The other one can be seen at

Air balloon Fairy

Brain’s Airborne Support System

2   We had a very heavy shower onto hot ground this afternoon and, for the first time this Summer, I smelt petrichor! Wikipedia defines it as ‘the scent of rain on dry earth’. My lovely Sister-in-law in Atlanta, Georgia and I discovered the word at the same time so the smell always reminds me of her.

Number 3 was going to be a gorgeous and very big spider that I found in the garden and took a beautifully hairy photo of but just now this delightful email came in from my Brother-in-law in Warsaw, Poland:

“The photo below is about two cranes who met in an injured animals’ clinic in the south of Poland. The female had a broken wing, the male some serious food poisoning. During the course of several months’ treatment they paired up together. The male gradually recovered his strength, but the female’s condition was irreversible, so she didn’t regain the ability to fly. In view of this, the male refrained from cruising off to warmer climes in the winter and remained in Poland; he also decided to start building his partner a nest, on the ground. Which, of course, is pretty unheard-of for cranes…”

Two Cranes

Isn’t that just a beautiful story?


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