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Exhibition, Bee and Butterfly

The Cornish Studies Library in Redruth now has our Perthi Kov Exhibition of the people we researched for  ‘Until the Day Break’, all  put together by Lesley Trotter and me and designed by Anna Oliver. It looks good in this venue! If you are local, go in and have a look. If you are from somewhere else in the world, please click on the photo to be able to read about our fascinating characters.

Bees and butterflies are enjoying our Agapanthus flowers as are we.

Honey bee on Agapanthus

Large White butterfly on Agapanthus

Agapanthus with Crocosmia


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Honeysuckle, Broad Beans and Grandbabies

1 The honeysuckle is looking beautiful and the bees are appreciating the blooms too.

Bumble bee on the honeysuckle

2 There was a Bumble bee on the honeysuckle but my biologist daughter tells me that this bee on the broad beans is a Honey bee. I’m not sure why, but that pleases me!

Honey bee on the broad bean flowers

3    The children came home and Tabitha raided the cupboard for the beautiful colourful cup-cake cups and Jake had fun with Lucy.

Indestructible silicone cup-cake cases

Jake having fun with his Aunty Lucy

and a question for my fellow bloggers who are gardeners – My Sprouting Broccoli is sprouting! I thought it was supposed to do this in the Winter and the Spring. Should I pinch out the tops or what? Please advise!


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