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Patchwork and My Mum

When I realised that today is International Patchwork Day, I knew how I wanted to honour my lovely Mum on this Mother’s Day. Mum loved craft things, she sewed, knitted, crocheted and made beautiful patchwork. Here are two of her greatly treasured pieces. I also have the miniature chest of drawers where she kept all the accoutrements needed for the making and have kept the pretty templates.

Here’s love in the form of hyacinths from our Suffragette garden for Mother’s Day –  to the Mother in us all and to the Mother of us all –

– and especially to my dear daughters who have dear daughters of their own.


Guest Blogger 3

LiveWire3 back again! Today I went out with LiveWire2 and my mum again! This time we mooched around Truro and we bought some proper Cornish pasties and we went to a classic sweetshop, where we bought lots and lots of sweets. On the way we saw large, beautiful monument commemorating soldiers who died in World War I and II.

To the end of our journey, we went to Waterstones; we always go here at Truro. I bought some gorgeous books with amazing covers; they were in a special section called ‘beautiful covers’ which of course lured me in. I got two classics written by Jane Austen: Sense and Sensibility [and] Emma.

We are sadly going home tomorrow then I am back to school again. Thanks to everyone for enjoying my posts and Granny’s posts!


Guest Blogger 2

LiveWire3 again! Today I went Porthtowan for brunch with LiveWire 2 and my mum! We went to the Blue Bar for some delicious breakfast. It’s like a tradition whenever we come to Cornwall; we have to go to the Blue Bar or it is not a proper stay. So we did just that and it was great!


Just like I said, the food was delicious – as usual – and we finished it super quickly! I got a maple syrup bacon waffle, my mum got hash browns, beans and tomatoes. LiveWire2 wanted a burger but it was too early so he had to wait, although he couldn’t resist the food so he had bit of the hash browns and tomatoes. Later he got a burger and we shared the chips because how could you resist?! You may see a laptop in the backround – well that’s because my mum used the area as an office!

After, we went for a fresh walk along the sand and there were so many cute dogs. We walked close to the shore dodging the waves as they ran towards us. Weirdly, we saw lots of fish on the shore – that was a sight. We had never seen anything like this before but it was very interesting. LiveWire2 took photos of every single fish we saw – of course!

Photo by LiveWire 2 of one of the many dead fish on the beach. Not a usual ‘beautiful’ thing but my Guest Blogger is in charge tonight. We all wonder what had happened.


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Reflections, Hydrangea and Planting

The Penryn River was so calm this morning and the reflections gorgeous.

When LiveWire no 4 was with us at half term, she brought in a skeleton hydrangea flower that she thought was very beautiful and I agree. I have kept it safely.

I have ‘planted’ the hyacinths for the turn of the year and my birthday. They are in the lovely glass planters that my Mum used to use. It really pleases me to be still using them and remembering the flowers Mum grew in them. Apparently the Victorians loved to raise hyacinths like this. I don’t know how old our glasses are but they are very pretty.



Quiet, Sandcastle and Walking

It’s very quiet here after a half-term week of Daughter 3’s family, followed by Daughter 2 and family, all held together by Daughter no 1 and now, suddenly it’s too quiet!. Here are a couple of photos from some time on the beach.


New Word and Guest Blogger

Live Wire No 3 loves beautiful things as I do. She, too, is a

Today the family went to the Eden Project for a fabulous day out. LiveWire No  3 took some photos for me and is here my guest blogger. These pictures were taken in the Rainforest Biome.

Thank you very much T.



Arrival, Irises and Peace

Our London LiveWires have arrived this afternoon to be joined by their cousins, Aunts and Uncles on Wednesday for  four days of family fun.

We all walked down to the allotment to check on any watering that was needed and found the irises that I showed you a couple of days ago in bud, fully open and lovely.

Born on this day in New Jersey in 1898, Paul Robeson was a singer, actor and activist who used his platform to speak up for justice.
Over the years, he lent his support for a variety of movements: from the Republican cause in Civil War Spain to the American Civil Rights Movement. I grew up listening to his singing and have written about him here before.This quotation seems very apt for the moment.



On This Day, Worm Moon and Kindergarteners

Four years ago on this day we had snow – yes, snow in Cornwall, enough to build a Suffragette Snow Woman to keep Welly Dog company for a few hours. Today the garden is full of Spring flowers and Welly Dog has moved to the slate patio.

It was a full moon last night but we missed it. Kris Meadon didn’t and took this amazing photo which he is very kindly letting me share with you all.

Worm moon rising above St Michael’s Mount. Photo by Kris Meaden

My dear Sister-in-law sent me a link to the most delightful site where those in need of a lift can ring up kindergarten children to get advice! The hotline, called PepToc, was created by students at West Side School  in Sonoma County, and was the idea of art teacher Jessica Martin. Read all about it and if you are in USA, perhaps try it and let me know how it goes. 



Owls, Earrings and More Earrings

We’ve taken down our Christmas tree today and packed everything away for another year. This fragile little owl bauble was my Mum’s and is now very carefully wrapped in tissue and boxed.

When LiveWire No 3 was here before Christmas with her family, she went shopping with her Mum in the lovely little independent shops that we have in Redruth. T chose these earrings for my birthday and I love them. Thank you so much, T..

A friend of many years, and a colleague for many of those, enclosed the following pieces with her Christmas card in the hope that they would be useful for my glass work. They certainly will. I can see the long ones and the sparkly ones enhancing angels already. I shall unpack my workroom again in the next week or so. I’m thinking I shall have to experiment with making owls. There are some perfect beads here for eyes…….

A Ming smile plate with pieces of jewellery. Thank you very much J.



Guest Blogger

LiveWire No 3, our Granddaughter of 10 years old who was with us recently, took lots of photos at the Heligan Night Garden and has sent them to me. If you live locally, do try to get there!  Thank you, T, these are a beautiful reminder of our lovely evening all together.

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