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White Daffodils, Clematis and Boston Ducklings

1   My Suffragette garden is full of white daffodils and tulips. The purple tulips are almost ready to bloom. I so hope they will flower before the white tulips have faded.

White daffodils and tulips

White daffodils and tulips

2   The new Clematis, ‘Early Sensation’, has a few flowers which are very pretty.

White Clematis

White Clematis

3    The baby ducklings in today’s post by Marilyn remind me of a beautiful little book my parents  bought when they were in Boston many years ago (and Boston is in all our  minds this week with such sadness.)  “Make Way for Ducklings” by Robert McCloskey is about a policeman who stops the traffic so that the mother duck can take her ducklings across the road to the pond in the park, a beautiful story about a beautiful city to whose citizens we send condolences.

Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey

Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey


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Coffee Cup, Feather and Magpie

1   Having my cup of coffee this morning  I realised that our kitchen light was reflected beautifully in the black coffee. I had to let it cool down before I could take the photo as it kept steaming up!

Kitchen light

Kitchen light

Reflection in my coffee

2   I took so many photos of Redruth this morning for another “My Neighbourhood” post to be done tomorrow. On my way back up the hill I spotted this tiny feather being blown back and forth in the breeze.

Feather caught on a rose thorn

Feather caught on a rose thorn

3    We’ve had the Long-tail Tits here again today but they don’t hang around to have their pictures taken – neither do the Magpies. They are very skittish and leave if there is any movement in the house. I stayed put in the kitchen, used maximum zoom and managed to get this shot.

Magpie at the feeder

Magpie at the feeder

This last is for Liz, as promised. I am trying to entice her to visit Heligan!

The Heligan Giant

The Heligan Giant


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Suffragette Garden, ‘The Lion and Albert’ and Rosemary

1   Just look at these beautiful narcissi coming into flower in my garden to honour Suffragettes, all in purple, white and green.  The Hebes are doing well too.

Early Narcissi

Early Narcissi



2   I was talking about this very entertaining poem with a good friend the other day.  If you don’t know it, do listen to this recording by Stanley Holloway:     This edition, illustrated by Caroline Holden, done as a photograph album, is a delight.

The Lion and Albert by Marriot Edgar

The Lion and Albert by Marriot Edgar

3    I love being able to go out into the garden to get my herbs. Tonight I need Rosemary to finish off the Sweet Potato and Chestnut Roast that I have made for our lovely friends who are coming for dinner.

Rosemary in the garden

Rosemary in the garden


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Story-teller, Cactus and Moscow City Ballet

1   The little story-teller figure is a Pueblo Indian character and is honour of my Dad whose novels are behind the little figure in the photo.

Pueblo story-teller and novels by David Wiseman

2    The ‘Christmas’ cactus in beautifully in flower already.

‘Christmas’ cactus

3   We’ve been to the Hall for Cornwall this evening to see the marvellous Moscow City Ballet performing Romeo and Juliet. It was brilliant!

Moscow City Ballet, Romeo and Juliet


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Arizona Boots, A Baby Naming and My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes

1.   My lovely sister had these boots made for me by an artist in Prescott, Arizona after I had so admired hers. I always wear them for Baby Naming Ceremonies.

Boots for Baby Namings

2.  Two days of downpour prevented today’s Baby Naming Ceremony from being in the garden but it all went off very well in the Village Hall. H was delightful and did listen when I spoke directly to him – “We have come together here today to formally introduce you, H, to our world. Please treat it gently, with respect and with a curious mind.”

With my lovely Baby Naming Family

3.  I was reminded today of a beautiful picture book for children which we must read to Jake. Go to Sam and Holly‘s blog  for a review of ‘Rosie’s Walk’.   I don’t seem to have the copy we had for our four but came across this old favourite in the collection that I have kept for the next generation. We all loved the rhyme and the fun and had a couple of cats who loved to hide in boxes!

An old favourite


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Book Shop, Saffron Buns and Chocolate Cosmos

1   Shopping for maps for our trip planning today. The bookshop has a beautiful mural of the front cover of a children’s book ‘The Mousehole Cat’ (pronounced Mouzzle!) up the stairs.

‘The Mousehole Cat’ by Antonia Barber

2   On Lemon Quay in Truro on Wednesdays and Saturdays there is the farmers’ market. Today I first bought some delicious Cornish strawberries and then some tasty breads and two saffron buns from The Cornish Mill and Bakehouse.

The Cornish Mill and Bakehouse stall with saffron buns being got for me!

3   I cannot quite believe how shiny and beautiful these Chocolate Cosmos flowers are when they first open!

Chocolate Cosmos flower, just opened today


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St Uny Engine House, Curl and Story-time

1  Had a lovely walk up round the back of our house on The Great Flat Lode Trail as Jake wanted to see the engine house again.  (Click on any photo for an enlargement)

2   The back of Tabitha’s head and its beautiful curl are something very special!

3   Another special moment, every evening, is story-time. Tonight it was, ‘Make Way for Ducklings’, a story that my parents brought home from a holiday in Boston about 1980 for our four children.

Our last night with P&V who leave tomorrow morning. It has been a beautiful seventeen days.


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Church Cove, Ann’s Pasties and Story-time

1   We went to The Lizard for what we were told are the best  pasties in Cornwall and went to look for a beach for the children first. We discovered this beautiful cove, disappointingly no sand but a quite breathtakingly beautiful hamlet and cove.

2   We got our pasties from Ann’s Pasties and we were not disappointed! We watched them being made and have never seen pasties so stuffed or tasted such delicious pasties with such lovely crisp pastry.

3   We bought a new book for the children yesterday and read it tonight – ‘Pigs Might Surf’ but the big hit at story-time is still ‘The Great Dog Bottom Swap’ which has all the adults in tears of laughter too!

Please forgive me, dear Readers, for not reading, commenting as I usually do. With family here, there is no time but I will get back to you all soon.


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Wild Strawberries, Storytime and Family Party

1    I spotted these wild strawberries in the border early this morning – and the slugs haven’t got at them!

Wild Strawberries

Story time

2   Fabulous fun at story time before afternoon naps with ‘The Great Dog Bottom Swap”  (details to follow later)

3   Family party with friends from our childhood with whom we have all kept in touch – precious times and the little ones loved it!


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St Uny Engine House, The Heligan Giant and The Mud Maid

We have had the most beautiful day today! First we had a walk along the Flat Lode Trail to find a tin mine for Jake and this afternoon we went off to The Lost Gardens of Heligan to find the Giant and the Mud Maid.

I’m going to tell it through photos – enjoy! Click on the first one and then click the arrows on the right to get the whole story.

And now they’ve gone home and the house feels very quiet and empty!


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