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Share Our Autumn Walk

We had a lovely walk in Trelissick gardens this afternoon. Click on any photo for a bigger version.

Colourful leaves in a muddy puddle

Just the best news came through today in a phone call as we were walking around – our 15 year old Granddaughter, LiveWire 1, has just received her visa so can come with the rest of the family to UK for Christmas and New Year!!


Posy, Raindrops and Bloom

It’s six years since our lovely friend, Bill-next-door left us and this is the little posy I made to take next door to S – rosemary for remembrance, muscari for the rich blue colour that Bill loved and sweet scented wallflowers to remember his love of puddings.  You can read more about this remarkable man here.

The raindrops on the rich velvety red of the tulips are very lovely.

The rhododendrons in Trelissick yesterday were gorgeous.


Mobile Piano, Care and Stones

It was great fun shopping in town this morning as so many people were enjoying the lovely singing and piano playing outside our excellent Greengrocery/Butcher and Deli.   We loved that ChloeMarie had cycled into town!

ChloeMarie Aston

The  sign below was in the chiropractor’s window (hence the skeleton!) and rings a bell with me.

We walked in Trelissick Gardens this afternoon, enjoying the bird song, the Spring flowers and the excitement of children on their nature/egg hunts.  The stone pattern is in one of the shelters.



Blue Sky, Blossom and Birds

After many grey days, today, there was a gloriously blue sky and the sun shone all afternoon,  and we walked around Trelissick Gardens. There were daffodils and snowdrops, primroses and azalea. It was the Hellebores and Magnolias that stole the show today. However, the real show-stopper was the Blackbird whose song was a delight. Do listen to the whole clip. Perversely he went quiet when I first started recording but then found his voice again.

The tower and the golden squirrel and the blue, blue sky

Looking out to The Carrick Roads

Pheasant in the long grass


Quilt, Dinners and A Walk

Some months ago, I was invited to add a small panel for this quilt, being assembled for a friend for her 70th birthday. Family and friends each contributed a square and then they were all skilfully put together by A. What a wonderful gift to treasure for ever.

As we have done before, we’ve made up Christmas Dinners in a box, for local people and delivered them to a collection point this morning.  Should you live in Cornwall and wish to join in, this is the link.

The sun shone this afternoon after many days of heavy rain so we went for a stroll in one of our favourite places, Trelissick. The autumn colours were gorgeous.


Autumn Colour, Fun and Fungi

Autumn colour in Trelissick gardens today was lovely – this tree in particular.

We all had great fun in the apple orchard collecting windfalls and throwing them at the target. We did pretty well. If you look closely, you’ll see J’s apple approaching the apple tree. He scored a 7!

There were so many bright red fungi that as we approached them we thought they were fallen leaves.


Scrumping, Hugging and A Painting

After a delightful walk through the gardens with dear friends, we arrived at the old apple orchard in Trelissick.  This orchard used to be known as the  ‘fruit garden of Cornwall’ and contains 70 different varieties, almost all Cornish. There were so many windfalls and we tasted a few, leaving the rest for the squirrels. My favourite to taste was Collogget Pippin, crisp and juicy. We weren’t really scrumping but told tales of doing so many years ago! Click on the red link to find out more.

Tree hugging was also on our tour. All four of us couldn’t quite link up, needing a LiveWire to fill the gap but, sadly,  none of us had one with us. 

In the garden centre section of the shop there were beautifully painted signs.


Gladiolus, Water Tower and A Poem

The wind has broken our yellow gladiolus so I brought it in and put it with some Japanese anemones. When I came down this morning the sunlight was making it glow.

Yesterday I caught the Trelissick Water Tower in the gloom but still  love the golden squirrel.

My poet friend, Kim Ridgeon,  thought carefully before publishing the following thoughtful and rather disturbing poem. Likewise I have thought before posting it here. I have the same reservations about my blog – it’s about beautiful things and I try to avoid politics here (Not elsewhere!) but Kim’s poem is a beautiful piece about the horror we are all feeling about Afghanistan.

Thank you, Kim.



Trelissick, Robin and Garden Art

One of our favourite gardens is Trelissick but we haven’t been for 18 months or more as during Covid times we had to book and we don’t plan ahead well enough to do that. We like to think, ‘Where shall we go today? Trelissick? Yes!’ and go – and today we did just that and it was a delight even though it was all grey and misty. There is a special loveliness there whatever the weather.

A Robin posed for us, a scruffy little creature!

After our walk round, we had ice creams and where we sat to enjoy them, someone had been busy making art. I love the leaves for fingers and the pine cones for ears and the littler cones for a mouthful of teeth. .


Two Walks on a Rare Sunny Day

The sky was so beautifully blue this morning

Porthowan was a treat – toddlers  playing in the puddles left behind by the retreating tide; people strolling and waves crashing – wonderfully uplifting.

Later we went to walk around Trelissick Gardens – saw Daffodils on the way and lots of signs of Spring in the garden.