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A Day With Our Live-Wires

What a lovely day! First, with an early start to the beach at Maenporth and then at the cinema this evening to watch The BFG all in the company of two of our lovely Live-Wires who are growing up so very quickly.  Get a flavour of our day in this gallery. If you get a chance to see The BFG, do go! It is the most beautiful, heartwarming film I have seen in years with both tears and laughs aplenty.


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Birthday Lunch, Pendennis Castle and Skyline

1   We had a lovely lunch at The Cove in Maenporth to celebrate the birthday of a good friend. Our dessert was truly scrumptious!

Chocolate Torte at The Cove, Maenporth

Chocolate Torte at The Cove, Maenporth

2    Across from Maenporth, the setting sun (it was a long lunch!) lit up the cliffs and the castle with a glorious golden glow.

Pendennis Castle from Maenporth

Pendennis Castle from Maenporth

3    The skyline as we drove away was very dramatic and lovely.





Lighthouse, Lemon Curd and The Moon

1   We had a birthday lunch with friends in Maenporth today, such a beautiful day with warm sunshine, blue skies and seas but I was just too late to catch the sparkler on the birthday boy’s dessert!

2    I made a batch of Lemon Curd today( recipe here) and have potted it in the individual jars that we brought home from our holiday. I  plan to sell them at Ingleheart’s choir on Monday evening as part of our fundraising for our reciprocal trip next Autumn to the Welsh choir who visited us last summer.

Miniature Lemon Curds to sell

Miniature Lemon Curds to sell

3   The moon was visible at dusk tonight and then the lovely Mr S called me to see a beautiful circular pinkish haze around it as darkness came. I expect there’s a name for that, that Alex will be able to tell me.

Moon at dusk

Moon at dusk

Moon with a haze

Moon with a haze


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Celebration, Flowers by the Sea and Grandchildren

1   Before everyone else arrives, we took L out for lunch to celebrate her Masters! We went to a fabulous restaurant, The Cove,  overlooking the sea at Maenporth, near Falmouth and ate a very delicious lunch.

2    We all walked along the beach for a bit after our lunch and I found dandelions, poppies and a bee.

3   Our beautiful Grandchildren have arrived and already the house is full of happy chuckles.


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Asparagus Festival, ‘Under Milk Wood’ and Duck Egg Dinner

1   My lovely neighbour told me about the Cornwall Asparagus Festival which was being held just down the road in the Penventon Park Hotel. It was a delight! I watched Arty Williams Chef at The Cove, Maenporth, a local award-winning restaurant, demonstrating a beautiful dish of Asparagus, Goat Cheese with a Red Wine and Caper Dressing. It looked, smelled and tasted wonderful – a real treat for the taste buds!

Arty Williams at the Asparagus Festival

2   I arrived home to find Richard Burton on BBC Radio Four reading the opening of ‘Under Milk Wood’ by Dylan Thomas which hundreds of my former pupils will be able to tell you is my favourite piece of literature of all time! Another wonderful treat!

3   There were Duck eggs, from The Cornish Duck Company, on sale at the festival as well as asparagus from the largest growers in Cornwall, John and Jenny Keeler from Tregassow Farm  so for supper tonight we’ve had Delia Smith’s Sauteed Asparagus with Duck Egg and Parmesan. Beautiful!  The recipe is up on my Recipe page.

Sauteed Asparagus with Duck Egg and Parmesan


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