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Sweet Peas, Spider and Swan

1   The Sweet peas are lasting well despite the sudden drop in temperature. I love their colours against that beautiful crisp blue sky.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas

2   I know you don’t all like spiders but this is a beauty and look at the intricacies of all the webs he’s been working on. I’ve tried to identify him but haven’t been successful. Any ideas? He was in the bottom of an old flowerpot.

Spider, 2cms from toe to toe

Spider, 2 cms from toe to toe

3   This swan came straight for us as we got out of the car near the river in Hayle, expecting to be fed I expect.

Lone swan

Lone swan


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Balloon Fairy, Petrichor and Romantic Polish Cranes

1   Sorting out the room for our Grandchildren to sleep in when they arrive late tonight for two weeks, I saw another fairy Sculpture and remembered that I had promised to show you another of my treasures made by the very talented artist Samantha Bryan. The other one can be seen at

Air balloon Fairy

Brain’s Airborne Support System

2   We had a very heavy shower onto hot ground this afternoon and, for the first time this Summer, I smelt petrichor! Wikipedia defines it as ‘the scent of rain on dry earth’. My lovely Sister-in-law in Atlanta, Georgia and I discovered the word at the same time so the smell always reminds me of her.

Number 3 was going to be a gorgeous and very big spider that I found in the garden and took a beautifully hairy photo of but just now this delightful email came in from my Brother-in-law in Warsaw, Poland:

“The photo below is about two cranes who met in an injured animals’ clinic in the south of Poland. The female had a broken wing, the male some serious food poisoning. During the course of several months’ treatment they paired up together. The male gradually recovered his strength, but the female’s condition was irreversible, so she didn’t regain the ability to fly. In view of this, the male refrained from cruising off to warmer climes in the winter and remained in Poland; he also decided to start building his partner a nest, on the ground. Which, of course, is pretty unheard-of for cranes…”

Two Cranes

Isn’t that just a beautiful story?


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