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An Award, The Glasgow School of Art and Three Horses

1   I’m really delighted to have been nominated for the Leibster Award by PositiveBoomer, particularly as I love her blog, so full of positivity!  Thank you very much indeed, Renee.

Have a look at the Awards page for more info.

2   This picture hangs on the wall near the computer and reminds us of our visits to Glasgow to see the wonderful works of Charles Rennie Macintosh and of his wife, Margaret.  The Art School is such a beautiful building as are all his designs.

The Glasgow School of Art

3   There are three horses in the field behind our garden today and I caught them through a rain drenched window!

Three horses in the field behind our house

………  and just one more thing – Today marks six months of my writing my blog. I’m really enjoying finding three beautiful things each day and sharing them with so many lovely readers and followers. Thank you all.


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Serendipity, Opportunity and King Edward Mine

1. An absolute downpour today, all night, all day but – serendipity indeed – a friend asked us for something from the shed so Mr S went out and caught the mini-flood in our yard just before it came through the air brick into the house. Beautiful timing!
2. Yesterday when we moved the Clematis a few pieces had to be cut to remove it from the trellis but that wasn’t a disaster but an opportunity to have some beautiful flowers indoors.

Clematis indoors

3. Through pouring rain, along roads running with rivers, through patches of floods, we arrived at King Edward’s Mine in Troon for their Open Day. With Pip conducting, The Inglehearts sang, first accompanying the delightful children from Troon Primary School and then accompanied by the rain drumming on the corrugated roof . We had a lovely sing and all felt better for it!


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Hawaiian Turtle, Clematis and Fungus

1   My dear sister, Daisy aka Deborah, posted a picture of this beautiful painting, her first done since she moved from Arizona to Hawaii. I so admire her talent. You can see another of her paintings here

Daisy's Painting

2    We have successfully moved this clematis, Sweet Sensation, from the back garden to the new fence and trellis at the front.

Clematis Early Sensation

I love the pale green in the centre of the white.

3    Clearing off my planting table I found this beautiful fungus, like a flower petal, so delicate and colourful! Click on the photo to see the feathery detail.

Beautiful fungus


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Pooh Bear Mirror, Lemon Curd and 100!

1  We bought this delightful mirror many years ago in Penzance and I love it still.

Pooh Bear Mirror

2   I have made a batch of beautiful yellow lemon curd today. It looks gorgeous, smells divine and tastes delicious! The recipe will be in my Food pages soon.

Lemon Curd

3  Today I have my 100th follower! Thank you all so much for welcoming me into the Blogging Community, for following, liking and commenting. Every like, comment and follow is truly appreciated and it gives me great delight that my beautiful things have been read in 61 different countries!


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Singing, Groucho Marx and Piano Playing

1   After singing with Sophie and the Suitcases this morning, I took the Sally-boots that I made this week to a friend for her new baby boy, Declan.

Sally-boots for Declan

2   I have been reminded this afternoon by of a quotation that pleases me.  Thank you,  Usha Pisharody

Each morning when I open my eyes I say to myself: I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.”
~Julius Henry “Groucho” Marx.

3   It’s been a long time since my last piano lesson but I have practised a lot since we came home from Senegal and today my lovely teacher said, with the first half of one piece, that I would have been given top marks if that had been the exam! Now I have to make the rest of the piece as good!


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ShelterBox, Rhubarb and Next-Door’s Garden

1   Asked by whatshappeningatmyhouse, which charity would I give £1m if I had such a sum,  I realised that ShelterBox is one of my beautiful things. Started by one man with a very big heart and a very special vision, here in Cornwall, this charity works worldwide to give shelter and dignity to those affected by disaster, be it natural (tsunami, earthquake etc) or man-made (war, civil strife etc). It was indeed, a beautiful thing Tom Henderson started.

ShelterBox has brought these Fijian families new homes allowing them to start to rebuild their lives again whilst living in comfort and dignity.

2   My good friend, Jean, gave us a rhubarb plant at choir on Monday – and because we cannot pick any until next year, gave me a bunch of rhubarb too. Today I’ve made a very special pudding that has been cooked in our family for three generations! It’s an Ambrose Heath recipe called Rhubarb Butterscotch Pie but we don’t put it in a pie case and we call it Different-Every-Time  Pudding because it is!  See my Food pages for the recipe and photos of the process and see shelikesherfood for KJ’s take on the pudding.

Different-Every-Time Rhubarb Pudding

3   Both our garden and next-door’s have some beautiful, delicate colour at the moment.


Clematis Montana


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Portreath, Mosaic Lion, Senegalese Wedding Outfit

1   Portreath this morning was very fresh! The waves were reasonably big and I almost caught them in their high splashes.


2  In the field belonging to Portreath Primary School, we spotted the enormous mosaic Lion made especially for the children by our neighbour sculptors. This was built in the front garden next door and we watched in delight and awe as it grew. Those lucky children!

Mosaic Lion made by Sue Hill and Pete Hill

3   I cannot bring myself to put my dress for Daniel and Ami’s Wedding inside the wardrobe! It smells of Senegal, it rustles as the beautiful women in Senegal rustle and it reminds me of the whole experience! Lucy has sent us some of her photos of the Wedding – I’m always behind the camera so am missing from most of our albums.

The top of my Senegalese two piece

Back detail

Daniel and Babacar

Us at the wedding

The Groom with his new Mother-in-law, his twin sister and his new daughter

Drumming at the Wedding


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Shakespeare’s Birthday, St George’s Day and Ceramic Sculpture

1   In honour of The Bard’s Birthday, The Globe yesterday held a poetry reading of Sonnet 18 in many different languages,(from Norwegian through Latin to Catalan!)  which The Guardian has published  today.        If you follow the link, there is a fascinating discussion which many of my poetry-lover readers may enjoy.  The Globe Theatre is putting on all 37 plays in 37 different languages which is brilliant. (What’s not so brilliant is that the event is being sponsored by BP)

2   Yesterday at the Lelant Garden Centre, I saw this delightful wooden sculpture of St George and the Dragon.That poor Dragon and the rotten triumphal George!

St George has Slain the Dragon

3   This beautiful little sculpture by Bruce Hardwick always makes me smile.

Bird Sculpture by Bruce Hardwick


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Earth Day, Horse and Marmite

1   It’s Earth Day today and we recognised the day by planting two new shrubs in our garden, Choisya Ternata which smells lovely and another whose name escapes me at the moment and it’s too dark outside now to go out and read the label!!

Earth Day

2  There’s a new horse in the field behind our house, very beautiful.

New horse visiting us

3  Sometimes I get such a yen for Marmite! I just had to make some Marmite and Red Onion Scones which are delicious when still a bit warm and with butter on! You can find the recipe and see the photos on my new Food, Recipes and Photos Page. (How can I link that page to this post? Any help out there, please?)  The thought of scones was planted in my head by Choc Chip Uru of   but I needed the savoury ones this time.


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Fungi, Baby Naming and Singing with The Briefcases

1   Waiting to do the Baby naming, I was wandering around Potager Gardens and spotted this very beautiful fungi on the woodpile wall. Just look at those patterns. Click to make any photo bigger. Do any of my readers know what kind of fungus this is?


2   The Baby Naming Ceremony was truly beautiful and enjoyed by all – even though there were also some tears.

Lowen and her Mum

The Cornish name Lowen means Happy. What a lovely gift to give to your child. I wore my happyboots that my Sister had made for me in Prescott, Arizona. They are my special boots for Baby Namings.

Happy Boots

3   Just 10 of the Suitcase Singers went to Tremough University to take part in a concert of various local choirs. Tonight we were the Briefcases as we are such a small version of the whole Suitcases choir. Some of us were very nervous but it went well and we were well received.


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