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Singing, Maypole Dancing and Simon Amstell

1  Just ten of The Ingleheart Singers and Claire went to sing at a special birthday party in a field this afternoon. We practised first in the Garden Centre at Lelant, and found ourselves with a very appreciative audience there and then at the party much appreciated again which was lovely.

The Inglehearts at the party

2   After the singing came the Maypole dancing which was just delightful.

Maypole Dancing

3   Just come back, chuckling all the way home,  from seeing the lovely Simon Amstell (he of Grandma’s House on BBC TV) at The Hall for Cornwall in Truro – made us laugh a lot – always a  good thing!


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Poppies, Three Folk on a Bench and Rainbow Supper

1    I saw these when I went for my (very successful!) piano lesson. Aren’t they beautiful? I must grow some.

Californian Poppies

2    We met this happy trio when we went to a garden centre in Wadebridge to buy some trellis panels. They were very happy for me to take their photo. The women said that Charlie wasn’t very talkative but would be happy enough to be in the photo.

Three folk on a bench

3   A beautiful almost Rainbow supper tonight, Red peppers, Orange carrots, (no Yellow but we had bananas in our breakfast pancakes) Green broccoli and Green beans, no Blue (but there were blueberries in the pancakes too), Indigo in the aubergines and Violet in the once red onions which went violet as they cooked! A rainbow a day keeps the doctor away!

Rainbow vegetables before stir frying


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Singing, Choir Baby Crawling and Tunisian Orange Cake

1   Singing today, with the sun on the Penryn river outside and Claire back from her seven weeks away was just lovely.

View from the Zed Shed

2   Our Choir Baby started trying to crawl last week and this week was doing press-ups!

Made it!

3   Just come in from having dinner with friends – delightful evening, delicious meal and the best ever cake, moist and beautiful – a Tunisian Orange and Almond Cake! The recipe is being sent to me soon…….. Watch this space!


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Subdued Light, Rabbit on the Line and Old Telephone Box

1   The sun/warmth didn’t last beyond a day but that did mean a beautiful subdued light for some flower photos this morning. Thanks to fellow photography bloggers for the hints about avoiding sunlight, early or late giving better shots, David Heilmann at and Russel Ray Photos.

Drops of dew on the clematis

Magnificent aquilega

French Lavender

2   It amuses me to see Max’s rabbit (a bit out of focus) on the line next door. There are two more indoors so that he is never without!

Drying rabbit

3   Driving into Truro through Greenbottom, I have been intrigued by this old phone box. Today the traffic was light enough to allow me to park and investigate. It’s a little library/book swap! What a fabulous use for the beautiful old box. Next time I’m there I shall take a few books to exchange at the exchange..

Kenwyn Book Exchange!

Inside the Kenwyn Book Exchange


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Iris, Bluebells with Buttercups and Lemon and Clementine Parfait

1   Just one iris open – but so beautiful, like a butterfly.


2   Went to Tregajorran for singing this evening and where I parked was this glorious collection of bluebells and buttercups.

Bluebells and Buttercups

3   We had friends round for dinner last night and I made the most delicious pudding! Lemon Curd and Clementine Parfait, an adaptation of a Nigel Slater recipe. To find step-by-step photos and the recipe, visit my page

Lemon Curd and Clementine Parfait


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Opening Poppy, Runner Beans and Four Siblings

1  We’ve been watching this poppy and today it began to open.

Early morning poppy

Early afternoon poppy

2   We planted the runner bean plants today. We have no greenhouse so have to wait to buy the little plants and then hope for the best – middle of May is usually okay but does feel a bit risky this year.

Runner beans planted, hopefully to grow up the old pan-stand

3   I love these photos of me and my siblings that our Mum and Dad always had on display.

Four siblings


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Fungi, Baby Naming and Singing with The Briefcases

1   Waiting to do the Baby naming, I was wandering around Potager Gardens and spotted this very beautiful fungi on the woodpile wall. Just look at those patterns. Click to make any photo bigger. Do any of my readers know what kind of fungus this is?


2   The Baby Naming Ceremony was truly beautiful and enjoyed by all – even though there were also some tears.

Lowen and her Mum

The Cornish name Lowen means Happy. What a lovely gift to give to your child. I wore my happyboots that my Sister had made for me in Prescott, Arizona. They are my special boots for Baby Namings.

Happy Boots

3   Just 10 of the Suitcase Singers went to Tremough University to take part in a concert of various local choirs. Tonight we were the Briefcases as we are such a small version of the whole Suitcases choir. Some of us were very nervous but it went well and we were well received.


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Senegal 11th April – The Civil Wedding, The Registrar and Goodbyes

Senegal 11th April – The Civil  Wedding, The Registrar and Goodbyes

1. In European dress we went to the Registry Office for the Civil Wedding.    (Again, told mainly through photos – click on any to get the bigger picture)   On the way there we were asked, “You do have your passports with you?” but we didn’t! The lovely Ousseynou took Lucy back to the apartment on his scooter and promised us he would look after her and drive carefully! The roads looked so precarious!  They returned safely and the wedding could go ahead!

Pap and his son before the Civil Wedding

Me with Bebe Mgette before the Civil Wedding

Ami ready to go

Leaving the house

With Pap who is to be one of the witnesses

Walking up the road to get the taxi

Daniel and Ami together in the front seat

Ami and her best friend, come to witness the Civil Wedding

Daniel making sure Ousseynou will drive carefully!

Off they go to get the passports!

2. The Registrar, who had a delightful sense of humour, made sure we were following the marriage ceremony. (We were allowed to take photos but my battery ran out! I’m waiting for Lucy’s photos to arrive and will post them later.)

3. Last meal with the family, goodbyes and tears but also much laughter, warmth and happiness at such a beautiful week having been shared together and our two families becoming one.

It has been such a privilege to be here in Senegal with the family, to experience real life in Senegal rather than being a ‘tourist’ looking on. We owe so much to this beautiful family for welcoming us in, in this totally open and loving manner and for sharing their lives with us.


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