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Passion Fruit, Roses and A Veggie Supper

On my walk today I noticed some orange colours in the vine growing up one of the houses. As I neared the building,  I realised that it was a Passion flower plant with fruit and a flower still blooming in mid November and at 2C!

Passion flower vine

At Sue’s this afternoon, catching up, every now and then there was a soft sound as the petals fell from the pink rose. What a beautiful picture all the colours make here.

What gorgeous colours!

Supper tonight was delicious, a new recipe that I came across in my sorting on a supermarket recipe card dated from 2005. As usual, I adapted it a bit!

Rarebit Stuffed Peppers

You can find the recipe on my Recipes – Savoury page or here



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Dozens of Daffodils, Cardigan and A Simple Supper

1   The streets of Carharrack, the village I go to for my piano lesson each week, are lined with daffodils, which even on the greyest and coldest of March days as this has been, make me smile.

Near the road sign

Near the road sign

The junction

The junction

Narcissi faces

Narcissi faces

2    I’ve finished off the smallest of the cardigans I’m making for our new Grand-baby due in just over three weeks. Two more to sew up now. This cardigan, like the others, has mother-of-pearl buttons from my Grandfather’s collection – the baby’s Great, Great, Grandfather! I really love that!

First size cardigan

First size cardigan

3   A  simple supper tonight of Stuffed Tomatoes – delicious with a spinach salad with a balsamic dressing.

Stuffed tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes

Served with dressed Spinach leaves

Served with dressed Spinach leaves


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Mothers’ Day, Nutella Cookies and The Dragon Award

1   It’s Mothers’ Day here in the UK and I have been cheered, as always, by the love and the warmth from my lovely ‘kids’!

I’ve also spent some time, of course,  thinking about my own lovely Mum who died 20 years ago this year which is very hard to believe. She is always here with me in so many ways.  Mum always insisted that she stood 5′ and half an inch tall but in fact she was 4′ 11and a 1/2″!  We sometimes called her MiniMum and there are many occasions when I find MiniMum on my shoulder whispering her wisdoms in my ear.  She was so warm and she was one, who in the words of Thomas Hardy, ‘used to notice’ the beautiful things.  She would have loved my blog…..

Purple, white and green card

Purple, white and green card, chosen with care and a nod to our history

Silk scarf

Lovely colourful silk scarf

Flower basket

Gorgeous flower basket

2   While here for her birthday, our eldest gave me a recipe for the easiest cookies in the world and they taste good too! I’ve just made a batch of Nutella Cookies and will add them to the cakes I’ve made for Thursday’s Singing Workshop cake-break.

Nutella Cookies

M’s Nutella Cookies

3    I’ve been given The Dragon Award by Marilyn and I’m utterly delighted by that! Thank you so much. In the ensuing conversation, Marilyn said the following about my blog which pleases me greatly  –    “I love your blog. It’s beautiful. Elegant. It’s a friendly place, like visiting a good neighbour who doesn’t lock her kitchen door and always has a pot of coffee on the stove.”




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Forgotten Foxglove, Vegetable Ring and Fuchsias

1   We discovered this fallen-over self-seeded foxglove some time ago and brought it out of hiding. Now it has straightened itself up.

Forgotten foxglove

2   I made a mini vegetable ring today (as I saw demonstrated at the Pampered Chef party). I had no recipe but did what I thought I remembered and it has worked. I’ll put the recipe up on my Recipe page soon.

Vegetable Ring

2  The fuchsia flowers in our harlequin hedge are in flower. Many years ago, I was given these beautiful earrings to remind me of my beloved Cornwall.

Fuschia in the harlequin hedge

Very precious present


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Murdoch Day, Halo and Mum’s Lemon Curd (and Goal No 3)

1   It has been Murdoch Day in Redruth, celebrating the inventions of this Redruth man.It was lovely to see our small town so busy and vibrant.

2   Walking home I saw the halo around this plantain – so beautiful!

Plantain with halo

3   I spent the afternoon making more of Mum’s lemon Curd. I’ll put the recipe up soon.

Lemon Curd in little jars

and I just have to add another beautiful thng I was too late for yesterday…..

….Danny Welbeck’s goal! I watch the football with Mr S, often reading or knitting at the same time.  I do enjoy a good game and just loved the amazingly deft footwork and the beautiful back heel that resulted in England’s 3rd goal last night!


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Iris, Bluebells with Buttercups and Lemon and Clementine Parfait

1   Just one iris open – but so beautiful, like a butterfly.


2   Went to Tregajorran for singing this evening and where I parked was this glorious collection of bluebells and buttercups.

Bluebells and Buttercups

3   We had friends round for dinner last night and I made the most delicious pudding! Lemon Curd and Clementine Parfait, an adaptation of a Nigel Slater recipe. To find step-by-step photos and the recipe, visit my page

Lemon Curd and Clementine Parfait


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Pooh Bear Mirror, Lemon Curd and 100!

1  We bought this delightful mirror many years ago in Penzance and I love it still.

Pooh Bear Mirror

2   I have made a batch of beautiful yellow lemon curd today. It looks gorgeous, smells divine and tastes delicious! The recipe will be in my Food pages soon.

Lemon Curd

3  Today I have my 100th follower! Thank you all so much for welcoming me into the Blogging Community, for following, liking and commenting. Every like, comment and follow is truly appreciated and it gives me great delight that my beautiful things have been read in 61 different countries!


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Cheeky Squirrel, Horses and Apple Mincemeat Crumble (and recipe for the scones)

1  We thought we might keep the pigeons and squirrels out by upturning a hanging basket over the bird food and clipping it down but, no!

Squirrel after the bird seed

2  The horses have returned to the field behind our house! I couldn’t take a photo as it has been Cornish misting all day but it’s such a pleasure to have them back.

3  We hardly ever do puddings these days but the weather was so grey and mizzly, comfort food was required. Some mincemeat left over from Christmas, a couple of cooking apples and come oaty crumble mix from the freezer and, in no time, a delicious pud for the eating!

and just for today……

4  I’ve had a couple of people ask for the recipe for the Marmite Scones. Here it is. The recipe says to make 8 but they must be huge! I pat them a bit thinner and make about 20 small ones. Just remembered, I didn’t have any plain yogurt in so I used Vanilla! Your choice. Enjoy!

Marmite and Red Onion Scones

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