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Hummingbird Legend, Apple Blossom and Home Again

1 ‘Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. Like a hummingbird, we aspire to hover and savour each moment as it passes, embrace all that life has to offer and to celebrate the joy of every day. The humming bird’s natural grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation. ” These words are on a card on my daughter’s fridge and they appealed to me and my own philosophy. They came to her on a Congratulations on Your New Baby card by Papyrus.

2. The apple blossom has come out in the few days I’ve been here.


3. I have had the loveliest days with L and her beautiful baby, enjoying the company of them both but now I am home and it is always lovely to come home. The blossom is out on the Malus and the horses are back in the back field which is quite delightful. Look carefully to see them at the far end of the photo.



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An Email, Horses and Another Simple Supper

1   An email from a dear friend saying that I have just made her day!

2   Four horses in the field behind us today.

Four horses

3  Beautiful simple supper of grilled peppers with garlicky tomatoes and grilled Halloumi on top and served with some crispy bread to soak up the juices. Scrumptious!

Halloumi Peppers


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An Award, The Glasgow School of Art and Three Horses

1   I’m really delighted to have been nominated for the Leibster Award by PositiveBoomer, particularly as I love her blog, so full of positivity!  Thank you very much indeed, Renee.

Have a look at the Awards page for more info.

2   This picture hangs on the wall near the computer and reminds us of our visits to Glasgow to see the wonderful works of Charles Rennie Macintosh and of his wife, Margaret.  The Art School is such a beautiful building as are all his designs.

The Glasgow School of Art

3   There are three horses in the field behind our garden today and I caught them through a rain drenched window!

Three horses in the field behind our house

………  and just one more thing – Today marks six months of my writing my blog. I’m really enjoying finding three beautiful things each day and sharing them with so many lovely readers and followers. Thank you all.


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Cheeky Squirrel, Horses and Apple Mincemeat Crumble (and recipe for the scones)

1  We thought we might keep the pigeons and squirrels out by upturning a hanging basket over the bird food and clipping it down but, no!

Squirrel after the bird seed

2  The horses have returned to the field behind our house! I couldn’t take a photo as it has been Cornish misting all day but it’s such a pleasure to have them back.

3  We hardly ever do puddings these days but the weather was so grey and mizzly, comfort food was required. Some mincemeat left over from Christmas, a couple of cooking apples and come oaty crumble mix from the freezer and, in no time, a delicious pud for the eating!

and just for today……

4  I’ve had a couple of people ask for the recipe for the Marmite Scones. Here it is. The recipe says to make 8 but they must be huge! I pat them a bit thinner and make about 20 small ones. Just remembered, I didn’t have any plain yogurt in so I used Vanilla! Your choice. Enjoy!

Marmite and Red Onion Scones

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