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Wild Waves, Gull Rock and Late Sun

For one reason or another, we haven’t been to the ocean for 13 days! I was developing withdrawal symptoms so off we went to our nearest on the North Coast, Portreath.  It’s one of the best when the sea is rough and the tide is coming in as it was today.

Portreath harbour

Portreath harbour

We couldn’t get right out to the last wall as the waves were crashing over the wall and we would have been soaked so my photo of Gull Rock is from a distance.

Gull Rock, Portreath

It was nearly sunset as we were leaving and there was a glow coming over the cliff.

Last sun over the hill



Bracken, Beach and Sunlit Leaves

I had a lovely lunch out with good friends today and on our drive home, as we came over the brow of the hill was this beautiful view. I just had to pull over to get the photo of Portreath through the bracken.

Singing was excellent this evening and in a momentary break I noticed the sunlight on a young tree outside the door. I love how the rusty scaffolding colour is echoed in the leaves. Three minutes later, the sunbeam and the colour were gone.

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Portreath, Mosaic Lion, Senegalese Wedding Outfit

1   Portreath this morning was very fresh! The waves were reasonably big and I almost caught them in their high splashes.


2  In the field belonging to Portreath Primary School, we spotted the enormous mosaic Lion made especially for the children by our neighbour sculptors. This was built in the front garden next door and we watched in delight and awe as it grew. Those lucky children!

Mosaic Lion made by Sue Hill and Pete Hill

3   I cannot bring myself to put my dress for Daniel and Ami’s Wedding inside the wardrobe! It smells of Senegal, it rustles as the beautiful women in Senegal rustle and it reminds me of the whole experience! Lucy has sent us some of her photos of the Wedding – I’m always behind the camera so am missing from most of our albums.

The top of my Senegalese two piece

Back detail

Daniel and Babacar

Us at the wedding

The Groom with his new Mother-in-law, his twin sister and his new daughter

Drumming at the Wedding


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