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Woodpecker,Third Daughter and Singing in the Kitchen

1   We had a beautiful visitor at the feeder today, a male Lesser Spotted Woodpecker! Here’s a photo but you’ll have to look very carefully. He’s hanging from the lower feeder just right of centre!

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker

2   Our beautiful third daughter arrived today for the reunion! Second beautiful daughter will be here on Tuesday and first beautiful daughter on Friday and we will Skype with Daniel (son and twin to Daughter 3) in Barcelona and Ami in Senegal as they, sadly, can’t join us.

3   It was our kitchen’s turn to host The Treggies this evening and what a cracking good sing of Cornish songs we’ve had! I made some Marmite Scones and Red Onion for the singers! (Recipe on the Recipe pages)

No 4    A bonus! My sister in Hawaii sent me this picture which I love for its exuberance and philosophy.


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Earth Day, Horse and Marmite

1   It’s Earth Day today and we recognised the day by planting two new shrubs in our garden, Choisya Ternata which smells lovely and another whose name escapes me at the moment and it’s too dark outside now to go out and read the label!!

Earth Day

2  There’s a new horse in the field behind our house, very beautiful.

New horse visiting us

3  Sometimes I get such a yen for Marmite! I just had to make some Marmite and Red Onion Scones which are delicious when still a bit warm and with butter on! You can find the recipe and see the photos on my new Food, Recipes and Photos Page. (How can I link that page to this post? Any help out there, please?)  The thought of scones was planted in my head by Choc Chip Uru of   but I needed the savoury ones this time.


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