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Shakespeare’s Birthday, St George’s Day and Ceramic Sculpture

1   In honour of The Bard’s Birthday, The Globe yesterday held a poetry reading of Sonnet 18 in many different languages,(from Norwegian through Latin to Catalan!)  which The Guardian has published  today.        If you follow the link, there is a fascinating discussion which many of my poetry-lover readers may enjoy.  The Globe Theatre is putting on all 37 plays in 37 different languages which is brilliant. (What’s not so brilliant is that the event is being sponsored by BP)

2   Yesterday at the Lelant Garden Centre, I saw this delightful wooden sculpture of St George and the Dragon.That poor Dragon and the rotten triumphal George!

St George has Slain the Dragon

3   This beautiful little sculpture by Bruce Hardwick always makes me smile.

Bird Sculpture by Bruce Hardwick


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