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Guest Post from Hawai’i No 1

Being on crutches makes it quite hard to take photos! My beautiful sister who lives on Big Island, Hawai’i , is sending me photos so that you and I don’t miss out on beautiful things. Here is the first one she has sent for us all to enjoy. Isn’t it absolutely glorious?

20150110-195837.jpg Lovers in the sunset Thank you, Deborah, for helping me out, very much appreciated.


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Shepherds’ Warning, Namaste Sculpture and Lava at Dawn on Hawaii

1   We awoke to the most beautiful dawn sky, red and deep orange becoming  violet, mauve and amber and eventually blue with pinky-peachy clouds. Sadly the old words were right and that beautiful red sky was indeed a warning for the rest of the day.

Dawn over the back garden

Dawn over our back garden

Dawn and our Headless Ghost

Dawn and our Headless Ghost

2   In the lovely Lemon Street Gallery in Truro was a fabulous sculpture looking not unlike a Grandfather clock but full of intrigue. I was encouraged to open the doors, ring the bells, swing the pendulum, discover the secrets behind the doors. If only I could afford to buy this most beautiful and imaginative piece by Baz Roscoe and Sans Robinson. Do read the information too – such thought and love have gone into this remarkable structure. I love it!   Here you can see the artists talking about their piece.

In the Rain the Old Path Becomes a New Stream

In the Rain the Old Path Becomes a New Stream



'In the Rain the Old Path Becomes a New Stream' information

‘In the Rain the Old Path Becomes a New Stream’ information

3   I came home to find some photos in my dropbox from my Dear Sister in Hawaii. I give you two of her photos and invite you to read her lyrical words that follow. Beautiful indeed.

Volcano erupting into the sea

Volcano erupting into the sea

Dawn with the lava and ocean

Dawn with the lava and ocean

“I’ve been with the elemental nature of the Earth in such a dramatic, yet personal way.  The hike out is intense. For one, it is dark and two you are hiking over lava (not the hot, red stuff!)  for about three miles.  Lava comes in all shapes and forms and you have to be VERY careful. The lava can be fragile, or it can be very solid – you don’t know and so each step is taken with great care and respect for the land. Often there are large cracks, but I have learned that if you keep moving forward and step over them, the land will support you on the other side.  And then – after an hour and a half of preparation through this hike – it suddenly gets hot – blasts of heat rise up from the ground and as you look down – there are hot spots.  Not flowing lava yet, but you know it is flowing under where you are walking – and don’t forget, some of the lava is fragile, so you take each step with even greater care and connectivity to the land.

And then! – I cannot express the awe of watching the elements in their raw expression of power and beauty.  We spent about two hours out there, through the dark until after dawn, with the changing light and complete, awe-inspiring power.  The lava would continually find new paths, blasting out of the cliff face, creating new fiery rivers and pools as it made its way towards the ocean where it was greeted by a force we are all familiar with. The ensuing connection between the two elements of fire and water produced huge billowing clouds of steam which rose up the cliff face – being pushed by the wind – sometimes into your face where it stung your eyes and filled your lungs with an unfamiliar breath.  Leaning on a huge lava rock, I realized my back was getting warmer and warmer.  My support, though firm lava, still had the warmth of the running lava inside it.
The connection of fire and waves were creating new land, in the form of black sand  – a beach was instantly being formed at the base of the cliff through the combination of forces.  The elements fire, water, earth and air all in their most passionate expressions.

And then – the hike back – new land under foot.  How beautiful this lava is – bejeweled with gold, silver, platinum and electric blue.  In shapes and colors now visible in light of the new day.  Shaped in ropes and strings and flows  –  you can see how it flowed, how it formed this land which I am so blessed to call home.”


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Opening Poppy, Runner Beans and Four Siblings

1  We’ve been watching this poppy and today it began to open.

Early morning poppy

Early afternoon poppy

2   We planted the runner bean plants today. We have no greenhouse so have to wait to buy the little plants and then hope for the best – middle of May is usually okay but does feel a bit risky this year.

Runner beans planted, hopefully to grow up the old pan-stand

3   I love these photos of me and my siblings that our Mum and Dad always had on display.

Four siblings


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Elephants, Embroidery and ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life!’

1   I love elephants! I’ve loved them since I was very little and today this beautiful story came in to my inbox and reminded me of our encounter with a herd of elephants after our Voluntouring in Mapoch, South Africa. The lovely Mr S spotted them from a long way away, we found them and watched them playing in the water for about 40 minutes. It was absolutely magical.

Elephants enjoying the water

Leaving the water

Teenage elephant, reluctant to leave his playing

Mother and Baby

2   This beautiful embroidery is one of three made for me by Grace, the sister of the teacher at the school in Mapoch, near Pretoria where we, with local builders, built a classroom.

Grace’s beautiful embroidery

Sisters under the skin, Grace, me and Sibongile and their babies

3   We’ve hardly stopped laughing all evening! We’ve been to see ‘Spamalot’ at The Hall for Cornwall. The place was packed and the whole audience loved the show.


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Hawaiian Turtle, Clematis and Fungus

1   My dear sister, Daisy aka Deborah, posted a picture of this beautiful painting, her first done since she moved from Arizona to Hawaii. I so admire her talent. You can see another of her paintings here

Daisy's Painting

2    We have successfully moved this clematis, Sweet Sensation, from the back garden to the new fence and trellis at the front.

Clematis Early Sensation

I love the pale green in the centre of the white.

3    Clearing off my planting table I found this beautiful fungus, like a flower petal, so delicate and colourful! Click on the photo to see the feathery detail.

Beautiful fungus


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Fungi, Baby Naming and Singing with The Briefcases

1   Waiting to do the Baby naming, I was wandering around Potager Gardens and spotted this very beautiful fungi on the woodpile wall. Just look at those patterns. Click to make any photo bigger. Do any of my readers know what kind of fungus this is?


2   The Baby Naming Ceremony was truly beautiful and enjoyed by all – even though there were also some tears.

Lowen and her Mum

The Cornish name Lowen means Happy. What a lovely gift to give to your child. I wore my happyboots that my Sister had made for me in Prescott, Arizona. They are my special boots for Baby Namings.

Happy Boots

3   Just 10 of the Suitcase Singers went to Tremough University to take part in a concert of various local choirs. Tonight we were the Briefcases as we are such a small version of the whole Suitcases choir. Some of us were very nervous but it went well and we were well received.


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Old Photograph, Beautiful Roasted Vegetables and ‘Tin’

1  I found a lovely old photograph of my little sister and her daughter today (more sorting!)

2   Delicious Roasted Vegetables with grilled Hallomi for supper tonight.

3   Went to see ‘Tin’ by  Miracle Theatre, English Touring Opera, and local community choirs, tonight in the new theatre in Heartlands. It was thoroughly entertaining with lots of humour and some lovely music.


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Hannah Senesh, Parents and Grandchildren

1 Joined a Facebook conversation with L, a lovely ex-pupil of mine, today about the loss of our Mums and how we still miss them, however long it’s been and how they still influence our lives. Then I remembered this quotation I once found and kept – I think we each have our own stars.

“There are stars whose radiance is visible on Earth though they have long been extinct. There are people whose brilliance continues to light the world though they are no longer among the living. These lights are particularly bright when the night is dark. They light the way for humankind.” Hannah Senesh, poet, playwright, and paratrooper (1921-1944)  It’s worth looking her up – a quite amazing young woman.

2  M brought back the tapes of my Dad’s life stories which she has digitised for me. I’m both excited and nervous about listening to them. She has very kindly made copies for my two brothers and my sister.

3  Delightful Skype with KJ and the Grandbabies, lots of chuckles and happiness.

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Sisters, Brothers and a Daughter

Sisters, brothers and Mum with Pill Creek, Feock behind

1  This is my sister and my brothers with our Mum in the garden at Creek Vean, our first home in Cornwall. I was reminded of this photo after yesterday’s conversation about sisters. It was the day of her christening.

2  My older brother sent a delightful email which made me smile.

3  Lucy, our youngest daughter, has been packing all day for her adventure trekking in Nepal. She has also booked her tickets for Senegal to be at Daniel and Ami’s wedding.

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Hawaii, Tax and An Adventure

1  This photo from my dear sister in Hawaii:  “Sunrays coming through the steam vents in Hawaii. The steam vents are areas where the land opens and the rain pours down to reach the magma. The heat and water create steam.”

2  I’ve nearly finished my self assessment tax form!

3  Lucy is going to Nepal for an amazing adventure!

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