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Last Night, Feather and A New Book

The concert last night was fabulous! St Euny Church was packed and the audience were so appreciative – standing ovations indeed! Being involved, I couldn’t take many photos but here is a moment of our joint rehearsal of Calon Lan with Cor Serenata, taken by our choir leader, Claire. (Sadly her battery ran out.).  I just have to say, that during the concert, standing among the Welsh singers as they sang the verses of Canon Lan, was a beautiful experience. We joined in the choruses  and that was lovely too. If you want to find me, I am back left at the top of the picture as the video plays.  Our concert was in aid of ShelterBox and the music department of Troon Primary School, where we rehearse each week.

The shared meal, all made by The Ingleheart Singers was also much appreciated.

Pudding time – a small selection!

I found a rain-dropped feather in our drive.

Feather with raindrops

A friend of mine, Lesley Trotter, whom I first met while researching for last year’s production by Perthi Kov, ‘Until the Day Break’, has written a book , “The Married Widows of Cornwall” and I am privileged to have received the first advance copy. I started reading this morning and have been unable to put it down as Lesley begins to trace the histories of the women ‘left behind’ in Cornwall when their tin mining husbands went to work overseas.

‘The Married Widows of Cornwall’ by Lesley Trotter

I am posting early today as one of our beautiful daughters is arriving later with her two beautiful LiveWires and their Daddy is joining us all after finishing filming the cricket at Lords.  I also have to stop reading to get things ready!




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Blooming, Tea Cosies and A Special Home

In Truro this afternoon we were delighted to see very beautifully planted baskets everywhere.

Baskets in Truro

I always like to go by one of the pasty shops as someone in there knits delightful tea-cosies. One day I must go in and ask. Just look at these two beauties. Click on the photo to see the seagull.

It was rehearsal time at Troon Primary School again today  and I found time to photograph this splendid home for wildlife in their grassy bit that I noticed on Saturday but didn’t have time to stop for. I love the education these children are receiving.

Home for wildlife


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Willow, Joy and Night Flowers

The Ingleheart Singers (and I)  went to sing at Troon Primary School Summer Fair this afternoon in the sunshine and it was lovely. In the play area there is a delightful Growing Willow tunnel for the youngsters to run through. We rehearse at the school every week but I have never seen this entrancing play space before.

Growing willow play space

I found a Ted Talk that you might like to watch, talking about joy and how to find it in your life.

Our Night Scented Stocks are filling the garden with their remarkable scent –  a joy to experience. We have grown such flowers for 40+ years and many years ago, when Daughter No 2 didn’t sleep too well at 2-3 years old, her daddy, the lovely Mr S, used to carry her out into the dark garden for her to smell ‘the night flowers’ and then she could go back to sleep. I wish I could send you the scent through the ether.

The little mauve and white flowers are the Night Scented Stock


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Engine Houses, Café and Football Boots

1   On a  Monday evening my choir rehearses in Troon Primary School. These delightful 4″ high models of some of engine houses, ubiquitous around Cornwall, were on display.

Engine houses, found all over Cornwall from the tin mining era

Engine houses, found all over Cornwall from the tin mining era

2   We discovered a lovely new café in Truro today where the coffee was excellent, the homemade Lemon Drizzle Cake even better than my own and lovely friendly service. It’s Oscar’s on the ground floor of Lemon Street Market. Try it if you are nearby. It really is a gem. We will certainly become regulars!

A gem of a cafe

A gem of a cafe

3   The lovely Mr S was shopping for a shirt and we went into a long established store in Truro, Trevails and he came out with an excellent winter jacket! The shop has actually been there and run by generations of the same family for 95 years!   I remember shopping for my school uniform for Truro Girls’ Grammar School there and I was so proud to be wearing it!  The beautiful things in there today were very special indeed. Have a look and I will tell you the story which the lovely owners told us ……….

Very small football boots

Very small football boots

These beautiful little leather boots with nailed-in leather studs were made especially for the current owner’s father about eighty years ago. The boy was still in Primary School in St Agnes and was such a talented little footballer that the secondary boys wanted him to play in a match for them. His mother went to the shoemakers in St Agnes and had these little boots, child size 10, made for him. They are in such pristine condition because the match was cancelled and the next time he was invited to play with that team, he had grown out of them!
Somehow, they ended up on display with dozens of other shoes in a pub in St Agnes where one day, on a family Sunday outing, Mr Trevail’s mother told him, “Those boots were made for your Dad!”  It took the pub changing hands twice before the newest owner decided that the boots ought to go back to the family where they belonged  and so they are now proudly on display in this splendid and last family owned shop in the city, Trevails.  Go in and have a look if you are in Truro. Go on! You now have two destinations in this beautiful Cathedral city where I grew up!


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Shadows, A New Word and A Wall Hanging

1   The sun was so bright this morning that there were shadows on the blinds of the window bird feeder and the beautiful Cedrus Atlantica.

Shadows on the blind

Shadows on the blind

Cedrus Atlantica

Cedrus Atlantica

2   The sun went in, a bitter wind came in gusts so accubation was the choice. I curled up with one of my favourites, ‘To Kill a Mocking Bird’, our next Book Group book. (Thanks to Shelagh for introducing me to this pleasing new word.)

3   Excellent session singing with The Inglehearts this evening. Every week I see this delightful wall hanging made by the pupils of Troon Primary School where we rehearse.

Wall hanging

Wall hanging


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Serendipity, Opportunity and King Edward Mine

1. An absolute downpour today, all night, all day but – serendipity indeed – a friend asked us for something from the shed so Mr S went out and caught the mini-flood in our yard just before it came through the air brick into the house. Beautiful timing!
2. Yesterday when we moved the Clematis a few pieces had to be cut to remove it from the trellis but that wasn’t a disaster but an opportunity to have some beautiful flowers indoors.

Clematis indoors

3. Through pouring rain, along roads running with rivers, through patches of floods, we arrived at King Edward’s Mine in Troon for their Open Day. With Pip conducting, The Inglehearts sang, first accompanying the delightful children from Troon Primary School and then accompanied by the rain drumming on the corrugated roof . We had a lovely sing and all felt better for it!


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