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Calm Water, Swan and Julius Caesar

We met friends for breakfast today by the Penryn River which today was calm and lovely. The daffodil field across the water was very bright.

I think the swan came close to the quay in hope of being fed but I had nothing suitable with me.

We are going to The Hall for Cornwall this evening to see the RSC’s production of Julius Caesar.

It was brilliant!



Beach, Selfie and Pins

Such a beautiful day with bright sun and the bluest of skies so we went to the beach and one of our Hooligan friends came with us.

Toddler in wellies in the waves, Porthtowan, Wheal Coates on the cliffs

Us three

One of our young Hooligan Art Community friends has been back to Kyiv in between her visits here and she brought us all gifts of pins. Mine means Freedom and Will and joins my Ukrainian flag on my bag. The lovely Mr S has the military roadblock being used to stop Russian tanks and Sue-next-door has the word for bread (palianytsia) , a word that Russians can’t say so it is used to establish nationality.


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Performances and Bunting

Our Ukrainian friends are coming back to Cornwall. We are so excited!  I love the poster that shows the next tour – Falmouth and Redruth along with Leipzig and Berlin!

I’ve bought lots of lovely bunting to decorate one of the venues.


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Muck Spreading, Fuchsia and Bunker Cabaret

One of our fellow allotmenteers arranged for a trailer-full of well rotted manure to be delivered this morning.   People worked very hard to  shovel it all out and then the lovely Mr S wheelbarrowed some  to our plot and I spread it all out. We are hoping for splendid crops next year!

Another neighbour’s garden, on the path away from the lottie on the way home, has these fuchsias still in flower.

Our Ukrainian friends, Hooligan Art Community,  have just performed Bunker Cabaret in Eastleigh. This is a photo from one of the performers at the end of the show.

Hooligan Art Community in Eastleigh


Moon, Narcissi and Arches

Last night’s moon, one after the full moon, was still wondrous.

Coming back from Chapel Porth on Sunday I bought some narcissi from a bucket in someone’s garden in St Agnes. They smell wonderful as they have opened.

The best thing about our visit to the Hall for Cornwall this evening, was the lovely old architecture, in particular, the repeated arches.



Berries, Lighthouse and Last Show

I hadn’t realised that Lily of the Valley has berries, bright red and beautiful but very poisonous , I discovered on googling.

Such a beautiful day today and our young friends busy so we went off to enjoy the waves at Godrevy. We have never seen the place so packed with people! I think it must have been featured in one of the many programmes about Cornwall on tv!

It was the last show tonight and it was just as wonderful. A couple of days ago I emailed Spotlight South West about Hooligan Art Community and, as a result,  they went to see the rehearsal yesterday. Sadly, the clip from the tv programme is not available tonight.



Welcome, Dawn and A Jackdaw

Our young guests have been working on their production, Bunker Cabaret, today and have given me permission to use their photo of our welcome dinner on Wednesday evening. The show will be in Redruth next week, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Welcome dinner at ours

The red/pink dawn presaged the very wet and windy day “Red sky in the morning, mariner’s warning.” The lovely Mr Smith took this photo for me on his way to bring me a cup of tea.

I made Blueberry Pancakes for breakfast but realised when the first batch were in that I had forgotten the bicarbonate of soda as they were flat and heavy. The second batch were lovely after I added the bicarb and it interacted with the buttermilk to make the fluffiest pancakes ever. The Jackdaws were not bothered and had finished them off in no time!

Jackdaw with Blueberry Pancakes


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Magpie, WildWorks and Letterbox

The magpie waited for me to focus before flying off. I love the tree trunk / branch it perched on.

We went to St Austell this evening to see the new production by WildWorks, ‘I Am Kevin’, and it was brilliant from start to finish. It was poignant, thought provoking  and funny. The music was perfect, the lighting effects clever and effective, the setting magical and the whole evening just so very satisfying .

The set as we waited for the start

At the end after perambulation along the beach

At one point in the production my eye was caught by this letterbox shaped hole in the clouds.




Origo Mundi, Kresen Kernow and A Butterfly

The Ordinalia is being played in St Just at the Plain an Gwarry.
“The Ordinalia Cycle of scripts and stage plans consist of 3 plays written in the late 14th century: The Creation of the World ; The Passion , and The Resurrection. The aim of the original performances was to impress the Christian bible stories on the local population, and so they were performed by local people, with local place names, jokes etc. to have general appeal.
The three plays together cover the whole scope of the bible stories from the beginning of the world to doomsday.
The plays, although similar to the mystery plays of the North of England, are unique to Cornwall and an important part of its heritage. They are the oldest surviving trilogy of theatrical plays in Britain.
St Just’s Plen an Gwari is the oldest working open air theatre space in Britain.
Under the autumn sunsets and the dark skies of West Cornwall, we are creating a true celebration of Cornish cultural life. We have assembled a company of professionals, semi-professionals and talented volunteers who are creating a community led production in an historic setting – supported by a core group of people who were involved with the 2000 – 2004 productions.”

Last night we went to see the first play of the trilogy, Origo Mundi and it was fabulous, so full of life and humour. Enjoy a taste through the photos. If you live locally, there are still tickets available for the last few shows this week.

The apple tree

The fabulous Ark

The burning bush is so bright, God needed sunglasses.

The burning bush is so bright, God needed sunglasses.

The parting of the Red Sea

This morning we went to Kresen Kernow to see the exhibition of the original Ordinalia texts – what a treat!

In the grounds were some Buddleia bushes, alive with butterflies.



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Dahlias, Fans and Live Theatre!

The National Dahlia Collection is now just nearby at a local nursery and we went along to have a look. There were some real beauties.

On our way to the Buttermarket for a live theatre performance this evening, something in the distance across the carpark caught my eye. Zoom revealed a fan and some fabric. Another time I will go closer and investigate.

We have had just the best evening of magical live theatre, laughter and fun! The Pantaloons have just presented The Tempest in the liveliest and most anarchic production I have ever seen. Only four actors played the eleven parts with skill and imagination, drawing on the crowd to use their imagination and to provide local colour which was incorporated into the story seamlessly. They are touring until early September and are well worth seeking out. You will come away having smiled so much your cheeks will hurt!


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