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Seagull, Random Photo and An Angel

Our last singing session at the Zed Shed was today and this photo of a seagull on a buoy was taken when the sopranos were learning and I wasn’t needed.

I read this lovely heart-warming story about a man and a baby the other day and have been given permission to use the photo and to tell you the story, by Artistic Freedom whose page it was on.
“Random photo of a man at the DMV holding a baby. The man does not know the child. They are strangers to each other. The parents of the child were sitting next to the man and the baby, feeling squirmy and discontent, crawled into the man’s lap.
The man had just moved from one state to another, where a year prior his brother was killed. This baby was born on that very day. Everyone was overwhelmed to tears.
Courtesy: Aaron Britney Varnes”

A Christmas card has arrived. It comes from one of our beautiful Ukrainian friends who is safe in Sweden. It is a beautiful Angel, made from delicate curve stitching and we love it. Thank you N.


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Christmas Shopping in Truro

We started very early this morning as last week we couldn’t park in Truro and today we were able to wander and appreciate Truro’s loveliness before it became too busy. Our coffee break was in Charlotte’s Tea House which is a delight. Join us on our wander.

The beautiful door to the tea room

About the Tea House

About Charlotte

The Christmas tree of love and memories in the Cathedral

Looking down the nave in Truro Cathedral

Walsingham Place, check out its history here


Frost, Face and Stuffing Balls

Such a heavy frost this morning and beautiful patterns on the car reminiscent of the ice patterns on the inside of the bedroom windows when I was growing up.

After wiping the hob, the lovely Mr S drew a smiley face for me.

I have made our contribution to Christmas dinner, very delicious Sausage, Chestnut and Cranberry Stuffing using Nigel Slater’s recipe. They are now in the freezer ready for transporting.


Cards, New Plot and Steps

We’ve had a really good laugh at Roots today, titivating the beetroot prints done last week.What an array of delightful ideas for making the prints more festive! Thanks to N for the photos of the cards. Click on any photo for an enlarged view..

While we were being creative in the warmth of the poly tunnel, the lovely Mr S and others were busy outside, preparing a new plot and digging out some steps.

New planting plot

Logan’s steps



Beads, Singing and A Sculptor

A dear friend has given me some ‘jewels’ for my glass work. It’s always an inspiration when new beads come in and I begin to plan how I might use them. Look out for them in future pieces.

Thank you N

We sang our first Christmas carols today at the Open Studios event at Krowji. It was brilliant – we and our audiences loved it. One of them videoed some of the Ukrainian carol, Carol of the Bells. Here is a link to see and hear the extract.

Thanks to Sandra for the photo

In the breaks between sets, we can wander around the many studios and I was privileged to meet a sculptor , David Westby, whose work intrigued me – lots of cockerels, and some paintings. We got chatting and he explained the stories behind some of his work. When I asked if I could take a picture for mybeautfulthings blog, he picked up a hat and posed for me all the while telling me the story behind the hat and that it is dedicated to St Lucia,Saint of Light and Sight, hence the candles and spectacles on his hat. You can read more about her here.

David Westby

“THERE IS ALSO SWEETNESS IN THE NEW” (Remembering the Surrealist Society of Iran ). January 2022. Aluminium over wood construction, galvanised steel plinth. 1.75 meters high.

Read more about David Westby and his work here.


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Special Cakes

The recipe for these very special Chocolate Ginger Spice Cakes was in the Observer magazine yesterday and I made them today’s project. They are delicious. Thank you Nigel Slater for this scrumptious recipe.


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Santa Swimmers, Cyclists and Cats

We were not put off our Christmas walk on the beach on Christmas Day despite the heavy showers. neither were the hundred or more who turned out for their Christmas swim, many in their Santa hats!

Sadly, M’s beautiful cats were very unhappy away from home so last night she took them home and came back alone in time for Christmas breakfast. Here they are in the only photos I managed to get.

Lisbeth, the smaller of the two, just been coaxed out of hiding.

Gizmo, hiding behind the screen




Happy Christmas, Special Visit and More Mince Pies

Nadelik Lowen is Happy Christmas in the Cornish language. Here are greetings for my dear Readers  all over the world.

Daughter No 1 tested negative this morning and so has arrived today with her wonderful Maine Coon cats. So far they are very nervous but I will hope to get you a photo in the next couple of days. They are very beautiful.

More baking today!


Guest Blogger

LiveWire No 3, our Granddaughter of 10 years old who was with us recently, took lots of photos at the Heligan Night Garden and has sent them to me. If you live locally, do try to get there!  Thank you, T, these are a beautiful reminder of our lovely evening all together.


Swimming, A Meeting and Goodbyes

It is very quiet in our house this evening as the family left mid-afternoon to meet up with Daughter No 1 on their way back to London. What a lovely time we have all had!
Today we went to Portreath as Daughter No 2  loves her cold swimming and wanted to swim one last time before they left.  While she was in the water, I chatted to a lovely woman about our families, our missing of various relatives and our love of Cornwall. She thanked me for stopping to chat but it was as much my pleasure. I’m wishing now that we had swapped numbers as she lives nearby in Illogan. We did hope we might meet up again sometime walking on the beach.



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