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Wedding Run-through, Planting Courgettes and A New Wall

1    I spent the morning at a run-through of the Humanist Wedding I’m doing on Sunday. The whole Ceremony is going to be so beautiful – the vows written by the couple themselves, the readings they’ve chosen and the song, “Make you Feel my Love” – recently sung by Adele, but originally a Bob Dylan song – that a friend is singing for them and all in the most beautiful setting, Treassowe Manor, one of Cornwall’s Listed Buildings.

This is where the Ceremony will take place.

2    I’ve made a heap of compost and planted just one courgette plant and three seeds. I’m hoping the slugs will find the heap hard to climb!

Courgette protected from the wind

3   From the rubble our beautiful new wall is growing!

The old concrete is dug up and piled up

The new wall is growing – another new planting opportunity!


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Blossom, Raised Beds and Welsh Snowdrops + Senegalese Wedding

1  On my walk down into Redruth today, this beautiful blossom took my breath away.

Blossom 25:2:2012

2   Mr S has cleared the patch for the new terrace and spread compost on the raised beds, ready for vegetable planting quite soon.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

3  Lovely friends brought us some more snowdrops from their place in Wales.

4   + a little extra! Just had over an hour with Daniel on Skype talking about the wedding and all the things we need to know about before we go to Senegal. I have to send my measurements to Ami so that she can get my wedding outfit made up for me before we arrive! It was Ndeye Marie’s 4th  birthday last week and Daniel sent some photos while we were chatting.


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