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Suffragette Garden, Blue Sky and A Poem

The Japanese Anemones, the Verbenas Bonariensis and Lollipop and the Hebe are all flowering in my Suffragette Garden.

The sky has been a glorious blue today, here under and over the viaduct.

A young friend with a daughter about to go off to University is finding it hard (even harder, of course, for anyone in these Covid times than it was for us 20 years ago) but the words of Kahlil Gibran, that I have often read at Baby Namings, is still appropriate for all parents to remember.


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Kindness of Strangers, Armandii and Gladioli

In fact the strangers today were us. As we were leaving a car park in Truro, a young woman with two children in the car – her father’s – drove in and forgot that there was a top box on the car. The box became wedged under the barrier and she could move neither forward nor backwards. The lovely Mr S tried various ways to free the car and eventually went to a nearby hardware store to borrow a crowbar. He discovered that they keep one under the counter especially for such  an emergency. The older boy, about 12 years old, was distraught and allowed me to hug and reassure him while the car was being freed. The younger boy, about 8, thought it all a great adventure though they were both disturbed that so many people seemed to find their plight funny. Some 45 minutes later, they were able to drive away, albeit with a broken top box, waving madly and grinning at us both with relief.

Our Clematis Armandii is in bloom. It is supposed to flower in February/ March. It is cold and very not-summery but not really that cold!

Armandii blossom

Our dramatic Flame Gladioli makes us both smile, here with Verbena Bonariensis and daisies. Look carefully and you will spot a few nearly ripe Blackberries.

Flame Gladioli


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Suffragette Garden, Bee and Cuddly Toys

1   There is lots of colour in our Suffragette garden with shades of purple, white and green.

2   Serendipitously, a bee appeared in my photo of the Verbena Bonariensis and the Japanese Anemones.

Bee in my Suffragette garden

Bee in flight in my Suffragette garden

3   The cousins found all the cuddly toys and put them on the stairs this morning and they have stayed there all day!

Cuddly toys up the stairs

Cuddly toys up the stairs


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Kohlrabi, Agapanthus Bud and Summer Colour

1   Another gift from our lovely neighbour was a Kohlrabi which we had never eaten before. What a beautiful, purple sputnik of a vegetable – and it tasted good too! The name literally translates as ‘cabbage turnip’!   I steamed it in small chunks and served it in a Béchamel sauce with some medallions of pork tenderloin (from a friend’s happy pigs) and mushrooms.



2   Our blue Agapanthus are getting ready to open. We just need some more sunshine….

Agapanthus bud

Agapanthus bud

3    In the middle border we now have red Lucifer Crocosmia, Gerbe D’Or, the pale golden one and Verbena Bonariensis, light purple – and I just love the possibly crazy colour combination.

Summer colour

Summer colour


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Singing Together, Pan-Stand and Colour Clash

1   Singing with The Suitcases this morning was the tonic I needed. It was so good to sing in beautiful harmony with good friends.

2     All that rain has made the garden lush!  The beans we planted to go up the old pan-stand I showed you ( )  have almost reached the top. The broad beans are almost ready for picking and the nasturtiums are gorgeous (and good in salad!)

Pan-stand, beans and nasturtiums

The teapots at the top are from Senegal. Ami got them for us when were were there for the wedding in April. The old chimney pot is one from Mum and Dad’s garden. The new arbour is an early Sapphire Wedding Anniversary present to ourselves!

3   I find this colour combination of Crocosmia Lucifer and Verbena Bonariensis very beautiful.


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Kath’s jug, Heliotrope and Carols

1  Brought Kath’s jug out of the dishwasher today, reminded again of a beautiful friend and of how much I miss her. The jug comes out every time we have friends round for a meal so that Kath is there with us too…….

2  Heliotrope, Lavender and Verbena Bonariensis all still in flower and it’s only 4 weeks to Christmas! And there are four more Passion flowers.

3  Singing Christmas Carols with the Inglehearts, learning the alto part for ‘While Shepherds Watched’ but missing my friend and singing mentor Jean who is still not well.

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