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Nasturtium, Jelly Babies and Meatloaf

There is just one Nasturtium in our quirky monkey planter.

Sometimes only jelly babies will do!I made ‘A Most Excellent Vegetarian Roast’ today to share with veggie friends and it is very tasty! There was too much mixture for the tin so I made balls and fried them for our meal this evening. The recipe came from The Observer Food Monthly from August 2019.

I have posted the recipe for yesterday’s Jackfruit Lasagne on my recipe page. Here is the link

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Brass Bowl, Toffee Bars and Christmas Tree Hat (and requested recipe)

1   Our friends last night brought these beautiful flowers and I’ve put them in a brass bowl that was my Mum’s. I’ve polished it up and love how it all looks.

Beautiful flowers in Mum’s brass bowl

2   I was inspired by LouAnn‘s blog this morning and this afternoon have made her Toffee Bars. As she says, “Seriously easy and seriously delicious!” Seriously wicked too and all the better for that! Thank you, LouAnn.

Delicious Toffee Bars

3    I’ve finished knitting a Christmas Tree Hat for Grand-Baby T. She just loves wearing hats! Now I just have to decorate it.  I’ll show you the decorated hat as soon as it is finished and T in her new hat as soon as I can.

Grand-Baby T in one of Corinne Carr’s creations

Grand-Baby T in her Grandad’s hat

P.S.  I’ve put up the recipe for the Smoked Salmon and Prawn Stacks on my Recipe Pages as requested. Do let me know if you try it.


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Choir-Baby Walking, Pumpkins and Recipe Links

1      Imagine our delight when 11 month old Choir-baby T, set off to walk across the room this morning! Last week he could wall-walk; this week he can walk confidently and turn around without falling!

Choir-baby T walking

I’ve had enough of this grown-up talk! I’m off to explore!

2   Only the other day, I was admiring a photo of pumpkins from America and then today when I went shopping, I saw all these. Wish they were as beautifully displayed as the ones mentioned.

Glorious pumpkins

3   I’ve frozen the Curried Cauliflower Soup today and have put the recipe on my Recipe Page. You can find it here. You can also find the Happy Cake recipe here .

Curried Cauliflower Soup ready for the freezer

P.S. A warning about the Happy Cake! The tryptophan might make you sleepy!

Some lovely Fellow Bloggers have given me some delightful Awards – thank you all so much, very much appreciated!   I’ll sort them out asap!



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Feather, Aquilega and Three Choc Chip with Raisins Cookies

1    Quite often we find a feather that has landed in the gravel of the front garden. They always make me smile. How do they land like that?

Feather in the gravel

2   It’ll be September tomorrow and the Aquilegas are just beginning to open. This one is new to us and is absolutely gorgeous – just look at these markings!

Beautiful markings on this Aquilega

3   I’ve spent a very happy hour baking this afternoon. I’ve had this recipe for Choc Chip Cookies for about thirty years having found it in a Choc Chip packet while in America on holiday. (After having four children in four years, ( No 3 turning out to be twins) my parents thought we needed a holiday and sent us to stay with my sister and family in New York followed by a week with my brother in Atlanta, Georgia! What a present!) I’ve adapted the recipe over the years and have put it on my Recipe pages (Top right) should you wish to try them. They are wickedly delicious, both crunchy and chewy!

Cooked cookies beside one of our special sporty 50p pieces to mark 2012 Olympics – to show how big these cookies are!

For you, Choc Chip!


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Singing at a Wedding, Owl Quilt and Flowers for a Friend

Illogan Parish Church

Illogan Parish Church

Hydrangers and ribbons

Hydrangers and ribbons

The Ingleheart Singers, bass, tenor and alto

The Ingleheart Singers, bass, tenor and alto

The Ingleheart Singers, altos and sopranos

The Ingleheart Singers, altos and sopranos

Owl quilt by Linda Hemmell

Owl quilt by Linda Hemmell

Garden flowers for friends

Garden flowers for friends

1   My choir, The Ingleheart Singers, sang at a wedding (for the son of one of our members) this morning. It was such a lovely happy event that we were privileged to be at. You can click on any photo for an enlargement.

2   The beautiful owl quilt, by Linda Hennell, belonged to my parents and is coming out for the reunion.

3   We are going out tonight to have a meal with friends. I picked this beautiful bunch of non-scented flowers in the garden to take with us.

As asked, I have put two new recipes on my Recipe Page –

  1. Sweet Potato and Chestnut Roast
  2. Vegetable Ring

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New Wall, Recipes and Singing at the Pub

1  We had no rain for several hours and managed to plant up the new wall. It is going to be very beautiful! Do click on the photos to see the detail.

New wall planted up

Clematis feathery seed heads

Mitraria Coccinea Lake Puye flowers

2   I spent a wonderful afternoon going through all my foodie magazines, cutting out the ones I want to try and sticking them into my personal recipe book. Mr S is a happy man as my pile of magazines to go through is now much smaller and he knows there will be some tasty treats to come!

3    First Sunday of the month means singing Cornish songs at The Countryman in Piece which of course is just the best way to blow away any blues! Singing in harmony has such a positive effect on the spirit, everyone should do it!

Singing at The Countryman in Piece


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Singing, Family Recipes and Singing again!

1  Singing with The Suitcases in Tremough this morning was wonderful! The acoustics were fabulous and I’m sorry I’ll miss the concert tomorrow evening.

2  Going through the old books I found all the family recipe books, going back to my Great Grandmothers’. It’s so lovely to read recipes in their own handwriting. I’d been thinking some time ago of a recipe of some lovely oaty biscuits called ‘Mocha Crispies’ and I found the recipe in my Mum’s handwriting so I’ll make them soon.

Mum's recipe for Mocha Crispies

3  Tonight The Inglehearts went for their Christmas meal and it was a fabulous evening. After eating a delicious meal we were entertained by various choir members and then we all sang lots of our  repertoire and it was brilliant. Thanks Claire!

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