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Bird Feeder, Bean Harvest and A Poem

Our bird feeder has been busy of late, lots of Goldfinches and this fluffy bundle who we think may be a young Chaffinch……

Taken through the kitchen window

We have harvested all our Broad Beans today, blanched them and now they are open freezing for a couple of hours prior to being bagged up. I love Broad Beans – they are my favourites!

Some of our Broad Bean harvest

I love Autumn. As Annenasky said,  “You are with me once more, Autumn my friend!”
One is no longer disappointed with the lack of warm days but instead basks in the goldenness of the leaves, the mellowness of the fruits of Autumn and the misty mornings which I find just beautiful. I was reminded of this poem by Anna Akhmatova today when thinking about the season just upon us and how much I appreciate it.

Let any, who will, still bask in the south
On the paradisal sand,
It’s northerly here – and this year of the north
Autumn will be my friend.

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Google Delight, Summer Soup and Sunflower

We have picked our first Runner Beans today and it being a cold morning rather than a summer’s day, I decided to make soup with the beans. Imagine my delight when I googled Runner Bean Soup to discover my photo of Runner Bean Soup at the top and my blog recipe at No 4! It amuses me to look at my stats and to discover that my Runner Bean Soup recipe has had 21,963 hits, the most successful of all my recipes!  Click the red link if you would like to try it or, Google it and go from there.

Green and orange

One of the comments under my recipe asks if I have ever used a Sweet Potato. Until today, no, but as we had no potatoes in except the sweet kind, I tried it and the soup was equally delicious though a little runnier without the starch from the potato. It wasn’t green either!

Scrumptious home-made soup

We have the last of our Sunflowers in a bowl on the kitchen table – sunshine in a soup bowl!

Sunflower from Angela


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First Beans, First Sweet Peas and Books

We have had our first Broad Beans tonight and they were truly scrumptious!

First crop in Mum's trug

First crop in Mum’s trug

2   The Sweet Peas are getting up the arch and the first ones have flowered today. I am hoping for the arch to be covered before my beloved brother and SIL leave in early July. They will arrive on Friday and I am very excited!

First Sweet peas going up the arch

First Sweet peas going up the arch

3   Julia Donaldson is the author of many books for children including the wonderful Gruffalo . These are her words and I so echo them.  I wonder which books have lived on most in you, dear Readers.

I opened a book - Julia Donaldson

I opened a book – Julia Donaldson

The crazy characters of Under Milk Wood, the beautiful and zany Pippi Longstocking and The Scarlet Pimpernel are among some of the many that are inside me for ever.


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Autumn Leaves, Autumn Fruits and The Last of Our Lettuce

1   The leaves are falling fast and they glisten beautifully in the rain.

Leaves on the drive

Beautiful Maple across the road

2   Our fruit bowl is full of beautiful Autumn produce and the garden full of fruits for the birds.

Autumn fruit bowl

Cotoneaster, with berries for the birds

3   We’ve picked the very last of our lettuce today and planted the over-wintering green manure seeds to help the fertility of the ground next year.

The last of our salad leaves


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Singing Together, Pan-Stand and Colour Clash

1   Singing with The Suitcases this morning was the tonic I needed. It was so good to sing in beautiful harmony with good friends.

2     All that rain has made the garden lush!  The beans we planted to go up the old pan-stand I showed you ( )  have almost reached the top. The broad beans are almost ready for picking and the nasturtiums are gorgeous (and good in salad!)

Pan-stand, beans and nasturtiums

The teapots at the top are from Senegal. Ami got them for us when were were there for the wedding in April. The old chimney pot is one from Mum and Dad’s garden. The new arbour is an early Sapphire Wedding Anniversary present to ourselves!

3   I find this colour combination of Crocosmia Lucifer and Verbena Bonariensis very beautiful.


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