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Steam Train, Station and Wall Flowers

Up early this morning and out before breakfast to see a steam train leaving from Penzance on its way up country. The Duchess of Sutherland came down on Thursday and returns today. I love the sound and the smell but didn’t get a good photo.  A friend took this photo at the station. Thank you, R.

The Wall flowers that we planted at the front door to greet visitors with their glorious scent are jewel like and gorgeous. Sorry I can’t bottle the scent for you.



Easter Tree, Welly Dogs and Ice Creams

Our lovely five year old twin LiveWires arrived in the early hours having flown from Barcelona and after a late breakfast, decorated our little Easter tree for us.

We had a walk into town and they enjoyed meeting  our resident Tinners’ Hounds aka Welly Dogs.

After lunch we met the rest of the family on the beach at Porthtowan where they all had fun playing on the beach and later had ice creams.

Choosing their flavours




St Piran’s Day, Boat and Birthday Pie

Our town, Redruth,  was buzzing today with all sorts of celebrations for St Piran’s Day, St Piran being the patron Saint of Cornwall. It was lovely to see our town so full of happy people and in the most glorious sunshine.

Our eldest daughter is with us for the weekend, partly to get our boat ready for sale this Spring and partly because it is her birthday.

I made an absolutely delicious Spring Chicken Pot Pie for her birthday dinner.The recipe can be found here.


Sunflowers, Posters and A Song

Sunflowers  are the National Flowers of Ukraine.

This story is being told now in Ukraine and around the world.
. . . Since Russia first unleashed undeserved war on Ukraine this week, remarkably brave elderly Ukrainian women have been watching for invading soldiers on foot in their villages  and are offering each of these (mostly young) Russian soldiers handfuls of Sunflower Seeds ~ saying,
“Here Russian Soldier! Put these sunflower seeds in your pockets so that when you die here in our invaded land more of our beautiful sunflowers will grow where you lie.”
Our town is brightening up all the time and in preparation for St Piran’s Day next week these posters have filled up a wall.
Gary Brooker of Procol Harum died last week. A Whiter Shade of Pale  is an anthem of our time and was written in 1967 the year the lovely Mr S and I were married, just 10 months after meeting. We wanted the piece played for us to walk out after the ceremony but the organist refused!


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Owl, Daffodils and Lichen

Daughter No 1 is with us for a few days to help so I was able to I walk into town this afternoon to collect extra pain killers for the lovely Mr S. I was reminded by him to take my camera ,”As you always spot the beautiful things.”  So, I did and here they are.

Owl on the granite post

Car park daffs

Wooden post-top with lichen and moss


Window, Fruit and Marmalade Making

On our way back from buying the Seville oranges from our super greengrocer this morning, I spotted an upper window with the following message – good advice..

We bought enough oranges for five recipes worth, two batches today, two tomorrow and one amount frozen for later in the year.  That should last us a year for ourselves and some gifts.

Beautiful Seville Oranges from #TheGrowbox

First two batches made today,  5 x 1lb jars, 10 x middle sized ones and 13 x tiny ones for special breakfasts of one sort  or another. I love how the process and the smells of the marmalade bring my Dear Dad into the kitchen with me. He was the marmalade maker as I grew up. It was he who encouraged me and watched as I made a batch to earn my badge at Guides.

Still needing labels


Nadelik Lowen and Baking

Nadelik Lowen is Cornish and is wishing the shoppers in the Market Way in Redruth a Happy Christmas as in this lovely shop window.

I’ve made some bread this afternoon for a soup and bread outdoor lunch at the allotment tomorrow after a two hour working party tidying the place up. I’m calling it a Tear and Share loaf. The lovely Mr S calls it a Bunch of Buns.



Kindness, Stickers and A Sign

It’s World Kindness day. My thoughts are, be kind every day………

In the car park today, these stickers caught my eye. The owner spotted me taking the photo and came back to extol the wonders of cold water swimming. She almost made it sound attractive to me!

Our favourite coffee shop, Home Ground, has shelves of book and invites customers to read a little while having their coffee. If you like what you read, you can buy the book for £1. Today, they had delightful new markers for the table, book covers, given  after you have placed your order, and Catch 22 was ours.


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Cat, Phone Box and Chips

On today’s walk, I was just taking a photo of a flower when this very lovely furry cat joined us and posed beautifully..

Later round the walk, we came around the Village Library in Carn Brea Village.

Regular readers may have spotted my delight when I harvested our Sweet Potatoes, all wriggly and not very many – but….. They make splendid Sweet Potato Chips!

Just one of our allotment sweet potatoes made all these chips.


Walk, Fungi and Spookiness

We managed a walk today just before the heavens opened so we avoided a drenching. We found a number of fungi, a caterpillar, various small flowers including a violet (for my cousin) and the spookiest sound coming out of Hind’s Shaft at Wheal Uny.

Trees in St Euny churchyard

Possibly Yellow Tail but wrong time of year


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