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Cake, Buoy and A Singing Trip

I made a vegan Chocolate, Date and Coffee cake for our shared supper on board for The Suitcases boat trip from Falmouth to Mylor to sing and then along the River past all the lovely creeks and inlets.    Our singing went down well with our audiences.  Click on any photo for the caption and a bigger view.


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Trellissick, Bark and Stone Skimming

A lovely windy walk today down to the little beach at Trelissick as the gardens were closed because of the high winds. Live Wire T learned to skim stones. I loved this bark on an old tree stump.

The drive home.

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Christmas Tree Hat, Lecture Lunch, and All Dressed Up

1   I finished, I think, the Christmas Tree hat for Grand-baby T. What do you think? Does it need more decoration, some sequins perhaps, some other coloured stitched baubles? Please advise!

Christmas Tree hat for T

2  I went with my good friend M to a lecture lunch at Trelissick today. The lunch was delicious, the lecture about Cornish customs at Christmas fascinating, and spending time with my friend just lovely.

3   Tonight I was all dressed up (best American long dress in green and black and my gold Doc Martens, the ones that gave rise to my nickname by the pupils at school of Goldenboots) and ready to go and it all went pear-shaped. The lovely Mr Smith stepped in and suggested we go out for a meal instead to take my mind off things so we did. We’ve just returned, all dressed up, and, as it turned out, we did have somewhere to go!


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Twin Insurance, More Daffodils and Come-to-Good

Twin Insurance, More Daffodils and Come-to-Good

1   Found the “‘Twins” Insurance Certificate today, taken out on March 22nd 1977 when, at 8 weeks pregnant, I was absolutely certain that I was pregnant with twins but my GP thought I was stupid!

My lovely Mum and Dad bought us this policy as we couldn’t afford it and when our twins were born in September, the money bought us bunk beds for the two older children (one 4 and the other 20 months) and a tumble drier to dry all those nappies! For those much younger than I am, there were no scans then so no-one could be sure (except me!)  You can see a photo of my twins at nearly 2 on Feb 28th.

2   We went to Trelissick  today to find, by chance, the Cornish Daffodil Exhibition. My regular readers will know how much I love daffodils. Here there were more than I have ever seen before.

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3   The Quaker Meeting House at Come-to-Good, near Feock, is a beautiful, peaceful place. The only sound was that of bird song coming through the open door. It’s hard to say what the place does for us but we both love it.


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Trelissick, Raymond Blanc and Skype 28th Jan 2012

1  We went to Trelissick this afternoon, compensation  for missing a Penzance outing this morning as we were helping Lucy get ready for her trek training on Dartmoor.

2  I love this quotation – “I like a chef who smiles out loud when he tastes his own food” and was reminded of it when I heard Raymond Blanc talking on Radio 4 this evening. What a lovely man he is!

3  Skype with KJ and the Grandbabies – always a delight.

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