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Walk Around the Back

After another wild and very wet night, the sun shone by about midday and we went for a walk up along the Great Flat Lode trail that is right behind our house. It’s a good stomp for finding beautiful things!

Reflection in a puddle

Cow parsley

Mossy tree trunks


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Pallets, Hebe and A Primrose

What an original way to reuse old pallets! I was delivering Christmas cards in the neighbourhood and came upon this beauty!

Recycled pallet tree

There was a really heavy mist today, so much so that Carn Brea couldn’t be seen, never mind the monument or castle. However, that meant that there were mist drops aplenty for the photographing!  First, there is the Hebe, covered in purple flowers and with some droplet covered stamens where the flowers have finished.

Hebe with mist droplets

Next a beautiful Primrose flower…………

Primrose in December, in D’s garden


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Nativity Scene on a Beach

Rock stack by Juan Cisneros

Isn’t this delightful – and very clever! I’m not sure where it is.

A Blogger friend, Nancy, has given me a link to Juan Cisneros who made this. Do look it up – he is fascinating. She also told me that it can be found on Ventura Beach, California. Thank you very much, Nancy.



First photo driving home from Truro and catching the view of Carn Brea from Station Hill,  Redruth, just as the sun slipped below the horizon, on a long zoom:

Carn Brea at sunset

Then as the sky turned pink, from the back bedroom window:

Tonight’s sunset


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Decorating, A Pie and A Poem

We’ve had a lovely day catching up, as we have been away, on decorating for Christmas, starting with the tree and later baking mince pies.

Our birch tree

My fairy near the top of the tree

Later I used the leftovers trimmings to top a pie for our supper.

Chicken and mushroom pie

A favourite poem popped into my head this afternoon – He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven by W. B. Yeats. I have loved  it  for many years and I hope you like it too.

HAD I the heavens’ embroidered cloths,
Enwrought with golden and silver light,
The blue and the dim and the dark cloths
Of night and light and the half-light,
I would spread the cloths under your feet:
But I, being poor, have only my dreams;
I have spread my dreams under your feet;
Tread softly because you tread on my dreams. 


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Stained Glass Christmas Decoration Workshop

Months ago I put my name on a waiting list for any one of the Stained Glass Christmas Decoration workshops at The Craft Collective in Redruth and had forgotten all about it until I had a phone call this morning saying there was a place for me! Just look what I made! I am so delighted with my quirky Suffragette Angel!

My Suffragette Angel, about 12 cms tall

We had a brilliant teacher, Lisa Macfarlane, who taught us all the techniques and encouraged us all to make our individual Christmas decorations.  I’ll be looking out for another course to develop these new skills.

All the decorations made today


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Pylons, Sunset and The Copse

Today we drove home and once again on this journey from London to Cornwall through the English countryside, I was struck by the electricity pylons “striding” across the fields and reminded of this poem by Stanley Snaith in 1933 when these things were new in the landscape.

  • Over the tree’d upland evenly striding,
  • One after one they lift their serious shapes
  • That ring with light. The statement of their steel
  • Contradicts nature’s softer architecture.
  • Earth will not accept them as it accepts
  • A wall, a plough, a church so coloured of earth
  • It might be some experiment of the soil’s.
  • Yet are they outposts of the trekking future.
  • Into the thatch-hung consciousness of hamlets
  • They blaze new thoughts, new habits.
  • Traditions
  • Are being trod down like flowers dropped by children.
  • Already that farm boy striding and throwing seed
  • In the shoulder-hinged half-circle Millet knew,
  • Looks grey with antiquity as his dead forbears,
  • A half familiar figure out of the Georgics,
  • Unheeded by these new-world, rational towers.
 Stanley Snaith, “Pylons,” in The Silver Scythe (London: Blythenhale Press, 1933)

Pylons in the landscape

Driving West we are often lucky enough to catch a lovely sunset.


Everyone coming home to Cornwall along the A30 knows that they are almost home when they see this copse at Cookworthy Knapp, a few miles before the Cornish border.

Cookworthy Knapp

My photos were all taken with my phone today, from the moving car.


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Delivery Day, Angels and Snoods

Today I took all the baby hats to the wool shop and was delighted to hear that the Midwife from Treliske Hospital will be collecting all the little hats at the end of the week. We also delivered our two goody packed boxes to one of the Cornwall Christmas box collection points. The idea is to fill them with food for a family for Christmas dinner plus some treats.

Ready for delivery

I hung some angels today and loved that they seem to be flying. Thanks, A!

Paper angels

When we were in Truro on Saturday, I took two snoods hoping to find the two Big Issue people that we buy from and talk to. They were both delighted to be given a Christmas present – one will be kept by S; the other is to be passed on to someone who needs it more………..

Warm hand-made snoods


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Falmouth Docks, Red Lights and The Super Moon

We had lunch with friends today and this was part of the view from the window.

Falmouth Docks in sunshine

I was looking for the Super Moon this evening and saw  that the light shining through the back door glass was throwing coloured lights onto the ground outside.

Light through the back door glass on the ground outside, taken from an upstairs window

I found the Super Moon by going out at the front instead of through the back!

Super Moon

Super Moon with halo

Super Moon through the Dracaena Palm





Blue Sky, Shadow and Carn Brea

On my two mile walk back from delivering our car to the garage early this morning, I was, as always, keeping a lookout for lovely things and I found them!

A couple of autumn coloured leaves against a cerulean sky

Heart shaped shadow

Carn Brea through skeleton trees and russet leaves


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