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Sea Singing!

It was the last sing with Suitcase Singers this term so afterwards we all went down to Gylly Beach for a big sandy picnic.  A bunch of them went in the sea and sang for those of us on the beach and it was rather lovely!

Singing in the sea

Singing in the sea

I did make a video but the sound of the sea and the wind almost drowns out their singing of Oxygen.




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More Snow, Gylly Beach and Carrot Cake

Snow fell overnight and left everything looking very pretty for a little while. Before long the sky was truly blue and the sun warm so most of it melted away very quickly. We drove (not me yet! just a week to go!) to Gylly Beach. The snow on the top of the car was melting fast all down my passenger window and distorting the view in a delightful way.  We had what felt like a long walk along the front, stopping off at the Gylly Beach Cafe for coffees and carrot cake. On the way home, coming out of Lanner, there were daffodils in the snow on the verges. Click on any photo for the caption and an enlargement.


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Gylly Beach, Statue and Osteospermum

It is quite hard in Cornwall to find flat places to walk which is what I need right now. It was another gloriously bright winter day and we went to Falmouth to walk along Cliff Road along the edge of Gylly Beach with views from St Anthony and Pendennis Castle backalong to Maenporth and beyond. What a happy bunny I am to be able to get out and walk, however slowly and for not very long, but hey! It’s a very good start!




Walking along the road I spotted a delightful statue in a garden that I haven’t noticed before.I love the way the fabric of her dress folds and the weave of the basket.

The cliffs are already beginning to show their flowers. In a little while they will be covered in white and yellow blooms.



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