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Cosse Violette, Blue With Orange and Hair Jewels

1   We were able to harvest three kinds of beans today – Runner, French and Purple Climbing French Beans Cosse Violette, very beautiful but sadly they lose their rich purple colour when steamed. I just love being able to pick food from the garden and being able to eat it barely ten minutes later!

Climbing French Beans

Climbing French Beans

Beans for supper

Beans for supper

2   Cornish mist was mizzling when we went out to pick the beans and the light somehow intensified the complementary colours of the blue Agapanthus and the orange Crocosmia.

Complementary colours

Complementary colours

3    L and Grand-baby B are visiting for a couple of days and joined me in the bean harvest. Grand-baby B found the mist on her face very amusing and the little droplets looked like tiny jewels in her hair.

Grandbaby hair in the mist

Grand-baby hair in the mist


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Opening Poppy, Runner Beans and Four Siblings

1  We’ve been watching this poppy and today it began to open.

Early morning poppy

Early afternoon poppy

2   We planted the runner bean plants today. We have no greenhouse so have to wait to buy the little plants and then hope for the best – middle of May is usually okay but does feel a bit risky this year.

Runner beans planted, hopefully to grow up the old pan-stand

3   I love these photos of me and my siblings that our Mum and Dad always had on display.

Four siblings


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Poem-a-day, Cornish Blue Sky and Garden Sculptures

1   My lovely sister-in-law, Victoia, in Atlanta, emailed me to remind me about the Poem-a-day throughout April and the next email was the first poem! If you, too, are a lover of poetry, as I know several of my lovely followers are, you might like to subscribe free at   You never know what’s going to come into your inbox!

2   The sky today has been the vividest blue and the lovely Mr S fixed up our new weather vane.

3   We also planted something rather special though not conventionally beautiful, more a kitchen sculpture, my Mum’s old panstand! Each year we grow our runner beans up it and I know my Mum and Dad would have been tickled pink to know how we are putting it to use, there being no space in our kitchen for its proper use.

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